[REQUEST] Edel Links – アオイロ

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【Requested by XOSkz-

I didn’t know this song before the requested made me know about it, and I’m really glad I got to listen to it. I fell in love so much with this song that even if no one would have requested it I would have posted anyways.
Also, thanks to Eiki for finding its lyrics for me, I really appreciate it (I couldn’t find them myself, I guess I’m just blind or whatever).
This song is featured in a EP from the band Edel Link, and this post is actually the first part of the requested EP, so I’ll make another post not too soon but not too late.
I like its genre and its techno vibes, but what I like the most are the vocals. My god, those high notes are unbelievable. Those alone made me love this song more than I thought I could.
I’m really glad I found out about this song and could post it on foregroundnoises, I really don’t know what else I can say. Thanks for the song / the lyrics, I owe you one!
It may not be the happiest song, but I really, really like it a lot.
I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

Edel Links – アオイロ


yami no naka nobashita tenohira kara
nijimu inku no you ni hirogatte yuku

From my handbreadth extended inside the shadows
Something’s spreading like an oozing ink

リフレイン ただ深く積もる

makkuro na omoide ga fuete
samishisa to kodoku dake nokoru
rifurein tada fukaku tsumoru
sameta kokoro dake ga

Pitch-black memories keep on increasing
And only loneliness and desolation are left
My refrains are just deeply piling up
On my heart which grew cold

ゆびをきる 手を放す
傷つける … ひとり
笑顔咲く 笑顔散る …

yubi o kiru te o hanasu
kizutsukeru… hitori
egao saku egao chiru…
imi nante nai sa

Cutting off my fingers to let go of my hand
Hurting myself… by myself
Smiles blooming, smiles withering…
There’s no meaning in all of this

最上階 見下ろしたら
いつの間に 私は宙に浮いてた

saijoukai mioroshitara
tsutsumu kaze ga totemo kokochi yokute
aoiro ga tobi konde kuru
itsu no ma ni watashi wa chuu ni uiteta

When I looked down from the top floor
The wind I was wrapped in felt really good
The azure color leaped towards me
And before I knew I was floating mid air


iro no nai sekai ni torawareteta
hito o motometeiru no ka inai no ka?

I was being trapped inside a world with no color
Wasn’t really anyone else searching for someone?


wakaranai mama sugita hibi ga
ima wa mou natsukashiku mieru
koko ni aru no wa tada no gareki
watashi no utsuwa dake

I can now look back with nostalgia
At the days that went by without me knowing anything about them;
What’s left right here are just rubble
Only my vessel

上を向き 胸を張る …
涙出る 涙拭く …

ue o muki mune o haru…
taiyou wa shizumu
namida deru namida fuku…
sore dake no hibi ni

Facing upwards straining my heart…
The Sun is sinking
A tear flows, I wipe it off
Those days were just this


sayonara to wakare o tsugeru
dareka ga iru koko ni te o furu yo
aoiro ga fuan ni saseta
ima no watashi chanto waraeteru kana?

I say “Goodbye” so my farewell is declared
I swing my hand to those someone who are there;
This azure color made me so insecure
Can my present self smile properly, I wonder?

笑顔散る 笑顔咲く
笑顔散る … だけで
涙出る 涙拭く …

egao chiru egao saku
egao chiru… dake de
namida deru namida fuku…
sore dake datta no ni

Smiles withering, smiles blooming,
Smiles are merely… withering
Shedding a tear, wiping it away…
It was just like this…

最上階 空を舞うまで

saijoukai sora o mau made
shiranakatta ao no utsukushisa
afuredasu namida no iro wa
tashika ni suki tooru ao datta

Until I danced in the sky from the top floor
I didn’t know about the beauty of such azure color;
The color of my overflowing tears…
I’m sure they were of a transparent blue

そう 世界に私だけが居るの

sou sekai ni watashi dake ga iru no
kieta hazu no omoide ga mieru no

That’s right, I’m the only one in this world
And I can see to those memories that should have disappeared


tomaranai namida nuguinagara
watashi ni mo iro ga atta tte shittanda

And as I try to wipe away my neverending flowing tears
I knew that there was a color inside me too…


Title: アオイロ (aoiro) (azure)
Circle: Edel Links
Album: アオイロ (EP)
Vocals: えで (Ede)
Lyrics: 稲井ゆう (Inai Yuu)
Arrangement: 稲井ゆう (Inai Yuu)
Release Event: M3-34
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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