picture by hisona (suaritesumi)

【Requested by Lunomin

Disclaimer: The lyrics for this song contain imagery which can disturb the readers.


I didn’t want to become such bad creature.
I didn’t expect such an ending.
Why must I be fooled so much?

It is all your fault

Resign as a human you too.
Lose all in the same way as me.

Your coarse mouth is like a stinking lowly pig’s anus.
Aren’t you interested in me anyway? Are you still there?
Is it natural that you are disliked and are neglected?
Shut your fucking mouth. Bury your head in the shit.

Choose your death place
Get lost You Schmuck
A cheers for foolish you.
I want to kill you…


suukou na rinri ni moteasobareta
orokashii tekubi ni sukuu sanbika

I’ve been played by noble morals –
A hymn in haunting my foolish wrist

Here is hell by fake smile of scum.
Beside of death.



“Let’s die”


unmei ga moteasobu kanjou
“unmei ga kaki midasu aijou
“unmei ni shirasareru zetsubou
“unmei ga shirashimeru genjou

The emotion destiny is playing with
“The love destiny is disturbing
“The despair destiny has been informed about
“The present condition destiny now knows

Your dirty face is like a monkey of drug addiction.
Do you remember an act of your own? Not a chance.
Who is it to have changed me into an ugly form?
Please abuse me. Please bully me. I feel nothing anymore…


ikusen to tsuranaru shiroi manazashi wa
hai mawaru zugai ni hibiku sanbika

Thousands white looks connected together
Are a hymn echoing in their crawling skulls

Here is hell by fake smile of scum.
Beside of death.

Resign as a human…
Lost everything and die…


– As stated in previous posts from the same album, English sections may seem a bit off, but I guarantee they appear on the booklet the exact same way I’ve wrote them. Even the second Japanese stanza is wrote as I did: composed of lines without closing brackets.
– “yukimashou” is probably meant to be a pun between the same sounding word, “yukimashou” (行きましょう), meaning “let’s go”.

Vocals: Rib:y(uhki), しるへい
Lyrics: Rib:y(uhki), しるへい
Arrangement: しるへい
Release Event: C82
Source: 平安のエイリアン (Heian Alien), Unidentified Fantastic Object, Nue Houjuu’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?


  1. please can you add time to when he sing these parts , i mean i’m trying to make a lyric video and i can’t find what minute he say (Please abuse me. Please bully me. I feel nothing anymore…) 😦 hope you understand and sorry for my bad english

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