Hakobune ft. DAOKO – うそ

picture by kumaori jun

What I want to do the most right now on this wordpress is translating the songs I like the most / make more people know about them.
Even if they were translated before by someone else. I don’t mean to desrespect any translator out there (I always highly suggest to read more translations of the same song, so you can also see how each translator puts “something personal” inside them), but for now I just want this wordpress to be more fitting to my tastes than it (almost) never was before.
And that’s why today’s post is another DAOKO song, うそ.
I really loved this style of music of her, she’s really good with hip hop / rap, and to be honest her recent J-POP conversion saddened me a bit (though I’ve translated もしも僕らはゲームの主役で recently anyway).
It’s such a waste of a great talent in my opinion, but I guess that’s what most people like.
And what most people like me don’t.
This song isn’t probably even known by DAOKO’s fans, and I assure you it’s one of her best ones yet.

DAOKO – うそ

へー、 そうなんだ。
人事のように 世界を見渡す
僕がこうなった 理由は なんだ?
他人に擦り付ける 自分の埃
どこに向かう また音に乗る
下見て自分と見比べて 安心してたって  ねぇ、
残るのは物悲しさ  満足 優越の 後 虚無感 孤独 喪失
綺麗なところだけ 見つめて 夢みていたい

kodomo-tachi no junsui na me o mite goran
“minna sou datta nda tte”
hee, sou nan da.
hitogoto you ni sekai o miwatasu
torikago no naka ni boku wa ita
haita kotoba wa haitateki na jiko chuushin namondai hatsugen
boku ga kou natta riyuu wa nanda?
tanin ni suri tsukeru jibun no hokori
doko ni mukau mata oto ni noru
kodoku o magirawasu tame
shita mite jibun o mikurabete anshin shiteta tte nee,
nokoru no wa monokanashisa manzoku yuuetsu no ato kyomu-kan kodoku soushitsu
ima wa genjitsu kara me o sorashitai
kirei na tokoro dake mitsumete yume mite itai

Take a look at those kids’ innocent eyes
“We were all like them before”
Ehh, is that so?
Looking over the world as if it was man-made
I was inside of a birdcage
And controversial, selfish statements were the only thing I could spit out
Just what’s the reason for why I became like this?
My own dust spreading towards other people
Headed for somewhere, still riding each sound
Just to get distracted from this loneliness
I looked down on others so I could compare myself to them and feel relieved, that was it
What was left was melancholy; just after that satisfaction of being superior to someone there was a sense of loss, of emptiness, of loneliness;
I just want to look away from reality right now
And be dreaming about solely gazing at a beautiful place


otona no uso o minukeru ka
watashi wa mata uso o tsuita

Can one see through the lies of an adult?
Once again, I lied

思い出に縋って 縋って
正直辛いです どうしようもないこの感情には
無駄 という言葉が相応しいでしょう
“ええ わかってるんです そこがまたここを抉るんです”
蠢く もやもやとした何か が 心を覆って
擽る 香り 他人を見て
クスクス笑う ぐるぐる回る
もしもし 神様 聞こえてますか
エンター 押してはデリート 連打
媚びててもいいの ずるい人間に付随して
神経も苦痛に慣れて 死んでしまった心は
自分の なのに 誰がために 何のために

omoi ni sugatte sugatte
shoujiki saiwai desu dou shiyou mo nai kono kanjou ni wa
muda to iu kotoba ga fusawashii deshou
“ee wakatterun desu soko ga mata koko o egurun desu”
ugomeku moya moya to shita nani ka ga kokoro o outte
hontou o mienaku suru
kusuguru kaori tanin o mite
kusukusu warau guruguru mawaru
moshi moshi kami-sama kikoetemasu ka
entaa oshite wa deriito renda
kobitetemo ii no zurui ningen ni fuzui shite
shinkei mo kutsuu ni narete shindeshimatta kokoro wa
jibun no nano ni dare ga tame ni nan no tame ni

Clinging onto memories, gripping them
Honestly it’s a blessing, but maybe “useless” is the most fitting word
To describe this hopeless feeling?
“Yeah, I understood, this will all scoop out everything again”
Something hazily squirming is wrapping up my heart
And makes me unable to see what’s real
A strange smell looking into others
Everything spinning around in giggling laughters
“Hello, God? Can you hear me?”
Pressing “enter” leads to a whole cycle of “delete”
Surrounded by dishonest people asking for flattery
My passed away heart, so accostumated to pain and nerves,
Is surely mine, but still, who is it beating for? And what for?

大人も  また嘘をついた

otona no uso o minukeru ka
otona mo mata uso o tsuita

Can one see through the lies of an adult?
One more time, the adults too told us a lie

HakobuNe / ROAD TO 2013

Title: うそ (uso) (lies)
Circle: Hakobune
Album: ROAD TO 2013
Vocals: DAOKO
Lyrics: DAOKO
Arrangement: Hakobune
Release Event: 07/01/2013
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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