picture by futon (kitsune tsuki)

【Requested by B016

(I always wanted to use a picture of this artist somewhere!)
Yet another SILENT DIFFERENCE song.
This time we don’t have to deal with explicit stuff like the previous post, so I guess this song is safe for all to read.
I like this one more than the other two too, not just because of the lyrics. Maybe because I’m a fan of Higan Retour, or maybe because they gave more space for clean vocals in this one than the other two.
Mhh… No, I think I like DIABOLIC FILTH a bit more, in terms of music. But I’ll never forget them lyrics… “the cursed genitals“…
Anyways, これでなんとなく一件落着。



toki no nagare ni yoishinobu
suriherashita kimi e no omoi

Intoxicated by this flowing time I recollect
Each memory of you that has been worn down


jihi o motomu nozomu saki ni matsu wa
chi o hau kachi nado nai sekai

What lies before me, wishing to seek for benevolence
Is a worthless world with blood crawling all over it


I disobey ethics now because I Die to live

banbutsu no senrei
I disobey ethics now because I Die to live
shigai ni keirei

The baptism of everything and anything
I disobey ethics now because I Die to live
A salute to the deads


teritsukeru hizashi wa kieta

The blazing down sunlight disappeared


utsuro na me o suri erabu
kaigoroshi de hajimaru rinne

Choosing amongst hollow empty eyes
Living to die is where our cycle of reincarnations begins


chie o eta kugutsu ga kataru
koshi o furi umi otosu seigi

A puppet who earned wisdom is narrating
Of a justice born with its own body’s movements

I disobey ethics now because I Die to live

zennou no kyoushin
I disobey ethics now because I Die to live
shinpan ni keirei

Fanaticism of the Omnipotent
I disobey ethics now because I Die to live
A salute to the judgement

Hate, Blood Child, Curses Hymn, It’s blasphemy
They doesn’t smile, doesn’t cry, doesn’t look at me


【shosei、ashikase、kami no ko、niku no tsubo、karasu、omo、shi、taiyou、seihai, gouka, senketsu、ikenie
hakobune、bansan, shokuzai, dorei, gonge、fumie、shinzou、uji、heiwa、kizuna、uragiri、ningen】

【Conduct, shackles, the son of God, pot of meat, crows, importance, death, Sun, the Holy Grail, hell fire, fresh blood, sacrifice
The Ark, supper, Atonement, slaves, incarnation, sacred paintings, heart, maggots, peace, bounds, betrayal, humans】

I disobey ethics now because I die to live

koufuku no sangeki
I disobey ethics now because I die to live
ashita ni keirei

The tragedy of happiness
I disobey ethics now because I die to live
A salute to tomorrow


ima demo nare sugita “hitori”

That “loneliness” I’ve being in so much for, even now…

まだ誰も愛せない 堕ちて行くは背徳の希望

mada daremo aisenai ochite yuku wa haitoku no kibou

I’m still here unable to love anyone, falling down in a corrupted hope


inori o…

Praying to it…


– Being most of the song growled, I’m not 100% sure all the readings I’ve transcribed are accurate. You know how japanese people always makes them up on their own…
– Yep, that huge stanza full of kanjis is just a random list of words without verbs or anything else. They seem to be related to christianity (Holy Grail, Atonement, Ark, “fumie”, “Son of God” etc…).
– I had troubles translating “飼い殺しで始まる輪廻”, not because I didn’t understand its meaning, but because I couldn’t find the right english words to express this concept. Long story short, “kaigoroshi” is wrote with two verbs “kau” (to rise, to take care, usually refered to pets or children) and “korosu” (to kill, to murder). The meaning of “kaigoroshi” is, basically, an union of the two things. In other words “to raise a pet until it dies” or in another sense, “to hold a hostage (while feeding him) until he dies”. Giving those meanings, I think that sentence is refering to life itself. The Samsara / Neverending cycle of death and reincarnation (rinne) aka our existence begins with this “kaigoroshi”, in other words living to die in a world where we’re prisoners of our own life / society. That’s what I think it’s refering to. So, you have the “accurate” translation on this note and an explaination under it, so I hope you’ll understand my translation choices (the english sections of the song seems to confirm this all).
– Yeah, that “they doesn’t” isn’t my fault. That’s how the original lyrics are wrote like.


Title: 背徳なる漆黒 (haitoku naru shikkoku) (A jet black growing corrupted)
Vocals: しるへい (shiruhei)
Lyrics: しるへい (shiruhei)
Arrangement: しるへい (shiruhei)
Release Event: C82
Source: 彼岸帰航 ~ Riverside View (Higan Retour ~ Riverside View), Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Onozuka Komachi’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

4 thoughts on “[REQUEST] SILENT DIFFERENCE – 背徳なる漆黒”

  1. Am I aloud to point out (little) mistakes? If so:

    (shitai ni keirei)


    (shigai ni keirei)





    Okay last one:

    ima demo akogare sugita “hitori”

    I think its

    (ima demo nare sugita “hitori”)

    I hope I don’t come off as rude.

    1. No, you didn’t sound rude at all! It happens that I make mistakes / typos like those, so you were of great help, really.
      I’m fixing them, thanks for pointing them out!
      “akogare” instead of “nare” was a genuine mistake, I keep on confusing 憧
      and 慣, it happens all the times!

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