Genius P.J’s×daoko – world is yours

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Before talking about this song, let’s remember some points:
1. I’ve translated already-translated songs before even if I knew they were already translated. As I stated countless times, I want this wordpress to feature the songs I like the most, even if it means to translate anew a song already translated by someone before.
2. No translator can claim any copyright on the original lyrics. They only belong to their original creator.
3. Different translators = different translations. I’m not copying / willing to do it / peeking at others’ translations.
With that being said, I HAD to translate this song I couldn’t take off my mind since when I found out about it. I simply love it.
I found its lyrics right under the uploader (Genius P.J. himself)’s video description (that’s why they’re displayed this way), and I didn’t find many translations / full kanji-romaji-translation bundles (is that the right world?), so I also felt like doing this to have everything more “in order”.
There are some written parts that aren’t exactly the same of what the song says, but these lyrics are official, so… Also, last section is missing, read the note about it.
And of course, I hope more people will get to know to this beautiful song.
There are so many different types of japanese music I think we’re all missing a whole world we don’t even know about.
I really hope you’ll enjoy this song as much as I did.

Genius P.J’s×daoko – world is yours


見たい 見たくない
わからない 右左

watashi wa
douyara ikiteiru you desu
kokyuu o yameru to
sanso o motomeru karada dakara
matataki no tabi ushinau hikari
mitai mitakunai
wakaranai migi hidari
tsumetai furooringu no ue o hadashi de samayou
nama nurui suidou mizu o koppu ni sosoide

What I’m supposed to do
To live this life?
If I stop breathing
My body will seek for oxygen
And so facing the lights I’ve lost side of their gleaming
I want to look at them, yet I don’t want to
I don’t know what’s left and right no more
I’m merely wandering over this cold flooring with bare feet
Pouring lukewarm tap water inside a cup


ikiru tame nomikonde

And swallowing it up to live

生きていけない 生きていけるような気がしない

ikiru tame ni nanika o gisei ni shinakucha
ikite ikenai ikite ikeru you na ki ga shinai
somosomo ikiru tte nan darou
ishokujuu shakai no ichibu to kasu wan pataan wan ruupu
akumu to omoeba tada no akumu da

Does one have to make sacrifices in order to stay alive?
I don’t think I can live, I don’t even have the will to do so
What does “living” mean, to begin with?
Aren’t we just one pattern, one loop of a society founded over life’s necessities?
If you think about it, a nightmare is just a nightmare


hazumu kioku
kimi no koe kimi no serifu kimi to mita keshiki
sou zenbu zenbu ga konna ni mo seimei ni yomigaetta
imasara ni natte pokkari aita ana kara
maru de soko ni ita you na saigenritsu de
nande nande doushite ga kuchiguse de gomen ne
oetsu de me ga samete gimonfu ni obore
kodoku o kanjite genjitsu kara nigeta
omotai doa inochi karagara dasshutsu shite
gotsugotsu shita konkuriito no ue
sono mata ue no denchuu densen no amidakuji saki o miageru
dare mo ga neshizumatta kurayami no naka de

My memories are bouncing
Your voice, your lines, the scenery I saw with you
Yes, everything, everything seems to be born again so pure and clear
After so many time, from this slightly opened hole
I can recall you being there with me
Sorry if “why”, “why” and “why” is my only catchphrase
I open my eyes again as I cry, drowning in a question mark
I escaped from that reality in which I felt so alone
Escaping from that heavy door still barely holding onto my life
Over the scraggy concrete
And even over the lines of the telephone pole over the ladder lottery
I look up to a darkness in which no one ever rested



zenryaku kochira wa zen’aku to iu sentaku mo sen ga miezurai senka
maru de an’i naru ichi-mei no genka
shisou no rentaru o rensa suru ooku no enja deari
shoumou suru kyou mo dare ka no paatii no zenza
chinza suru gaidansu no moto ni aru kaidan no saika ni tatsu
sore wa sono shikisai no taihan o eru koto wa
dekinai de arou gitai da
shikai wa nani o mitai ka
nani o umitai ka

Halfway of a war in which I can’t even see the boundary of good and evil
Is that the price of a simple life?
There are so many speakers bound to the chain of thoughts they’ve rented
And exhausted they’ll be yet again today the minor guests of someone else’s party
Standing over the bottom of a stairway in which lies an enshrined guidance
Is part of a camouflage I can’t attempt to do
Something which is taking half of its hues
What do I want to see before my gaze?
What do I want to give birth to?


デイドリーム 繰り返しの中に 生きる意味を探す
デイドリーム 繰り返しの中に 生きる意味を探す
こんな迷路に こんな迷路に

deidoriimu kurikaeshi no naka ni ikiru imi o sagasu
deidoriimu kurikaeshi no naka ni ikiru imi o sagasu
ikitai no shinitai yo
shinitai no ikitai yo
konna meiro ni konna meiro ni

Searching for the reason to live inside a repeating daydream
Searching for the reason to live inside a repeating daydream
Do I want to live? I want to die
Do I want to die? I want to live
I’m in such maze, in such maze…



machi o deru
nanji yo sore o eru tame ni hito wa sore o suteru
yureru hi wa inkasuru sukeeru buresu o kurikaeshite
hontou nara ima hitsuyou ga nai mono o tsuki kaeshite
akai chi de nani mo dekinakatta bun no asa o okoshiteku

Leaving the town
People are throwing away their own self to obtain it
The swaying flames are consuming all over the burned scale bracelet
If that’s real, than I’ll just send everything I don’t need back away
I woke up to a red blood stained morning in which I couldn’t do anything

まだ歩ける僕はまだ歩ける 時を訪ねる

damattei you to mo seikyaku ni izure hi wa kureru
mada arukeru boku wa mada arukeru toki o tazuneru
kakusei suru yoru o fumi hakusen kara koeru asu e
afureru omoi yo ga kaku e yue ni hito ni takusenu

I’m being silent and yet everyday the Sun still sets
I can still walk, I can still move forward and pay a visit to time
Stepping over the white line marking the waking night to cross the tomorrow
My thoughts overflow and I can’t let anyone else have my own painted images


dare mo ga teoi de ashi o hikizuri ayuiteru
warui ne saki o iku yo
daga michi o modori katsui deru
sono uchi ni samui ya atsui o kurikaeshite toshi o toru
boku wa itsu tadori tsukerun darou ka to omotteru

Everyone’s walking wounded draggin their legs forward
“Sorry, but I’m going first”
But then I go back to carry them along;
And as I do this cold and heat repeat and I’m getting older
And I’m here, thinking if I’ll be able to reach something in the end


maru de kawaru koto to kawaranai koto ni iwakan o kanjite
kekkyoku wa oite kita ano hito no koto o anjiru
aete zannin na koto mo keiken suru
watashi tachi wa fukan ni naru mae ni shinri to mukai michi ni sanjiru

I can really feel something’s wrong with what’s changing and what’s not,
In the end I’m just anxious about what that person came to place in here
Yet we dared to experience every pitiful and cruel thing
So let’s just scatter on the way to truth, before we’ll become apathic


デイドリーム 繰り返しの中に 生きる意味を探す
デイドリーム 繰り返しの中に 生きる意味を探す

deidoriimu kurikaeshi no naka ni ikiru imi o sagasu
deidoriimu kurikaeshi no naka ni ikiru imi o sagasu
ikitai no shinitai yo
shinitai no ikitai yo
konna meiro ni
ikiru imi ga aru

Searching for the reason to live inside a repeating daydream
Searching for the reason to live inside a repeating daydream
Do I want to live? I want to die
Do I want to die? I want to live
I’m in such maze
There’s a reason to live
So I’m living…


– The last stanza doesn’t appear in the official lyrics posted on the official video, so I didn’t want to add it trying to write down what I heard. I suggest you to read this translation which features a by-ear trascription by the user beast-senior 810 and its translation by nmuth, which seems to fit the actual lyrics pretty neatly.


Title: world is yours
Circle: —
Album: world is yours
Vocals: chamois, DAOKO
Lyrics: DAOKO, Genius P.J
Arrangement: Genius P.J
Release Date: 2014/12/17
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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