[REQUEST] Scrapyard – 旅死度

picture by weifugu

【Requested by Alv

Scrapyard – 旅死度


arishi hi no omokage o nokoshi
nokosareta mono no omoi wa
kokuu o matte kaze e to kieru
todoku koto no nai mama ni

The days you’ve been alive have left traces –
The feelings you have for those you’ve left behind
Are disappearing with the wind, dancing in the empty sky
Staying as they are, undelivered


iza yukan higan e to tsudzuku michi
furi kaeru koto dake wa yurusarezu

Now, let’s follow the road towards the other shore –
Turning back is the only thing one is not allowed to do


meguri meguru rinne no wa ni michibikare
kieta higan no hana o
wasure sareru koto ga kowai to iu no naraba
samayou tamashii ni nare

If the faded away flower on the other riverside
Lead by the constantly revolving wheel of Samsara
Is afraid of being forgotten
Then it’ll become a wandering lost soul


michi nakaba kudaketa inochi o
fumi koete susumu no nara
ono ga kou o seoite yuke yo
soko wa shura no michi narite

If you wish to move on overcoming
The life you had broken halfway through it,
I’ll carry your desire for you myself
So I’ll be one with this path of hardships


iza yukan rokudou rinne no magari kado
fumi hazushi ochite yuku shin’en e

Now, let’s move over the turning point of the complete circle of reincarnations
Falling down into the abyss of what you couldn’t attain


meguri meguru rinne no wa ni michibikare
saita higan no hana o
taoru sono te de nani o tsukamu no darou
sore o shiru yoshi mo naku

Lead by the constantly revolving wheel of Samsara
What are you trying to seize by plucking with your hand
A blossomed flower on the other riverside?
I guess I have no way to know it


– Starting off with the title of this song, which plays a pun over the word 旅支度 (“tabi shitaku” or “tabi-jitaku”, meaning “preparations for a journey”) and inserts the kanji for “death” instead of the first kanji for the word “preparation”, which shares its same reading “shi”. “Preparations for the Last Journey” will do a good translation imho.
– “Higan” on the second stanza, which of course is took from the whole setting / theme the song comes from, is a buddhist term for the equinoctial week, but also a synonym for “Nirvana” or the “Other World”, being the word being composed off the kanji for “other side”and “shore”. I translated it, but “Higan” instead of “other shore” is fine too, imho. I just wanted to make it sound easier.
– “Rinne” on the third stanza is the Japanese word for “Samsara”, the buddhist concept of cycle of life, death and reincarnation.
– I think a note is necessary for the last section of the fourth stanza. “Shura no michi” is a term I couldn’t translate, but I can at least explain, having done some researches. Let me translate its explaination I’ve found on a Japanese website: “Shura stands for “Ashura”, a God (Buddha’s guardian deity) originating from India. It is known as the God of war. Shura-no-michi refers to those willing to follow a path leading their own life to fights. (…) In other words, shura-no-michi = a path full of wars and suffering one takes risking their own life”. I think the stanza refers to the fact Komachi is a shinigami, and she’s aware of her role. So, the whole Shura-no-michi thing has a solid connection to buddhism in this song. I tried to translate it without keeping the indian / Japanese terms.
– On the fifth stanza, the word “rokudou” refers to the buddhist six realms: Deva realm, Asura (see above) realm, Human realm, Animal realm, Hungry Ghost realm and Nakara realm. Bound to the word “rinne” (see note #3) it amplifies its meaning, covering the whole death and reincarnation circle on each and every possible realm in buddhism.

Title: 旅死度 (Preparations for the Last Journey)
Circle: Scrapyard
Album: Hope and Despair e.p.
Vocals: 半熟
Lyrics: Scrapyard
Arrangement: Scrapyard
Release Event: Reitaisai 10
Source: 彼岸帰航 ~ Riverside View
(Higan Retour ~ Riverside View), Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Komachi Onozuka’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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