[REQUEST] MN-logic24 – 月の箱舟

picture by shinigamiwyvern

【Requested by B016

MN-logic24 – 月の箱舟

月が照らす 夜空の青溶けて地に落ち
散らばる星の粒 どこまで飛べば触れられるだろう

tsuki ga terasu yozora no ao tokete chi ni ochi
chirabare hoshi no tsubu dokomade tobeba furerareru darou

The blueness of the night sky irradiated by the Moon melts down, falling over the soil
But I wonder, no matter how distant they grow, will I be able to touch all those particles of stars scattered around?

満ちる月を雲が隠し 黒く翳る
笑うあなた 楽しそうに

michiru tsuki o kumo ga kakushi kuroku kageru
warau anata tanoshisou ni
kaze ga nagareta

Clouds are hiding a brimful Moon, shadowing it black
And you were smiling, seemingly so entertained
As the wind was blowing

遥か遠い星目指し 帰れるかもわからずに

yoru no yami o oyogu you ni
negai nose fune wa yuku
haruka tooi hoshi mezashi kaereru kamo wakarazu ni
kewashiku hatenai michi ga
shinshin o kui tsubusu
bokura wa naze ni deru?
gekkou wa nanimo kataranai

The boat welcoming our desires
Seem to be swimming it the darkness of the night
Aiming at the distant, far away stars, without knowing if it could come back home
This severe, impregnable, neverending path
Is feasting upon our whole minds and bodies
Why did we set off on this journey?
The moonlight won’t tell us anything

母なる海 水面揺れる月は恋い歌う
薄紅の実りよ 垂れ落ちる蜜濡らして甘く

hahanaru umi minamo yureru tsuki wa koi utau
usubeni no minori yo tare ochiru mitsu nurashite amaku

The Moon sings so lovely over our swaying Mother Sea’s water surface –
And a thin-crimson fruit is dripping down a sweet, sweet serum

星が霞む 雨の匂い
宿る熱を 息を潜め 楽しそうに
扉 開いて

hoshi ga kasumu ame no nioi
yadoru netsu o iki o hisome tanoshisou ni
tobira hiraite

The scent of the rain is blurred away by the stars
And you seem so at ease, full of passion, hushing your breath
Opening up that door

月には兎がいると 幼き日の記憶が言う
ぐらり 機体が軋んで

ama no gawa o koeru nara
hagoromo o matoitai
tsuki ni wa usagi ga iru to osanaki hi no kioku ga iu
kamisama no ude ni dakare
hikari no fune wa susumu
gurari kitai ga kishinde
ryuusei no chiri ga ten o mau

But if I could go beyond the Milky Way
Then I want to wrap myself in the Lunar Veil
As my childish memory of rabbits living on the Moon said –
God will hold me in his arms
And the ship of light will move on
The airframe is creaking
And the falling stars’ dust is swirling in the heavens

僕らの夢は生きている 投げ出された身を起こし

hoshikuzu no umi o oyogu
inryoku ni michibikare
bokura no yume o ikiteiru nagedasareta mi o okoshi
ganzen ni hirogaru ao
amaku kaoru suzu nari
boku wa naze tabi ni deru?
muimi na toi to warau darou?

Swimming in a sea of stardust
Lead by gravity
Living our dream, waking up our abandoned bodies
A sweet scent overflows
From the blueness spreading before our eyes
But why did we set off on this journey?
Are we laughing to such pointless question?

遥か遠い星目指し 心に槍を掲げて

yoru no yami o oyogu you ni
chikai nose fune wa yuku
haruka tooi hoshi mezashi kokoro ni yari o kakagete
kewashiku hatenai michi ni
shoumei o kizande iku
bokura wa naze tabi ni deru?
hakobune wa nanimo kataranai

The boat welcoming our vows
Seem to be swimming it the darkness of the night
Aiming at the distant, far away stars, carrying a javeling piercing our hearts,
Carving down the proof we’ve took part
Of this severe, impregnable, neverending path –
Why did we set off on this journey?
The Ark won’t provide us any answer

– I choose a picture of the Watatsuki sisters even if most of the song’s contents are about Reimu and the others attempting to travel towards the Moon, describing Silent Sinner in Blue‘s story.
– Third stanza: 航路 (kouro) is read as “michi” (“way”, 道). “kouro” is a term used to refer to a sealane, the route of a ship. This is repeated in the last stanza.
– The Sea described in the fourth stanza is probably the Mare Tranquilitatis, the Sea over the Moon’s surface. Note that on the Touhou project serie, the sea of the Moon is a literal sea, with water, waves and everything. On the same stanza, the fruit described is most likely the Peach, which is the favourite fruit of Watatsuki no Toyohime.
– Fifth stanza: As described in Silent Sinner in Blue, the “hagoromo” (or Lunar Veil / Vest) is a lunarian piece of technology which allows the user to soar the sky even between Earth and the Moon. Rei’sen used it to travel down to Earth.


Title: 月の箱舟 (tsuki no hakobune) (Moon’s Ark)
Circle: MN-logic24
Album: プチカミロマンティカ ~ Petit-Kami Romantica
Vocals: mineko, みりん屋 (Mirin Hida)
Lyrics: mineko
Arrangement: 静丘 (Siz_oka) (EdelSounds)
Release Event: Reitaisai 9
Source: 妖怪宇宙旅行 (Youkai Space Travel), Silent Sinner in Blue, Track #1


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I'm a 23 y.o. italian guy, I have a degree in japanese language & culture and I'm currently advancing in my studies. I love music but I'm too self-destructive to attempt to produce it myself. Sometimes I gaze at my shoes and think it's a nice genre. Mainly translating japanese music lyrics (Touhou / doujin / indie / etc) and Gaki no Tsukai clips (worked with Team Gaki too). 宜しくお願いしマスタースパーク。
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