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toki o koete kurai meiro o yuku
nagai kage ni koboreta namida wa
maru de yo ni chirashita namae mo nai loose
ima wa mou hibiwareta monogatari o tori dashite mo

Beyond the time, headed towards a darkening maze
The tears shed by a long shadow,
Are scattered throughout the whole night, bearing no name, loose
But now bringing out such fragmented tale won’t do anything, no more


sore wa yasashii nise no recollection
makurareta sekai ni tori nokosare
kizu ni, itami ni oboreta watashi no
kibou dake doko ka e tsure satta
daremo inai heya no naka de kimi dake o mitsumeteru

That’s such a sweet yet fake recollection
Left behind in a world wrapped over itself
The only thing which was took away somewhere I don’t know
Was my hope, drowning in pain and scars
Staring only at you, inside a room with no one else inside

使い古した言葉を並べるだけで 構わないと

sukima no nai yakusoku no renzoku
mawari dashita wa no naka ni ochite
onaji katachi ni hamatta irotoridori no piece
tsukai furushita kotoba o naraberu dake de kamawanai to

Consecutive promises with no gaps in between
Falling in a constantly revolving loop –
A multicolored piece, stuck in an identical shape
Merely lining up wore-out words – I don’t care about it

それは 眩しい刻のillusion

sore wa mabushii toki no illusion
kanpeki na sekai wa nuri tasenai
itsuka mezashita risou ga naiteru
rakuen o ikoku de sagasu nara
hitori ude o mune ni kasane inoru yori

That’s the illusion of glistening times
That can’t paint all over a perfect world
The ideals I once aimed at are breaking into tears –
And if you wish to find your paradise in another land
Than you have to do much more than praying alone with your arms over your chest

耳を塞ぎ 眼を閉じても感じられる何かは
理屈もない 理由もない 捨てられない存在
それがきっと 君の居場所 届かないなんて嘘
塵でもいい 消えてもいい 星のように 輝け

mimi o fusagi me o tojite mo kanjirareru nanika wa
rikutsu mo nai riyuu mo nai suterarenai sonzai
sore ga kitto kimi no ibasho todokanai nante uso
chiri de mo ii kiete mo ii hoshi no you ni kagayake

Something I can feel even if I’d cover my ears and shut my eyes,
A being I can’t cast aside, without a purpose, without foundations
That’s surely the lie about me, unable to seize your whereabouts –
But even if they’d shatter to dust, even if they’d disappear, it’s okay – they’ll shine like the stars

もう一度 信じてみたいだけ

sore wa yuganda ai no decoration
gyakkou no sekai ni torawareteta
watashi to (kimi to) tsunaida kioku o wakeai
mou ichido shinjite mitai dake
soshite kirameku shunkan no collage
kokoro nara dokodemo toberu deshou

That’s a decoration for a distorted love
Trapped inside a world of backlights
I want to share my (your) entwined memories
I just want to try to have faith in them, one more time
And then grasp this collage or dazzling moments
‘Cause I believe if it’s up to my heart, I can fly everywhere

ねえ 憧れ続けた新しい世界を今染めて

nee akogare tsudzuketa atarashii sekai o ima somete
kimi to (watashi) mazaru kiseki
itsumademo wasurenai eien ni

See? The new world we’ve kept on longing for is now gaining colors
I won’t ever forget, for all the eternity,
This miracle mixing me (and you) together


– First stanza: 往く (yuku) is “to go” (much like “行く”), but it’s mainly used for its metaphorical “to pass away” implied meaning. So, the kanji choice was probably made to remark this ambiguity.
– First stanza: 夜 (yoru, night) is read as “yo”, which is another on-yomi for this kanji, but it may be this way due a similarity with the word “yo” (世) meaning “world”, which gives the word a vaster range.
– Second stanza: “makurareru” means “to roll up something” or “to turn something up”. I guess the meaning it’s “the world is becoming distorted, wrapping itself up, just like a sleeve”. Thus my translation.
– On the second to last stanza, “watashi to” and “kimi to” are sung together, while in the last stanza “watashi” comes right after the previous words, so it’s part of the sentence.


Title: Collage
Album: Another Flower II
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae, Haruka Shimotsuki
Lyrics: 日山 尚
Arrangement: 阿部隆大 (ACRYLICSTAB)
Release Event: M3-35
Source: Original


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