UtAGe – それでも風は君と共に

picture by angra pastel

UtAGe – それでも風は君と共に


shinjiru chikara o ima

The power to believe, now…


naki yamanu sekai ni mai orita
wasurerareta ame to kaze no megami
ima wa tada koboreru negai o
ryou no te de hitasura ni dakishimeta

The forgotten Goddess of wind and rain
Flew down this endlessly weeping world
And now, she’s merely embracing firmly
All those overflowing prayers with both her hands


nozomanu higeki ni nagaru sono namida o
fuki tobasu kirameku kiseki no kaze de

Those tears flowing over a tragedy we haven’t wished for
Are being blown off by a gleaming wind made of miracles


asayake ni shinji tsudzukete
shinjite kurereba tatakaeru
futatabi kaze wa hakanaki mono ni
hito no tame dake ni kono michi ni fuku

And so, keep on believing in the morning glow
Because I can keep on fighting if you’d do it for me
And again, the wind blows over this path
Just for the sake of humans, for such transient beings


natsukashii ka no hi no fuukei wa
wasure enu kaze to daichi no kiseki
tachiagaru yuuki aru hito yo
kami wa iku sono inori aru kagiri

This scenery of days I feel so nostalgic
Are a miracle occurred between a vast land and an unforgettable wind
So rise and face onwards, oh brave one,
Keep on offering prayers to your limits, until God will be gone


semaru zetsubou ni kawaku sono kokoro e
furi sosogi uruosu kiseki no ame o

Over my heart growing dry as despair draws near
A miraculous rain drips down, moistening its contents


yami no naka shinji tsudzukete
kanarazu soko kara sukui dasu
yasashii ame wa seimei no tame ni
kawaite wareta kono daichi ni furu

So keep on believing in me, even inside the darkness
Because I’ll surely rescue you away from it
And a gentle rain will fall over the cracked, dry soil
For the sake of life itself


shinjiru kokoro doko e samayou
uragirareta tooi kioku no kanata e

Faithful hearts wandering somewhere, but where?
Beyond distant, betrayed memories…


wasurerarete mo
kiete yuku to mo
warera wa
hitobito to
tomo ni aru
tomo ni yuku

Even if we may end up forgotten
And even if we may start disappearing
We, the Gods,
Are here
Along with humans
And along with them we’ll vanish


asayake ni shinji tsudzukete
shinjiru chikara ga koko ni aru
kami no kiseki wa shinjiru mono e
gensou kara ima anata no moto e

And so, keep on believing in the morning glow
The power to believe is just right here
So that the miracles of Gods will become something to have faith in
So that their illusion may promptly reach your side…


– Third stanza “軌跡” “kiseki” is a word that sounds the same as 奇跡 (miracle). 軌跡 itself means “locus” or “wagon track”, but in this song is read as “michi”. The choice to have michi (道) appear with these kanji is probably due the exact same pronunciation they share with “miracle”.
– Fourth to last stanza: “life” is wrote as “seimei” (生命) but it’s read as “inochi” (命).
– Second to last stanza: “gods” (神々 “kamigami”) is read as “warera” (我等 “us”, “we”). This stanza seems to be from the point of view of the Goddess(es?) previously quoted (Suwako and Kanako, I’m guessing).


Title: それでも風は君と共に (soredemo kaze wa kimi to tomo ni) (“And yet the wind blows beside you”)
Circle: UtAGe
Album: For North From Far East
Vocals: 悠花
Lyrics: むやみやたら (Muyamiyatara)
Arrangement: Sebastian
Release Event: Reitaisai 8
Source: 信仰は儚き人間の為に (Faith is for the Transient People), Mountain of Faith, Kochiya Sanae’s Theme


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