[REQUEST] 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – She Saw the Future feat. 妖狐 , AO

picture by mushiyo

【Requested by Rachel Lee

魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – She Saw the Future feat. 妖狐 , AO

なんて楽観的にパラレル気分雨粒と風はフリー自在にFor you
She saw the future

tanjun meikai sora ni osonae tenkiteki na ironna mirai
nante rakkanteki ni parareru kibun amatsubu to kaze wa furii jisai ni for you
hora 1, 2, 3, 4… kiseki wa awesome na eesu kitto suteki na iron nai mirai
demo konpon-teki ni hyouri aru rizumu yugameta paasenteeji
She saw the future

Countless futures as an offer to the sky like the weather, so simple and clear
Such a hopeful parallel mood to the freely moving wind and raindrops for you
Come on, 1, 2, 3, 4… miracles are an awesome ace, I’m sure they’ll lead us to a marvelous future with no objections
But there’s basically a two-sided rhythm in such distorted percentage
She saw the future


nanjuuoku bun no ichi no kakuritsu nanbai ni nareba kimi no itteru “kakujitsu”?
tekitou ni erabi hiraku chizujou de kami ga sai o korogasu kiraku na bakuchi ga “guuzen”
betsu ni daremo warukunai nezu ni sake o aoru kurai wasuretai yasumeba ii?
nanimokamo owari ni sureba ii no kana

For how much will this one in several hundred millions chance duplicate ’till it’ll become the “certainty” you’re talking about?
Choose wisely, ’cause God is throwing his dice over this spreading map on the comfortable gamble of “coincidences”
It’s not like no one’s not evil, I just want to forget about it to the point I’d chug down alcohol without sleeping – can I rest?
I wonder if it’d be okay to but an end to everything and anything…

煮詰まらないFormulaはBoom bang! Take it easy.

en’en to keisan zero to ten to sen ga kousa shiteiku sekai
tenmongaku-teki muzukashii men wa niawanai kara
nitsumaranai formula wa boom bang! Take it easy.

Endlessly counting over the line from zero to point X, crossing the world
‘Cause it doesn’t seem to match any astronomy-related difficult aspect
The formula we’ve boiled down is boom bang! Take it easy.


fukisoku na suuji no raretsu kitaikan fukurande haretsu
mou zettai nai moshi mooze naraba umi demo wareru?
naitemo wameitemo shou ga nai nante wakatteru
kono mama ja owaranai
itsu made mattemo okoranai nara okoshitai
o nain no kiseki

The enumeration of an irregular number, an exploding, swelling feeling of expectation
There’s no way it could happen anymore – but maybe if I were Moses I could split even the sea in half..?
Even if I’d cry or yell, I know there’s nothing I could do
But it can’t end this way
If it won’t happen no matter how much I wait, than I want to make it happen
This 0.000000001% of a miracle

遊んでるだけじゃ一瞬で老いぼれI got it.
ひたすらにただやるまで掴みたい未来に向かってJust fly high.

nanjuuoku bun no ichi no kakuritsu nanbai ni sureba kimi no itteru “chakujitsu”?
sude ni zenkoku kakuchi de onaji mou kami ga saji o nageta musekinin na sakuhin ga “unmei”
you wa kantan jibun de tsukame tataitara dame mudaguchi to kame
asonderu dake jaa isshun de oibore I got it.
hai agare amai kangae mo an’i na hassou mo maa ii nja ne?
hitasura ni tada yaru made tsukamitai mirai ni mukatte Just fly high.

For how much do I have to make this one in several hundred millions chance duplicate to reach the “steadiness” you’re speaking of?
God has already thrown his spoon over every field, every land, generating the thoughtless product known as “fate”
The point is simple, grasp it and beat it yourself, pointless idle talks and a turtle
Just playin’ around, I got it, I’ll grow old in an istant
But isn’t it ok to crawl up without thinking that much to reach a simple idea?
Just fly high towards the miracle you want to grasp, just do it ’till you’ll reach it


genkaku ga feedoin kobiri tsuita imeeji chakushoku shita burein
kousai rikuri kiri totta betsu no sekai-sen o peesuto
sonna kiseki mo ii yo ne, ne? hora jikou mekuru

Illusions fades in, the image stuck to them colors out my brain
A dazzling image I’ve cut away and pasted over a different world line
Isn’t such miracle good to, don’t you believe? Come on, let’s head to the next paragraph

余計なことなどForget about it.ご都合主義な奇跡

furukusai manga no jun shujinkou mitai ni fukkatsu shite kyuu-shi ni isshou
mahou no youna kiseki no chuui jikou odoranai shin’ya no juuni-ji ikou
daijina mono dake tokenokori sou garasu no kutsu to tokei no hari
yokei na koto nado forget about it. gotsugou shugi na kiseki

Coming back to life ike the protagonist of a old-fashioned comic, a narrow escape from the jaws of death
You have to be aware of this magic-like miracle that won’t let me dance late at night, not after midnight
Only what was precious to me melted away and what seem to be left is the hand of a clock and a shoe made of glass
Forget about it, Forget about what’s unnecessary. That’s the miracle of timeserving!


– The first stanza is repeated more than once throughout the song.
– Second, Fourth, Fifth and Last stanzas are sung by 妖狐, the remaining ones by AO.
– I think the “ten” in the third stanza refers to the number 10 rather than the word “ten” means in english (“point”). I’ve translated it as “point X”, where “X” also means “10” in roman numbers.
– On the fourth stanza I’m assuming 0,000000001 is read as “0-9”, meaning 1 after 9 zeroes.
– I’m totally not sure what the sentence with “turtle” in it means. Probably refering to the Urashima Tarou tale, giving the “growing old in an istant” on the following line.

Title: She Saw the Future feat. 妖狐 , AO
Circle: 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN)
Album: She Saw
Vocals: 妖狐 , AO
Lyrics: 妖狐 , AO
Arrangement: Coro, TINY PLANETS
Release Date: 05/07/2017
Source: 少女が見た日本の原風景 (The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Watched) Mountain of Faith, Stage 5 Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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