[REQUEST] LA KIA with しるへい – Cradle of peace hourglass

picture by yasumo (kuusouorbital)

【Requested by BurstDigiSoul

LA KIA with しるへい – Cradle of peace hourglass


hitotsu hitotsu ochiru suna no you na
atari mae no “ima” ni fureru imi o
yuuan o toki saku warai koe mo
ayumi tome fusagi utau hisou no ne mo

The meaning I can feel for such ordinary “present”
Is crumbling down piece by piece, just like sand
Even the laughing voice setting me free from this dark confinement
Stopped its march to a miserable song of sorrowful notes


subete wa mei aru mono e ataerareta koku
sore na no ni kono te no kodou
seoi umareta riyuu o ten ni toi kakeru

All of this is the time given to those with a life
Yet a throbbing flows through my hands, so I’ll ask the Heavens
For an answer to this newborn reason I’ve been carrying along


naze kono mi o sazukari mae o saguri nagara susumu ka
kotae nado nai koto nara wakatteru no ni

Why should I move on while searching for what I was before I had this body of mine granted?
And I know, I know there’s no such answer to it…


subete wa uki-yo no ri de mukai no mori e
sono naka no mujihi na me de nando kizu o kaki midasareta ka
daremo shiranai

Everything is a proof of such fleeting, melancholic world moving towards forests of deep mist
Just how many wounds have those ruthless eyes inside it inflicted to me?
No one knows


naze kokoro o sazukari furi muke do susumu no ka
kotae wa tsukuru mono da to wakatteru no ni

Why am I moving forward turning my back to the heart I’ve been granted?
But I know any answer would just be a made up inconsistency

Cradle of peace hourglass


– First stanza: the “feel” in the first line is a translation for 触れる (“fureru”), so it stands for “to touch”.
– First stanza: 現在 (“genzai”, “present”) is read as 今 (“ima”, “now”).
– Lots of words in this song are read with their on-yomi (Chinese reading) instead of their kun-yomi (Japanese reading). Like “命” (“mei”) in the first stanza, which should be read as “inochi”.
– The third stanza starts with “naze kono mi”, but in the booklet there’s no “naze” wrote down. I wrote it anyway in the transcribed lyrics because there’s no doubt she’s saying it.
– The fourth stanza plays a pun over “ukiyo” (as in Ukiyo-e) (浮世) meaning “fleeting world”, refering to the link I’ve left, changing “uku” of “to float” with “uki” (憂き) meaning “sad”, “melancholic”.
– The reading for 霧海 on the fourth stanza should be “bukai” or “mukai”. I’ve left “Mukai”, but I’m not sure about it. Also, if it’s “Mukai”, than it could be a wordplay with 向かい (mukai), meaning “to face”, possibly refering to the direction, as “the forest I’m facing / I’m about to go into”.

Title: Cradle of peace hourglass
Circle: LA KIA with しるへい
Album: Vengeance from dark
Vocals: Akira
Lyrics: Akira
Arrangement: バッキーな
Release Event: C80
Source: 月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル (Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial), Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Sakuya Izayoi’s Theme


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