[Arte Refact] ユリカ – 眠らない街で

picture by kazaana

Call her Yurika, call her Hanatan, it doesn’t really matter: what does matter is that her voice is one of the most unique in the doujin music panorama.
I used to be a huge fan of her, that until I kind of “lost” my vivid interest in japanese music / doujin music hunting.
So that’s not the first time I stumbled upon an old song that I thought I had forgot, and today’s case is nemuranai machi de‘s case.
I don’t even remember how I found out about this song, and when I listened to it again I felt like going back to the past.
And with this I mean that this sounds exactly like a doujin japanese song from 4-5 years ago you’d find online randomly. Not in a bad way, of course.
This song can be a symbol for the past doujin music days, at least to me and my experience.

Arte Refact – 眠らない街で

始まる感覚さえも 忘れて同じ日々を繰り返す
温もり運ぶ風さえ 気付かれずただかき消されて

hajimaru kankaku sae mo wasurete onaji hibi o kurikaesu
nukumori hakobu kaze sae kidzukarezu tada kaki kesarete

I’ll forget even this beginning sensation, and repeat the same days
Erased so simply, without even noticing the wind carrying its warmth

時計の針は並び 更ける夜を示した
思い通りならない日 今日も重ねて
いつの間にか 疲れ歪んだ顔を

tokei no hari wa narabi fukeru yoru o shimeshita
omoi doori naranai hi kyou mo kasanete
itsu no ma ni ka tsukare yuganda kao o
mado garasu ga utsushi tameiki sasou

The clock’s hand was lined up to point the night growing late
Today, again, is a day that didn’t go as I thought it would;
And before I knew, my bent, exhausted face
Appeared reflected by my sigh on the glass window

どれだけ走ればいいだろう 決して止まらない街で
始まる季節を追いかけ 巡る想いを見つめて
この先進んだら 何に出会うのだろう

dore dake hashireba ii darou keshite tomaranai machi de
ashita wa dare mo miezu kawari tsudzukete yuku
hajimaru kisetsu o oikake meguru omoi o mitsumete
kono saki susundara nani ni deau no darou

For how long do I have to run around in this town that won’t ever stop?
Tomorrow will keep on changing without looking at anyone;
Running after the season which is starting just to stare right into my swirling thoughts
Just what am I going to run into if I keep on going this way?

降り出す強い雨が 流す色は次第に時を映す
動き出した 明日へ変わる風景

furi dasu tsuyoi ame ga nagasu iro wa shidai ni toki o utsusu
modorenai kako o keshisari
ugoki dashita asu e kawaru fuukei
sono naka ni futo ima mieru nanika

The strong pouring rain is gradually reflecting my time with its colors
And getting rid of the past I can’t return anymore to;
A moving scenery which is turning into my tomorrow…
…Inside it I could accidentally see something

懐かしい言葉が聴こえる 決して止まらない街で
いつかは叶えてみたいよ 昔抱いた憧れ
失くした面影が 心揺らすのなら

natsukashii kotoba ga kikoeru keshite tomaranai machi de
doko ka ni oki wasureta negai o tori modosu
itsuka wa kanaete mitai yo mukashi idaita akogare
nakushita omokage ga kokoro yurasu no nara

I could hear nostalgic words in this town that won’t ever stop,
So I’ll get back the wishes placed up somewhere I’ve forgot about;
I want to try to make it true, that longing I embraced long ago,
That if the façade I’ve lost still makes my heart waver

霞む思い出 不意に問いかけ
ぼやける現実 何をすればいい?

kasumu omoide fui ni toikake
kusunda hitomi ni namida ga
boyakeru genjitsu nani o sureba ii?
hakanai omoi o mune ni

I’m being suddenly questioned by my own blurred memories
And a tear is flowing down my darkened eyes
What can I possibly do in this dim reality?
I’ll hold these fleeting feeling in my chest…

それでも走り続けたい 決して止まらない街で
今でも変わらない夢と 今も果てない情熱
抱きしめ進めたら 何も怖くない

sore demo hashiri tsudzuketai keshite tomaranai machi de
ashita wa daremo miezu kawari tsudzukete yuku
ima demo kawaranai yume to ima mo hatenai jounetsu
dakishime susumetara nanimo kowakunai
donna mirai sae mo

Yet I still want to run in this town that won’t ever stop
Tomorrow will keep on changing without looking at anyone;
That dream that hasn’t changed to this day and that passion that still lasts right now,
If I hold them firmly as I move on, I won’t be afraid of anything
No matter which future awaits me!


– On some sections I’ve added non-appearing verbs which are omitted in the japanese section. For example “awaits me” (which could also be “I’ll encounter” or “I’ll face” or even “I’ll meet”, your choice) in the last stanza doesn’t appear in the japanese lyrics, but it’s (of course) implied.


Title: 眠らない街で (nemuranai machi de) (In the sleepless town)
Circle: Arte Refact
Album: Primavera ~ 春色エディット ~
Vocals: Yurika (Hanatan)
Lyrics: 黒岩サトシ (Satoshi Kuroishi)
Arrangement: 原田篤
Release Event: M3-29
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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