TAMAONSEN (魂音泉) – コモン・スカイ

picture by kanekiru

It’s been a while since our last touhou post, so have a new TAMAONSEN post, which is always nice. There are lots of touhou songs I want to translate so badly, but sadly their lyrics are nowhere to be found…

TAMAONSEN (魂音泉) – コモン・スカイ

あの鳥は 現の空を 枝留まりに見上げている
休ませた翼の当て所もなく 緑になす野に風が流れ

ano tori wa utsutsu no sora o edadomari ni miageteiru
yasumaseta tsubasa no atedo mo naku midori ni nasu no ni kaze ga nagare

That bird is resting on a tree branch, gazing upon the sky of reality
No purpose lies over its rested wings; the wind blows over the green valley

瞼に焼け付くネオンライト 煤けた手で落としたブレーカー
暗闇の中 ケータイ片手に 俯き加減で歩く少年少女

mabuta ni yake tsuku neon raito susuketa te de otoshita bureekaa
kurayami no naka keetai katate ni utsumuki kagen de aruku shounen shoujo

The neon light burned under my eyelids, the breaker my stained hand dropped…
Inside the darkness, I hold my phone with one hand; boys and girls are wandering upside-down

電脳と幻想に苛まれながら 「平気」と二重に嘘を重ねた

den’nou to gensou ni sainamare nagara “heiki” to futae ni uso o kasaneta

As I’m being tormented by illusions and electronic brains, I start piling up two-layereds lies: “I’m fine”

飛ぶ鳥は昔の空を 惜しむこと無く此処を先途と
はためかせた翼の行方知れず 残した羽根も風に巻かれ

tobu tori wa mukashi no sora o oshimu koto naku koko o sendo to
hatame kaseta tsubasa no yukue shirezu nokoshita hane mo kaze ni makare

The flying bird will die here, without regretting the sky from its past,
Without knowing the whereabouts of its fluttering wings, entrusting its remaining feathers to the wind

僅かに焼け残ったモラル 埋もれたまま 手付かずのリテラシー
指先ひとつで果たせることなど 両手で教えられる程もない

wazuka ni yake nokotta moraru umoreta mama tetsukazu no riterashii
yubisaki hitotsu de hataseru koto nado ryoute de kazoerareru hodo mo nai

As I bury down what remains of my bits of burnt moral, a never-used before literacy–
That’s not something I can carry out with a single fingertip, and not even something I could count down with both my hands

現実と理想では 少し違ったけど

genjitsu to risou de wa sukoshi chigatta kedo
“suteki” to ieri hi wa kitto kuru kara

Reality and ideals are a bit different, but
I know that the day in which I’ll be able to say “How beautiful!” will come, so…

飛ぶ鳥は寂れた空を 惜しみながらも越えて往くだろう
傾けた翼の向かう先に 芽生えた苗も風に抱かれ

tobu tori wa sabireta sora o oshimi nagara o koete yuku darou
katageta tsubasa no mukau saki ni mebaeta nae mo kaze ni dakare

The flying bird will surely overcome the declined sky, as it regrets it;
What lies before its tilted wings is a sprouting seed embraced by the wind

飛びたくて 飛べなくて
想いを馳せ 道は続く

tobitakute tobenakute
nobiru wadachi to hikoukigumo
fumi shimeta tsuchi no katasa ni
omoi o hase michi wa tsudzuku

I want to fly, but I can’t do it;
The traces I’ve left and the aerial clouds,
The hard soil I’ve stepped firmly on…
The path riding my emotions will go on

人間は昔も今も そこに広がる空を見上げて
歩き続ける 風と共に

ningen wa mukashi mo ima mo soko ni hirogaru sora o miagete
kokemushita kiseki o shinjite
aruki tsudzukeru kaze to tomo ni

The humans will always look up the distant widening sky
And so I have faith on that aged miracle:
I’ll keep on walking, along with the wind


Title: コモン・スカイ (komon sukai) (Common Sky)
Circle: 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN)
Album: コモン・スカイ (Common Sky)
Vocals: たまちゃん (Tamachan/Tama)
Lyrics: tansu
Arrangement: Coro
Release Event: C80
Source: 信仰は儚き人間の為に (Faith is for the Transient People), Mountain of Faith, Koichiya Sanae’s Theme


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