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My rottin finger tip was lost the sense of touch.
My heart breaks and can not walk. I’m cripple.
The food does only taste of the ash everyday.
I want to delete all my memory.

I was played with.
My grudge don’t clear.

You killed me. However, why can you live laughingly?
You said 「I love you」many times, but what was that?
Do you know how about I suffer and writhed?
I can believe nobody anymore.

手招く冷気 縋る羅列の空 甘美な夜に閉ざされた

temaneku reiki sugaru raretsu no sora kanbi na yoru ni tozasareta

I was locked away by a beckoning cold, a sky bound to numbers, a sweet night

熟れた 傷は 書き写された敗色と
今も 落ちてゆく部屋の中

ureta kizu wa kaki utsusareta haishoku to
ima mo ochite yuku heya no naka

As signs of defeat are transcribed over my seemingly healed wounds
I feel like falling again, right now, inside this room

迫り来るに壊刻に 嘲け嗤う現実
ほら 聞こえるか 断蔑の声が
信じていた絆は 手を離せば消えてゆく

semari kuru ni kaikoku ni azakewarau genjitsu
hora kikoeru ka danbetsu no koe ga
shinjiteita kizuna wa te o hanaseba kiete yuku
afuredasu chi no namida

Reality is laughing at me as destruction draws near
Can’t you hear these voices of disdain?
The bound I believed in will disappear the moment I let it go
Leaving overflowing, blood-stained tears

Do you remember what you said to me?
My scar make endless grief.

棘の時雨 逆向きの瞳孔
馴れ合いだらけで 何も無い

ibara no shigure gyaku-muki no doukou
nareai darake de nani mo nai

Averting my pupils from this drizzle of thorns
There’s nothing in here but this oppressing liaison

濡れた 君と モザイクの花が散らばる死の塔
呻く脈は 切り刻まれた敗色と

nureta kimi to mozaiku no hana ga chirabaru shi no tou
tameiki sae tsuki nuketa
umeku myaku wa kiri kizamareta haishoku to
imawashiki asu o egaku

You, wet all over, and a death pagoda made of scattered flower’s mosaics
A sight which pierced all the way through my own sighs
It’s drawing the shape of an abominable tomorrow
Along with this sense of failure mincing my moaning pulses

艶やかな指先で 投げ交わした幻想
ほら 聞こえるか 胸裂く悲鳴が

adeyakana yubisaki de nage kawashita gensou
hora kikoeru ka mune saku himei ga
haekawaru jinkaku ni odorasete ima kidzuku
shinjiru koto ni imi nado nai

We were throwing each other such bewitching illusions with our fingertips
But can you hear it? Can you hear this heart-ripping shriek?
I’ve just realized we’re being manipulated, our lives replaced one by one
There’s no such thing as a reason to have faith

有りふれた空に 迸る汚れ無き産声は
潰され I died by your selfish evildoing…

arifureta sora ni hotobashiru yogorenaki ubugoe wa
tsubusare I died by your selfish evildoing…

Under the usual, unchanged sky, the gushing sinless cry of a newborn
Is being shut down; I died by your selfish evildoing…


– Much like any other song by SILENT DIFFERENCE, the english sections aren’t really… perfect. I’ve transcribed the lyrics from the booklet and kept any typing mistake featured in it, as always.
– On the second to last stanza, the verb “haekawaru” actually means “to be replaced with new growth”, and it’s of course used when speaking of plants (being “haeru” a plant-only verb). In this song I think it’s refering to the growth of humans, aging and dying just to be replaced with new ones, all over again. I’ve also translated “shinjiru” (“to trust”, “to believe”) as “to have faith”, to give the last sentence a less confusing meaning (keep in mind it’s just my interpretation).


Title: 翻弄 (honrou) (Mercy)
Vocals: しるへい (shiruhei)
Lyrics: しるへい (shiruhei)
Arrangement: しるへい (shiruhei)
Release Event: C82
Source: 蠢々秋月 ~ Mooned Insect (Stirring at an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect), Imperishable Night, Wriggle Nightbug’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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