凋叶棕 (Diao Ye Zong) – 空に近い場所

picture by kawashina (momen silicon)

C90 just passed by and here I am posting a song that will probably cause the third world war.
Diao Ye Zong is a great circle, and there are lots of person which love it more than I do, but by the time I’ve listened to this song… no, by the time I’ve read to this songs’ lyrics I wanted to translate them.
I’ve already translated some songs by this circle, and between them there are hidden gems that I’m glad I could add to my collection.
This one too is a song that I want to add to my website. I won’t translate other songs from utsutsu if not requested.
I hope other translators / users won’t thus be offended by this post, giving that I feel kind of “pressured” by what I post and I don’t post.
After all we can’t claim nothing over music.
This song doesn’t belong to me nor to anyone else.
It happened lots of times that I’ve translated songs that were already translated by someone else, but it also happened that songs that I’ve translated before anybody else could were translated anew again by someone else.
Why should I feel criticized for the first reason?
And why should I get angry for the second?
It’s pretty damn meaningless to me. I’m not saying this all to someone in particular, I’m just saying this because I’m posting “hot stuff” which probably caught the attention of lots of people / translators. Don’t worry if you find out about this, you can translate it anew (it’s not like my translations are gold, I don’t think this translation is flawless and I’ll gladly read other translation).
…And yeah, I won’t even lie about the fact that I’m trying to posting it ASAP, but that’s no contraddiction to what I’ve stated before.
So… friends like always, right?
[2017 edit: I remember having trouble with bullshit like that on some previous posts, just that. I’ll keep all of this because it’s still actual.]

凋叶棕 (Diao Ye Zong) – 空に近い場所


“nee gomen ne. konna koto ni natte” to
sono ryoume o urumase
anata no te ga sotto sono furue o tsutaete

“Hey… I’m sorry it turned out this way” –
You said, as your eyes got wet;
Your hand transmitted your delicate trembling to me


fureau te de nani ka ga tsutawaru no
nani mo kamo oshitsukete
soredemo nao kitto tsutaekirenai koto o

Can something be conveyed by our hands joined together?
We’ve press onto each other everything and anything
However I’m sure there are still things we couldn’t completely express


ii to mo iya to sae mo iezu ni tada oshidamatte wa
kanjiru netsuryou dake
motto motto motto motto… takaku.

But now
Even if you don’t say if it’s okay or not, even if you keep silent
I can just feel your warmth
Increasing more and more, higher and higher…


watashitachi ni wa sora o shiru tedate naku

We can’t fly
There’s no way we could know the sky by any means


anata wa koushite watashi o motome tsudzuke

And yet
You still kept on seeking for me this way


koushite ireba
maru de sora o toberu ka to iu you ni…—.

If things will stay as they are
It’ll feel just as if we can actually soar the sky…


sureau no wa tagai no doko na no darou
sono kuchi kara koboreru
chiisana utakata ga ishiki no himatsu to natte

Where should “quarreling” place between us, I wonder?
That little transience leaking from your lips
Became a splash of your consciousness


kaesu shisen ga anata o dou saseru darou
subete muda da to shittemo
semete honno wazuka amaku toge o sasu you ni

I wonder how can the looks I’m giving you back pierce through you?
Even though I know every bit of it is pointless
At least let me just pierce you with my sweet thorns


kekkyoku wa
imi nado naku eien ni itaru koto mo nai
uchi naru gensou dake
motto motto motto motto… fukaku.

But in the end
There’s no such thing as making one’s way towards something for the whole eternity with no meaning whatsoever;
There’s just one’s own inner illusion
Which lies deeper and deeper, more and more….


yoru no dokoka o futari samayou bakari

We can’t fly
We’re merely wandering together, somewhere in this night


watashi wa doushite kono mi kaki dakarete

But still
I don’t know why my body is being scraped in an embrace


yume to utsutsu no
sakaime ni inagara ni shite tomadou—.

As I lurk in the boundary
Between dreams and reality, I stay bewildered—


uchinaru ganbou
motomeru mono mo wakarazu ni
demo negau nara tsugi ni au toki ni wa itsumo doori ni

My inner wishes…
I don’t even know what I want to strive for
But if I can make a wish, I want the next time we meet to be like always…


“anata” to de wa doko ni mo tadori tsukenai

We can’t fly
Because if I’m with you, I can’t reach any place


sotto shisen dake anata o kobamu you ni

You were just refusing to cross my glance


kokoro no doko ka anata o ukeireru no wa

And yet
The reason for why I want to accept you from somewhere deep down my heart


sou omou koto kitto niteiru no darou

Is because I want to fly
It’s surely something that’s similar to what I’m wishing


kou shite ireba
kitto sukoshi dake sora no chikaku e—.

If we’ll stay like this…
I’m sure we could get a bit closer to the sky…


– Not quite sure about this, but where it says “独り独り” (hitori hitori, alone alone) I clearly hear a single “futari” (together, 2 people). There’s nothing confirming so in the booklet, so… I’ll leave it “futari” because I can hear it clearly enough.
– “utakata” can both mean “bubbles” or “transitory”. “Bubbles coming out your mouth” isn’t really… poetic. “ephemeral” / “transient” makes it better and more poetic, doesn’t it? I hope it’s right this way, really. The meaning of that stanza I’ve translated? (at least my version?) “The things you’ve said in certain moments (thus ephemeral) are what made me know about the deepest part of your will”, in other words, “I got to know you through what you’ve said”.


Title: 空に近い場所 (sora ni chikai basho) (Somewhere close to the Sky)
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao Ye Zong)
Album: 夢 (utsutsu)
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arrangement: RD-Sounds
Release Event: C90
Source: ジャパニーズサーガ (Japanese Saga), 東方求聞史紀 ~ Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, track #1

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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