(Atheist’s Cornea 1/8) envy – Blue Moonlight

picture by kazaana

It’s been a while, lots of things happened and lots of things didn’t happen.
I’ve managed to get my copy of Atheist’s Cornea by envy some weeks ago, so it’s finally time to translate it all, now that I can.
I plan on translating it all, following the songs’ order in the album, can’t tell if I’ll be able to post every song on a daily basis, but I’ll try to get through it as quickly as possible!
So, here’s the first track, Blue Moonlight.
Beware of its jumpscare.

envy – Blue Moonlight

無限の空に 映る言の葉
聞こえた音と 君が歩む世界
茂る花に 気付く季節
蒼く広がる 不在の灯火消え

mugen no sora ni utsuru kotonoha
kikoeta oto to kimi ga ayumu sekai
shigeru hana ni kidzuku kisetsu
aoku hirogaru fuzai no tomoshibi kie

Words reflect in the limitless sky
Sounds I’ve heard and the world you’ve walked in
The season I’ve become aware through a blooming flower
Vanishes away in a light of absence growing blue

総和の答え 明日に散る未来
彼の理論 明日に続く沈黙
思想の声 明日に見えた横顔
歪んだ天命 響く月夜

souwa no kotae asu ni chiru mirai
kare no riron asu ni tsudzuku chinmoku
shisou no koe asu ni mieta yokogao
yuganda tenmei hibiku tsukiyo

All the answers, a future scattering tomorrow
His theory, a silence lasting tomorrow on
The voice of my thoughts, a profile I’ve seen in a tomorrow;
The moonlight echoes a distorted God’s will

嵐の来たる 長い雨
深紅の明け暮れ 揺れる歌声を掌に

arashi no kitaru nagai ame
shinku no ake kure yureru utagoe o tenohira ni

The forthcoming long lasting rain from the storm
Swings the singing voice of crimson dawns and twilights in my palms


kimi ni sasageru hoshizora no kanashisa
chirabaru yoru no mukou ni kimi o tsurete
mienai sekai ni kimi no te o hiki tsurete
sagashita ryoute ni afureta kobore ochiru gunjou no kakera
afureta namida ni kaze hikaru

The sadness of the starry sky I’m offering to you
Will bring you to the far side of the scattering night
I’ll take your hand in this world I can’t see
And ultramarine fragments will spill down from both the hands I’ve found;
The wind will shine all over your overflowing tears

忘れないよ 狂気の日々を 目を閉じ向かい
夜毎の無辺に色と音を あらゆる全ては自分の問い
地上の星は二人の孤独を消し 近づく闇と
開ける夜を君は探し 手を伸ばし砂を掴む

wasurenai yo kyouki no hibi o me o toji mukai
yogoto no muhen ni iro to oto o arayuru subete wa jibun no toi
chijou no hoshi wa futari no kodoku o keshi chikadzuku yami to
akeru yoru o kimi wa sagashi te o nobashi suna o tsukamu

Don’t forget those days of madness; close your eyes and face them
Everything and anything from those infinite nights, each color, each sound is a question;
But the stars above the ground will erase our loneliness,
And the approaching darkness of the newborn night will look for you, outstretching its hands, grasping the sand


– Second stanza: according to the booklet, there’s no “へ” (e) particle after “tenmei” (天命), but can be heard pretty clearly. The transcription is fine.
– Second to last stanza: 断片 (danpen) is read as “kakera”, which is only the second character’s reading when alone. The meaning doesn’t change.
– An alternate English translation of this song and every other song from the same album by Katsuya Kokubu is featured on the album’s official booklet.

Title: Blue Moonlight (群青の月夜) (gunjou no tsukiyo)
Circle: envy
Album: Atheist’s Cornea
Vocals: Tetsuya Fukagawa
Lyrics: envy
Arrangement: envy
Release Date: 05/13/2015
Source: original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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