Translation Requests Available

This was the last update about the request system which dates back to September 2016. Things got pretty busy with university and stuff, but right now (at least for now) I’m more free and I’m willing to put the request system back!
On the Translation Request page, there was this message before:
09/21/2016 UPDATE (temporary): The Translations Request system will be suspended for a while (some weeks / few months, I don’t know). It’s just temporary, but PLEASE, refrain from submitting request during this time lapse: They’ll just get ignored. Just wait until the requests are opened again to submit yours.
I’ve took it away, so as long as nothing like that is wrote down on the translation requests page, everything is fine and you can request at ease.
Of course, I’m not sure the requests will last long. I’ll probably put them down again when I won’t have much time for them, but I’ll put them back online again.
What I’m planning is to set months for requests. They’ll probably be down again on March, but back online again on June. That’s because I won’t have the material time to get through them.
Details will come in the future, but as long as no other news is published, the request system will be online as it is right now again.
Three last things:
– Try to stick to Touhou / Kancolle / Doujin or Shoegaze music, avoid other commercial genres / anime-related music. I won’t give priority to them and I could even refuse to translate them.
– The request I’ve left pending for all these months are still pending, but I don’t remember who requested them / I’ve lost their lyrics, so I’ll work on them as soon I’ll get the lyrics back from the requester(s).
– Every request that you made within this timespan in which the request system was offline got lost, so if you want to submit that same request, you should do it again via mail, twitter, comments on this wordpress etc.

Thanks for your attention!
See you next post

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

5 thoughts on “Translation Requests Available”

  1. If you could translate this song would be so perfect for me because I lost a friend when I first heard and liked the song. I never actually understood what’s it about and it got me to start learning japanese only just for this, BUT I found you!

    1. I’m aware of it and I’m going crazy ’cause I can’t find its lyrics anywhere!
      It’s not even a request, I want to translate them so badly myself! Hahah
      Anyway, I’m missing the lyrics, if you find them I’ll translate it as soon as possible! Glad they came back ❤

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