Antihoney – Something Left Here

picture by tofuvi

Antihoney – Something Left Here


kami-sama koko ni aru no ga mukizu na kokoro nara
itami nado nakushite
tashikana asu ni umareta chippoke na hitori no
ashiato o kakushite

Dear God, if what I hold inside is an unwounded heart
Then make this unreasonable ache disappear
And hide away these frail footprints
Yet to born in loneliness on a certain tomorrow


zutto yume o miteita
shiroi tsubasa ga haeru yume
sora fukaku ochite yuku
itami o nokoshite tooku tooku kie hateru made

I was always having this dream
A dream in which I grew a pair of white wings
And I was falling deep down the sky
Leaving my pain behind, disappearing far, far away until it’s all gone


chitte yuku hada yori kirei na namida o
chigireru kokoro e kirei na namida o

Splendid tears travel down your skin
Flowing down to your shredded heart


kami-sama mou ichido dake kono me o hiraite
subete o miru tame ni
kami-sama kono yuugure ga aisuru mono o mamoremasu you ni

Dear God, please open up your eyes once more
So You could gaze down at everything,
So You could protect all these people in love with this twilight…


tooi yami ni magirete
yasashii hikaze ga koroshite ku
ano moeru yuugumo ga
nagare yuku mae ni todoita nara koerareta nara

Diverted by a distant darkness
Eliminating each trace of the Sun-bearer wind –
If those burning up evening clouds
Could have just reached it before flowing away, if they could have just overcame it…


kie yuku hoshi yori itoshii sekai e
kagayaku hitotsubu no namida no kiseki o
chiri yuku hada yori akarui inochi o
kudakeru kokoro e kirai na namida o

The miracle of a single shining teardrop
Traveling from a disappearing star into our beloved world…
Your radiant mortal life scatters away from your skin
And a splendid tear reaches your broken heart


– Much like the previous Antihoney post, Fools in April, I’ve found the lyrics on this twitter account. The difference between this post and the previous one is that I completely agree with these lyrics, so I’m not marking this post as “ear copy” (though the lyrics aren’t 100% official) just because I’m not the one who transcribed them.


Title: Something Left Here
Circle: Antihoney
Album: Antihoney
Vocals: ???
Lyrics: ???
Arrangement: ???
Release Date: 01/01/2004
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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