My Dead Girlfriend – Kinoshita Fuyou *耳コピー歌詞 v.1

picture by clona

Alternate translation / transcription on 感激宴会 ~ Kangeki Enkai

My Dead Girlfriend – Kinoshita Fuyou


naiteiru Kinoshita Fuyou
kimi ga mune ni sashita toge ga
nukenaide shibireteiru
zutto kono mama de itakatta

Are you crying, Kinoshita Fuyou?
You won’t take off the thorn piercing you heart,
It has paralyzed you
And you just want to stay this way forever


naiteiru kinoshita fuyou
kimi ga mune o sashita toge ga
sukoshi zutsu usurete yuku
yuka ni ochiru kimi no migite

You’re crying, Kinoshita Fuyou
The thorn piercing your heart
Is gradually becoming dimmer and dimmer
As your right hand falls down on the floor


sutekina kanchigai nante
kimi ga waratteiru
sutekina kanchigai dakara
boku wa dere egao

What a lovely misunderstanding,
It got you smiling!
And because of such lovely misunderstanding
I’m smiling too, bashfully


sutekina kanchigai nante
kimi ga waratteiru
sutekina kanchigai dakara
boku wa dere egao

What a lovely misunderstanding,
It got you smiling!
And because of such lovely misunderstanding
I’m smiling too, bashfully


sutekina kanchigai nante
kimi ga waratteita
sutekina kanchigai soshite
kimi to barabara shita

What a lovely misunderstanding,
You were smiling!
It was such a lovely misunderstanding
And after it, we parted away


– First of all, just as I did for Sweet Days and Her Last Kiss, this aren’t the official lyrics for this song, I haven’t copied them online (which is something I never do, by the way) or transcribed from a booklet. I simply wrote down what I could hear. It took me a lot of time and lots of different videos (original song, lives, karaokes…) to figure out each stanza’s most accurate meaning. While I’m not 100% sure about anything, I think the outcome is pretty good. If I’ll find some erorrs (or if you will), I’ll just fix this post like I did for the other one.
– First note is about the very first word, “泣いている”, which is probably the world I’m the most unsure about. No matter the version of this song I’ve listened to, it was always so difficult to grasp its meaning. A tweet from this user made my mind a bit clearer, even if he/she too is not really sure about it(聴き取れない = “I can’t understand very well”). That’s of course because of the soft, background-blending vocals which aren’t clear enough.
– Now, about “Kinoshita Fuyou”. I think the whole song plays a pun over the word “Fuyou” which could also mean “unnecessary”, “unneeded”, but that’s probably a pun that Edogawa Ranpo thought himself. Kinoshita Fuyou is, in fact, a character appearing in the short novel “Mushi” by Edogara Ranpo. While I couldn’t read the novel, I managed to find some notes about it on Wikipedia. Kinoshita Fuyou is one of the main three characters of this short novel, as well as the victim, killed out of jealousy by a childhood friend whose true feelings for her (already in love with another man) got refused with a harsh laugh of her. He was still in love with her, and tried to move her corpse away to keep it clean and beautiful, but things didn’t go as well as planned, so the corpse starts rotting… That’s the summary of the summary of the summary.
– Giving that, most of the sentences from this song seems to be more from the killer than the victim, if the song itself is based off this novel. Or probably, “Kinoshita Fuyou” serves as a reference, while the rest of the song is just unrelated to anything else concerning the song. You can check an alternate translation on my second wordpress, 感激宴会 ~ Kangeki Enkai.
– Third/Fourth stanza, “dere-egao” is another doubt. It may be just “dere-gao”, which has the same meaning, or something else I couldn’t grasp. I’m pretty sure about either “dere-egao” or “dere-gao”, though.
– Last stanza, “barabara” means “to scatter”, but could also mean “to tore something into pieces”. I could clearly hear “to” in the live version, so I kept that, but it could also be “wo”. If that’s the case, than it’s probably more correct to say “cut into pieces” rather than “to scatter” / “to part away from”.


Title: Kinoshita Fuyou
Circle: My Dead Girlfriend (死んだ僕の彼女 – shinda boku no kanojo)
Album: Sweet Days and Her Last Kiss
Vocals: Ishikawa, Takahashi
Lyrics: My Dead Girlfriend
Arrangement: 石田ショーキチ (Ishida Shoukichi)
Release Date: 2008/17/09
Source: Original


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