[REQUEST] THOUSAND LEAVES – Immortal Vengeance

picture by ouma tokiichi

【Requested by Remi‏

THOUSAND LEAVES – Immortal Vengeance

I feel the endless fear
My heart is shedding tears
The past that I never forget
I’ve lost feeling as a man

Eternal life torments me
merciless tragedy is here
there is no way
to return to the end

Prelude to extinction
imperishable shooting

Prelude to extinction
imperishable shooting
ikiru imi o sagasu tame ni
koroshi tsudzukete samayou
eien naru kono mi o
yaki tsukusu rengoku no honoo

Prelude to extinction
imperishable shooting
In order to find the meaning of life
I keep on killing, wandering aimlessly;
I’ll entrust this eternal body of mine
To the scorching flames of purgatory

Burning Ashes
Screaming Immortal Vengeance

Immortal Vengeance
Immortal Vengeance

ima koko ni hajimaru
Immortal Vengeance
hametsu no kauntodaun
Immortal Vengeance

The countdown for destruction
Immortal Vengeance
Will begin right here and now
Immortal Vengeance

Burn the sky
Rising flame
Screaming for
Immortal Vengeance

Eternity, Namely, the future is lost
Darkness sorrounds me
there is no way
to run away from eternal pain


– On the second stanza, “tragedy” is wrote as “tradedy” on the booklet. I’m guessing it’s a misspell, so I’m fixing it on the lyrics I wrote instead of keeping it this way anyway. Same goes for “shedding”, wrote “sheding” in the first stanza.

Title: Immortal Vengeance
Vocals: Bach
Lyrics: Bach
Arrangement: Bach
Release Event: C81
Source: エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人 (Extend Ashes ~ Hourai Victim), Imperishable Night, Extra stage theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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