[REQUEST] きのこ帝国 – Girl meets NUMBER GIRL

picture by kawano

【Requested by Tasos Vozikas

きのこ帝国 – Girl meets NUMBER GIRL

past timeいつの間にか終点が始点になる

tozasu mado o akete basu o yurasu yo
mimi o tootte nou ni ao ga sasaru
shizumu mizu no soko e mousou ni na subenaku
past time itsu no ma ni ka shuuten ga shiten ni naru

The air inside the bus starts flowing as I open its shutted window
The azure color sticks to my brain passing through my ears
Without any control, my daydreams sink down the abyss
Past time – before I realized it, the end became the starting point


kowase sanbyakurokujuugo-nichi shiraketa tsuugaku-ro
okureta basunnaka iki o koroshite
hashire tsukkitte nou haure ao no oto to
yurase kaki midase sore dake matteita

Destroy the annual fading-away street towards the school –
I stop my breath inside the delayed bus I’m in
Running away from it with a blue sound howling in my brain
I was just waiting for it to come, to sway me away and disturb my thoughts


kami ga kaze o matotte
hana no oku ga sun, teshita

The scent of your hair tied up to the wind
It was, and still is fresh in my mind

はやくTake me away Take me away

kawatte yuku keshiki no naka
hayaku Take me away Take me away
hayaku hayaku hayaku tsuresatte

Inside this constantly changing scenery
Take me away, take me away, right now
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up and take me away


kowaresou de kowarenai hibi
nando mo kurikaeshi kurikaeshite
aoi aoi aoi aoi sora

I’m repeating over and over and over, countless times
All these fragile days I can’t destroy
Under this blue, blue, blue, blue sky


somaru nijimu iro ga afureru
shizuka ni oku de kokoro ga sakebu
suteru hirou nakusu mitsukeru
kidzuku wasurenai kawarazu oboeteiru

This heart oozing thousands overflowing colors
Is silently screaming deep down inside me –
Throwing away things and picking them up, losing them to find them
Aware of them so I won’t forget – remembering them so they won’t change


kami ga kaze o matotte
kimi no koto o omoidashita
basu ni yurarete, ano hi no

I just remembered about you,
And about the scent of your hair tied up to the wind,
As the moving bus rustled them on that day –

だから Take me away Take me away

ano hi no jibun wa imada ni koko ni iru yo
dakara Take me away Take me away
tooku tooku tooku doko made mo

You know, the “myself” from that day is still here
So take me away, take me away
No matter where, just somewhere far, far, far away


konna ni mo sekai wa tanjun da
nayande mo kuyande mo
aoi aoi aoi aoi sora

The world is just that simple, nothing more
Even if you’d be worried or full of regrets
The sky will always stay blue, blue, blue, blue


tozasu mado o akete basu o yurasu yo
mimi o tootte nou ni ao ga sasaru

The air inside the bus starts flowing as I open its shutted window
And a blueness sticks to my brain passing through my ears


– The title for this song seems to refer to a japanese pop-punk band called Number Girls, dismantled in 2002. (Source)
– The first three stanzas of the song have some complex words / weird sentences in them, so I’m not really sure about their translation. Expecially the “sun – teshita” on the third stanza. I added the implied word “scent” and avoided used the word “nose” (鼻) to make the translation sound better.


Title: Girl meets NUMBER GIRL
Circle: きのこ帝国 (kinoko teikoku)
Album: 渦になる
Vocals: Chiaki Satou
Lyrics: 佐藤 (Satou)
Arrangement: 佐藤 (Satou)
Release Date: 05/09/2012
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

9 thoughts on “[REQUEST] きのこ帝国 – Girl meets NUMBER GIRL”

    1. Glad you apreciated 🙂
      This was the first kinoko teikoku song I’ve got requested, I’m happy to know that people who enjoy this band found out about my wordpress! I hope to translate more from them in the future 🙂

      1. I found you from a youtube comment actually. I’m also learning japanese but I’m still on the beginner stage…I’m hoping to reach your level sometime in the future though :).

  1. Just discovered this band myself and hit a gold mine. Always appreciate translations, thanks for all your work here!

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