[REQUEST] <echo>PROJECT – Ghoti ~東風谷早苗が想うこと~

picture by niy (nenenoa)

【Requested by katsuragirin

Ghoti ~東風谷早苗が想うこと~

乗せた祈り鶴 手のひらから離れ

sotto sayonara
kaze ga hakobi tsure saru mono
noseta ori tsuru te no hira kara hanare

A faint goodbye
To what was took away, carried away by the wind
Like a crane origami I placed on my palm

空の波間 浮かぶ泡が消えて弾けて

sora no namima ukabu awa ga kiete hajikete
shijima ni nomare doko ka mienaku naru

The bubbles floating between the sky’s waves burst open and disappear
Somewhere I can’t see, swallowed by stillness

今日も夕暮れ 燃える赫に染まる金鳥

kyou mo yuugure moeru kaku ni somaru kin’u
tsugai wa neya de ikudo mo umi otosu

Today’s darkening Suns are still burning, dyed in bright red
They both will be born countless time in their sleep


kanashimu dake hito wa mina sore o wasurete yuku
itsuka mita you na ayamachi kuri kaesu

But those only willing to suffer are all bound to forget such fact
And repeat the mistakes they once felt like having a glimpse of


―― kazaguruma ga mawaru.

――The windmill is spinning.

空を游ぐ魚の群れ 列を成す無言の虚

sora o oyogu sakana no mure retsu o nasu mugon no uro
nagarete yuku atsui kumo ga motarasu yoru o tsuibami

A group of fishes swimming through the sky forms an empty line of silence
Picking at the nightscape brought by the flowing thick clouds


tomoshibi wa kareta kawa o nagare itsuka tadori tsuku, sono kishi e to.

All these lights flowing down the dried up river will eventually arrive over that shore.

降って夕立ち 人はみなそれを避けゆく

futte yuudachi hito wa mina sore o sake yuku
watashi wa hitori ame ni nurete omou

Everyone is running away from the downpouring evening shower
And I’m here, alone, soaked by rain, having a revery


ataeta dake hito wa sore o muge ni shite yuku
soshite futatabi onaji you ni motomu

Only those who had it granted turn it into freedom
And again they search for it the same way


byakuya ni tsudou musuu no tamashii tachi ga sora e noboru

Countless souls, assembled in this short night, are rising towards the sky


―― kageboushi ga odoru.

―― their silhouettes are dancing.


moe sakaru honoo no naka de kagirareta mizu o motome
uragiri ai hofuri nagara ikite nan ni naru to iu no

Searching for fresh, limited water in the midst of blazing flames
But what does it mean to live while slaughtering and betraying each other?


kono kare hate yaseta tochi e megumi no ame o furasete
konna ni mo moroku hakanaku yowai sonzai o ikashi…

So I’ll let the rain of bliss pour down over this dried, withered soil
And I’ll let those overly frail, weak and transient beings live…


tomoshibi wa kareta kawa o nagaru koto wa naku kieru, sono basho de.

In that place, where all these lights disappear without flowing down the dried up river.


– 金鳥 on the third stanza is a word composed off the kanji for “gold” and “bird”. Its reading should be “kinchou”, but this doesn’t seem what the singer is saying. I’ve searched on several dictionaries for what it could actually mean / how it’s read. Turned out I’ve found more than a site indicating “kin’u” as its reading (and it seems to fit what the singer is saying) and some pages indicate that it’s a old way to refer to the Sun. It also says “tsugai” (pair) shortly thereafter, referring to the Sun. I’m guessing it’s referring to dawn and twilight, the two red-dyed Suns we can see during daytime.
– I had no space on the bottom section to write the title translation. It is “Ghoti – What Sanae Kochiya Imagines”

Title: Ghoti 〜東風谷早苗が想うこと〜
Circle: <echo>PROJECT
Album: 博麗霊夢が死んだ
Vocals: 田辺 (Tanabe)
Lyrics: aoma
Arrangement: Mano
Release Event: Reitaisai 10
Source: 信仰は儚き人間の為に (Faith is For the Transient People) MoF, Sanae’s Theme + 少女が見た日本の原風景 (The Primal Scenery of Japan the Girl Watched), MoF, Stage 5 Theme + 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日 (Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not), MoF, Extra Stage

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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