[REQUEST] THOUSAND LEAVES – Crimson moonchild

picture by homo 1121

【Requested by Remi‏

THOUSAND LEAVES – Crimson moonchild

Bloodsucker crawls!

Hiding from raging water
Escaping from the sun
Dead Wings falling night
Destiny, the end is near

悲しき瞳 (Suck Blood)
ゆらめく月影 殲滅の祝い

kouma no utage ni mai chiru meifu
kanashiki hitomi (Suck Blood)
yurameku tsukikage senmetsu no iwai
eien ni

Signs of Hades descend upon the scarlet Devil’s banquet;
Eyelids full of sadness (Suck Blood)
Over the swaying Moon’s halo – an everlasting celebration
Of annihilation

Her dress is dyed crimson!

Recalling lots of demons
crawling around the window
It steals near at midnight
Nightmare, not welcomed!

Suck my blood
Crimson moonchild

Suck my blood
Bloody moonlight
Forever saddes tonight

Vanishing vampire
my heart is torn apart
Crimson moonchild
Crimson moonchild

Rocking! The cursed cradle
Rising power of evil
Suck blood! Crimson moonchild
Screaming at night

Madness! Brain is scrumble
Lying sea of darkness
Breaking! The chain of silver
here comes, Queen of midnight

Bloodsucker crawls
Nightmare not welcomed
Rocking the cursed cradle
Screaming at night
Screaming at night!


– “saddes” on the seventh stanza is not a typo, that’s how it appears on the official booket. I’m not sure what the correct word should be, so I’m keeping it as it is this way. Any other english section (rhoughly 90% of the whole song) appears exactly as the booklet depicts it, so I can’t do anything about the song sounding somewhat weird.
– 冥符 (meifu) in other kanjis (冥府) means “hades / “realm of the dead”, but it’s wrote with the 符 kanji instead of 府. 符 stands for “seal” or “sign”, and it’s the kanji appearing in every “sign”-type spellcard in touhou. It’s one of the sign-type spellcard Remilia possesses (ex: 冥符「紅色の冥界 “Dark Sign – Scarlet Netherworld”).

Title: Crimson moonchild
Vocals: Bach
Lyrics: Bach
Arrangement: Bach
Release Event: C81
Source: ツェペシュの幼き末裔 (The Young Descendant of Tepes), Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Stage 6 Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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