[REQUEST] <echo>PROJECT – meridian ~霧雨魔理沙が死ぬときは~

picture by kayako (tdxxxk)

【Requested by katsuragirin

<echo>PROJECT – meridian ~霧雨魔理沙が死ぬときは~


yoi no sora o nagami nagara
houki-boshi wa tabi o hajimeru
hitori kuraku akari no nai mori o nuke dashi

The starry broom begins its voyage
While gazing at the evening sky
Slipping out from the lonely, gloomy forest with no lights


hitotsu hitotsu kazoe nagara
hoshi wa nagai tsukihi o tadoru
yaru senasa ni karare nagara, yami ni furuete

While counting each of them one by one
The stars follow a long timespan of years
Trembling in the darkness as they succumb to their own misery


sore demo umarete oogoe ageta, kagayaki o idaite
sore demo umarete koko made ikita
soshite miageta sora wa…

But still I was born raising a loud voice, embracing the light;
But still I was born and lived up to this very moment
And then, the sky I looked up was…


karita kotoba kaeshi nagara
hoshi wa kiri no ame o furaseru
asa no hikari somaru machi ni, te o furi nagara

While returning all the words I’ve borrowed around
The stars are being poured down by a foggy rain
And in the meanwhile I’m waving my hand towards the town dyed in morning light


yorisoi nagara hito wa kizu tsuke ai, sou shite kurushimu
moetsuki nagara hito wa nani ga dekiru? nanika o nokoseru?

People hurt each other as they get close, and then they suffer from it
What can someone who’s burning out do? Will something be left out of it?


nandomo koi shite koko made kureta, kanashimi ni kogarete
sore demo aishite koko made ikita
soshite deaeta sora de

I’ve come this far loving countless times, scorched by sadness
But still I’ve lived up to this moment by loving
And then, under the sky we’ve met…


koyoi mo doko ka de ubugoe ageta, yorokobi ni idakarete
sou shite dareka ga matataki kieta
dareka no ude no naka de…

This evening too, the voice of a newborn is rising, as it’s being embraced with joy
And with it, the flickering light of someone has vanished
Inside the arms of someone else…


– First note is a personal note. I wasn’t expecting much from this song when I first read its title only, but man I was wrong. It’s such a brilliant arrange and nice song I’m glad I got to know it (even lyrics-wise is beautiful)!
– The “foggy rain” on the fourth stanza is probably refering to Marisa, being her surname composed off the kanjis for “foggy” (霧, “kiri”) and “rain” (雨, “same”).
– I’ve used “it” more than once, because it felt strange to use whether “he” or “she” or such. “It” also applies to concept, so it shouldn’t be that wrong. But mind that, more than once, it’s refering to a person whose gender is unknown. That’s why I’ve decided to keep “it”.

Title: meridian ~霧雨魔理沙が死ぬときは~ (meridian ~ When Marisa Kirisame died~)
Circle: <echo>PROJECT
Album: 博麗霊夢が死んだ
Vocals: 蒼-aoi-、イチ (Ichi)
Lyrics: aoma
Arrangement: Mano
Release Event: Reitaisai 10
Source: Dim. Dream, PoDD + 恋色マスタースパーク (Love-colored Master Spark), IN + メイガスナイト (Magus Night), FW – all of three being Marisa Kirisame’s themes


About foregroundnoises

I'm a 23 y.o. italian guy, I have a degree in japanese language & culture and I'm currently advancing in my studies. I love music but I'm too self-destructive to attempt to produce it myself. Sometimes I gaze at my shoes and think it's a nice genre. Mainly translating japanese music lyrics (Touhou / doujin / indie / etc) and Gaki no Tsukai clips (worked with Team Gaki too). 宜しくお願いしマスタースパーク。
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One Response to [REQUEST] <echo>PROJECT – meridian ~霧雨魔理沙が死ぬときは~

  1. katsuragirin says:

    Well, that what you can expect from Mano, aoma and 蒼-aoi-.

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