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saa erabe tobira wa ima hirakareta
danzai to shokuzai no rondo no maku ga aku

Come on, make your choice: The doors have now opened
And the curtain of the sin and atonement’s rondo is rising

Can’t you see now I’m back?


monologue wa todokanai
kairaku to kyoshoku ni musabori kuwareta mahoroba
itsuka wa shiru koto mo nai
muzan ni mo uchisuterareta kotoba no imi o

My monologue won’t reach you
My own mesmerizing utopia is being devoured by pleasures and ostentations
And the meaning of my words thrown away in misery
Is still unknown and ungraspable

Don’t make me say it again and again!

’til death

saa erabe tobira wa ima hirakareta
nando demo hai agari tsumugi dase
zaijou na inori to hokori o daita mama
danzai to shokuzai no rondo wa meguru
’til death

Come on, make your choice: The doors have now opened;
So crawl your way up to them and entwine yourself with it
While holding your miserable pride and prayers onto your chest,
For the sin and atonement’s rondo is swirling
’til death

My leathal absolution shows you the true conclusion
Named after ‘Grim Redemption’, the only way to choose


monodrama ja owarenai
haidoku no goshoku ni kizutsuki susanda panorama
itsuka wa shiru no darou ka
buzama ni mo mimi o fusaida kotoba no yukue o

It can’t end with a monodrama
Over this rough, scar-filled panorama of countless colors –
But I wonder if one day I’ll be able to know
The whereabouts of those uncouth words I covered my ears from?


sashi dashita taika wa amari ni omokute
sore demo, nandomo, koe kareru made

The compensation I’m offered is way too heavy
But still, no matter how many times, until my voice runs out I’ll…

with death

“saigo” o erabe tomou ni sai wa nagerereta
nando demo hai agaru hateru made
kokoro ni tomoshita pathos wa kienai kara
ono ga me ni shuumaku o yaki tsuke odore
with death

By the moment you chose the “End”, the dice is cast
From now until I’ll grow exhausted of crawling my way up;
And because the pathos burning in my heart won’t disappear
I’ll just set the closure inside my eyes afire as it dances
With death


– First stanza: “輪舞” should be read as “rinbu”, but it’s read as “rondo”. Also, on the booklet’s scans there’s an error (I’m guessing it is one), instead of “rondo” there is “ronde”. Anyway, I’m keeping “ronde” on the romaji section, but I’m translating it as “rondo”, giving that this is what WheaterH says. Same goes with the fifth stanza, in which “ronde” / “rondo” is repeated again.
– “mahoroba” in the second stanza is and interesting word. It means “spiritual center of a certain place” or “utopia”, in a way. It has a personal meaning to it, being that its first meaning refers to the old Japan (Yamato). Being the term really “vague” and “refined”, I’ve translated it in a “vague” and “refined” personal way.
– Third stanza: “独白” should be read as “dokuhaku”, but it’s read as “monologue” (モノローグ – “monoroogu”, to be precise). The meaning doesn’t change.
– Seventh stanza: “独り舞台” should be read “hitori butai”, meaning “lonely stage”, but here it’s read as “monodrama” (モノドラマ).
– Last stanza: “情念” should be read as “jounen”, but it’s read as “pathos” (パトス).
– Again, on the last stanza 未来 (mirai, future) is read as “saigo”, but it’s not wrote down in the booklet as the previous ones. “Saigo” can both mean “Last” (最後) or “Death” (最期).
– Last stanza one more time, the reading of 痴う is unclear.


Title: Grim Redeemer
Album: Perish in Polaritia
Vocals: WeatherH, Yapan
Lyrics: WeatherH
Arrangement: Yapan
Release Event: C90
Source: 不思議の国のアリス (Alice in Wonderland), Mystic Square Extra Stage Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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