[REQUEST] tieLeaf – 日溜まりの檻

picture by satomatoma

【Requested by Sean H.

tieLeaf – 日溜まりの檻


yoake no naki tokoyami no kuni
seijaku kara koboreta hi ga
terashita hidamari no kioku
kizu darake no karada o nazoru

In a land of everlasting darkness with no dawns
A light spilled from quietness
Shines upon the memories of a sunny spot
Tracing the outlines of a body full of wounds


hikisaite mo kokoro wa ugoku
gareki o hau musuu no shi ga
kutsuu o oi tsudzuketeita
tada zange o motome nagara

Even if split up, my heart is beating
And those countless deaths crawling over debris
Keep on chasing agony
While merely seeking for repentance

偽りの君は嘲った 壊れた振り子の向こうは
愛しき過去に咲く花さえ 朽ちるだけの世界だと

itsuwari no kimi wa waratta kowareta furi ko no mukou wa
itoshiki kako ni saku hana sae kuchiru dake no sekai da to

Fake you is laughing over the side of the broken pendulum
If that’s a world where even the flower blossomed in my beloved past will rot away…

Tu o quin nensinal.
Yun, Ir zel sinal.
Nensinal o lefel
Yun, Tu o i thia ol Ir owrs.

That was a beautiful lie
But I knew the truth
Such lie became my salvation
But it’s still a mere illusion

聖なる鐘が響く度に 扉は閉ざされていく
絶たれた途で振り仰いだ 視界を支配した雨

seinaru kane ga hibiku tabi ni tobira wa tozasarete yuku
maru de noroi no you
tatareta michi de furi aoida shikai wa shihaishita ame
sore wa kyouki e no doukoku

Each time the holy bell will ring, the door will start closing down
It’s just like a curse
And I was looking up the sky from the cut off road, my field of vision dominated by rain
That was a wailing for madness

Ir dir, ieldis, narz.
Ar dir, ieldis, narz.
Tu o i kas zai.

My sins, my despair, my hatred
Your sins, your despair, your hatred
They’re all piling up

何故 再び還りついた?

kegare no naki ripuara no oka
uragirareta mugen no shiro
kooreru hidamari no ori ni
naze futatabi kaeri tsuita?

A hill of demon flowers with no impurity
A castle of dreams I’ve betrayed
Why have I just returned once more
To this frozen sunspot cage?

愛しき人も その願いも 失くすだけの世界なら

itsuwari no toki o kizande nozonda mirai o surikae
itoshiki hito mo sono negai mo nakusu dake no sekai nara

Carving up fake time, switching away the future I’ve wished for
If that’s a world in which I’ll merely lose both whom I loved and what I’ve desired…

Ir nen liss o nensinal,
Sug rin mir o nensinal?
Ir zai nak ol sinal?
Owrs tu seina rin narz o sinal ol Ir?

If everything besides what I can see with those eyes isn’t true
Then it means past and future are all an illusion?
Have I truly lived inside reality?
Are this love and this hatred my one and only truth?


megami o okasu ken o someta
dareka ga tozashita yume o
koko de owaraseyou
kanashiki kako o idaita mama
arata ni te ni ireta no wa
kin ni torawareta ningyou

I’ve dyed the blade which trepassed the goddess
In order to end here and now
The illusion someone shut away
While embracing my past sorrows
What I got anew in my hands
Is a doll trapped in prohibitions


kibou ga subete ochita yoru ni
doko ka de umareta inochi
tsumi no akashi no you
horobita machi ni kuzure nagara
soredemo yomigaeru no wa
ima mo kurikaesu kimi to no shoukei

On the night where all my hope degenerated
This life, born somewhere I don’t know
Seems to be the proof of my sins
As I crumble down in this ruined city
What will still be revived
Is the longing for you I’m still going through to this moment

Ir dir, ieldis, narz.
Ar dir, ieldis, narz.
Tu o i Lag o kas zai.

My sins, my despair, my hatred
Your sins, your despair, your hatred
Our worlds are overlapping


– First stanza: 肢体 (shitai, “limbs”) is read as “karada” (体~身体, “body”).
– Second stanza: 魂 (tamashii, “soul”) is read as “kokoro” (心, “heart”).
– There are some stanza in some kind of language (I think it’s not an exisisting idiom) throughout the song. I kept the lyrics format I’ve been provided, but I don’t think they’re placed inside the song exactly as they appear on the lyrics (should be sung along with the following / previous stanza as background vocals). Anyway, in the lyrics I’ve been provided there was a japanese translation for this sections, so I relied on them for the english translation. Here are the japanese sections in brackets under the -insert language- sections I’ve translated:
・fourth stanza: それは美しい偽りだった / けれど、私は真実を知っていた / 偽りは救いになる / それでも、ただの幻想なのだ
・sixth stanza: 私の罪、私の絶望、私の憎しみ / 貴方の罪、貴方の絶望、貴方の憎しみ / これらは重なっている
・ninth stanza: この目に見えるもの以外が真実ではないとしたら / 過去とは、未来とは、全て幻想なのだろうか / 私は真実を生きていたのだろうか / この愛と憎しみだけが、私の真実なのだろうか
・last stanza: 私の罪、私の絶望、私の憎しみ / 貴方の罪、貴方の絶望、貴方の憎しみ / 世界は重なっている
– Eight stanza: 魔花 is a combination of “magic” and “flower”, should be “maka” or “ma-hana” or something like that, but it’s read as リプアラ (ripuara), and that’s where sh*t gets weird. I don’t know anything about this song, and it seems to be about some kind of CD / manga / anime / videogame / Ihavenoidea in which “ripuara”, or in english “Lip-Aura”, is the name of a mythical flower related to… some plot I don’t know about? Keep in mind that those two kanjis (devil + flower) are read as “ripuara” in the song, but I’m translating them by sticking to the single kanjis meaning ’cause I don’t know anything about the source and I just want this translation to sound smooth & understandable regardless of its quotes.
– Third to last stanza: 幻想 (gensou, “illusion”) is read as “yume” (夢, “dream”) / 金色 (kin-iro, “golden”) is read as “kin” (禁, “forbidden”, the kanji appears in the lyrics) / 少年 (shounen, “boy”) is read as “ningyou” (人形, “doll”).
– Second to last stanza: 都市 (toshi, “town”) is read as “machi” (街~町, “city”).

Title: 日溜まりの檻 (hidamari no ori) (sunny spot cage)
Circle: tieLeaf (ティエリーフ)
Album: 捻子巻く月 前奏曲 ~日溜まりの檻~ (neji maku tsuki zensoukyoku ~hidamari no ori~)
Vocals: 霜月はるか (Haruka Shimotsuki)
Lyrics: 日山尚 (Hiyama Nao)
Arrangement: 編曲 (henkyoku)
Release Event: C87
Source: Original (と思う)

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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