[REQUEST] 少女理論観測所 – 詠み人知らず

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This song was requested by Amilka.
You know how to buy me when it comes to touhou arranges: put the Theme of Eastern Story somewhere inside it.
That’s why this song immediately caught my attention.
Vocals by 556t of course mean quality, plus the perfect blending between Border of Life and Ghost Lead makes the whole song really good and ingenious, but as I said before there are also obvious remarks to the Theme of Eastern Story and at certain points you can clearly hear bits of Night Sakura of Dead Spirits, which is one of my personal favourites touhou themes.

少女理論観測所 – 詠み人知らず


ranman to moyuru shiro wa
mebuki yuku akago no taoyakasa

All the whiteness sprouting in full bloom
Like a child growing up charmingly…


umarekuru haru o iwau
hanayaka ni kiyorakeki iro ga

Such a chaste, florid color
Is celebrating the nascent Spring


ryouran to kuruu aka wa
nagare otsu chishio no isamashisa

Its profusion goes along with a maddening red,
The courage of the blood running down the ground


chirite saru haru o norou
adeyakana takedakeshisa

I’ll curse such ephemeral Spring,
So bewitching yet ferocious…


yuragu sakura no michi wa
ayakashina no
sou watashi mitai

This swaying cherry trees’ path
Is an aberration
Yes… just like me


douka utabito ga aishita
sakura no hito hira dakishimete shinasete
ikiru sore ga tsumi to iu nara
orokana watashi wa nani ni chikatte sakihokoreru no

I beg for letting me die while holding tight
The single cherry petal that poet loved so much;
And if living itself it’s considered to be a sin,
That what can a fool like me pledge to? How can I ever fully bloom?


todokanai negai da to shitte
me o fuseta

And I know it’s a wish that won’t come true,
So I turn my eyes away from it.


santan to tsumoru kabane
wasure yuku inochi no atatakasa

Corpses are miserably piled up
Gradually forgetting the warmth of life


shishite nao haru wa meguru
minikuku mo kedakaki hana

The dying Spring is still revolving
Along with unsightly yet sublime flowers…


mukeru wakare no emi wa
mayakashi na no
nee hayaku itte

That smile you gave me on our parting…
Was it just a deception?
Hey, just go away before I do…


douka kagebito ga utatta
mochidzuki no mae ni hitori dake chirasete
kuchiru sore ga yume to iu nara
hakanai inori wa doko e mukatte ayunde yuku no

I beg for letting me scatter away, alone,
Just before that full Moon that poet wrote about;
And if me rotting away it’s just a dream of mine
Just where this fleeting prayer of mine is going? Where is it walking to?


meguru rinne no tabi owari ni suru kara
saigo ni hitotsu utaitai no mou aenai dareka ni

And because I’ve decided to put an end to the endless rotating Samsara’s voyage
I just want to sing one last time to that someone I won’t meet anymore…


douka tsumibito ga koishita
musekaeru haru o mou ichido sakasete
itsuka furui uta ni yumemita
yakumo tatsu kanata omoi o hasete nemuri ni tsuku no

I beg for letting me bloom again, once more,
On that sad Spring the sinner used to love;
I once had a dream about an ancient poem
In which I’ve put to sleep all my memories beyond the point where the highest clouds rise…


todokanai negai da to shitte
haruka na soukyuu o aoida

And I know it’s a wish that won’t come true,
But still I gazed up the far away blue sky…


yomibito shiranu mama ni chitta
wakare no uta

That’s the farewell poem
Which scattered away as I still don’t know its author.


– I inverted the function of the words of the first stanza’s second part. “Charm” should be a noun rather than an adverb, but it felt weird how it turned out, so I decided to made it this way instead.
– The whole song seems to use peculiar words and archaic terms / grammar structures. An example to remark that could be 歌人 which is read as “uta-bito”, while it’s usually read as “kajin”. I think that’s because they wanted the song to feel somewhat “old-fashioned”, and I tried to keep as many archaisms as possible when on its english translation.
– “Ephemeral Spring” is my choiche. “Chiru” = “to fall”, “saru” = “to leave”, so “A Spring that comes and goes” was not as good as “ephemeral” in my mind.
– “Aberration” as a translation for “ayakashi” is strange. It’s like trying to translate “youkai”. The meaning I wanted to convey is such, just like “entity”, “something out of the ordinary”, “something almost paranormal / hard to believe”.
– The third-to-last stanza was the most difficult one. It states “Yakumo” which of course may imply Yukari (being that’s written with the same kanjis), but I don’t know if it’s refering to something in particular or not. I tried to extract a meaning out of it which could work, but if it’s a quote or something like that… I failed to convey that.


Title: 詠み人知らず (Author Unknown)
Circle: 少女理論観測所 (Girls Logic Observatory)
Album: Border on Blossom
Vocals: 556t
Lyrics: ごっち (gocchi)
Arrangement: テラ (tera)
Release Event: Reitaisai 13
Source: 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life (Bloom Nobly, Cherry Blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life), Perfect Cherry Blossom / ゴーストリード (Ghost Lead), Ten Desires, both Yuyuko Saigyouji’s Themes

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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