[REQUEST..?] Adust Rain – Traumatic syndrome

picture by igakusei

【Requested…? by XOSkz-

The user kindly requested me to translate only this song’s few english stanzas, but I’m posting it fully anyways because I feel it’s right this way.
The fact this songmade a Slipknot reference with people = shit made me chuckle.

Adust Rain – Traumatic syndrome

I hate you!! I hate you!!
Greeeed!!!! Greeeed!!!!
I want to that
Everybody say she is ill 3rd eye!

Warning!! People!! So people = shit!!
Inside my head. Your voice
Caz I fall into the

不正の目 もう言わないで 汚い手

fusei no me mou iwanaide kitanai te
hoshi nai sora idaku

Don’t call upon the eye of iniquity anymore with your filthy hands;
I’ll embrace strongly the starless night sky.

You… you are sick
I’m afraid of broken dreams
Lost in crying
Emotion is dying
Everything is sad truth

You are greed
I see said broken real
I close. I tired
Most of liar
Everything is bad to you.

Like a bomb
All the pain for blood
Everybody hate me, lie or lie

Leave me
Show me ending
Who are suicide?
I’m suffering

Like a wall
Like a storm
Like a moses
We show you “I hate you!!”
Light up fucker!


You… you are sick
I’m afraid of broken dreams
Lost in crying
Emotion is dying
Everything is sad truth

You are greed
I see said broken real
I close. I tired
Most of liar
Everything is bad to you.

Save me.
Close my eye to shine
I remember, I remember

You… you are sick
I’m afraid of broken dreams
Lost in crying
Emotion is dying
Everything is sad truth

You are greed
I see said broken real
I close. I tired
Most of liar
Everything is bad to you.


Title: Traumatic Syndrome
Circle: Adust Rain
Vocals: okogeeechann | kissssy | K. ShawZ
Lyrics: —
Arrangement: kissssy
Release Event: Touhou Kouroumu 10
Source: 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye (Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye),

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

7 thoughts on “[REQUEST..?] Adust Rain – Traumatic syndrome”

    1. I have no idea what you’re trying to make me say.
      I understand that you’ve translated it before, but we’re talking about 2 japanese lines, which took me 5 seconds to translate.
      The requester sent me the video, I’ve listened to the song and transcribed the japanese section, then translated it.
      Being the rest of the lyrics fully in english, I’ve copied them rather than writing them anew (what’s the point in doing so if I’m not even translating them?)
      So, I really have no idea what you’re trying to say to me, but if you’re assuming I’ve copied / disrespected you because I’ve translated anew less than 10 japanese words in a 2-lines stanza… I really don’t know what to say, I don’t feel sorry for it and I don’t feel like I’m not paying respect to anyone, because that’s simply stupid to me.
      I don’t mean to argue with other translators, I respect the work of others and I wish everyone could simply enjoy what they do while enlarging the quantity of translated doujin/japanese music.
      I sometimes upload subbed music on my channel, and I saw people uploading (even if they knew I’ve already did it before) the same song again with my subtitles again.
      I never argued with them, because it’s not like I have the right to do so, and it’s not like there’s some law that forbids someone else to upload a same content which doesn’t belong to none of the two again.
      But if you check my request list, you can see that I choose not to translate other songs because were already translated (fitting my tastes) by others [marked as “Aborted”].
      This is the second request I’m taking from the same user, the first was fully in english and I had to refuse it. I felt bad refusing it again, and if he/she requested me it it’s because he/she didn’t find it online.
      Being that we’re talking about two friggin’ lines, I see no point in arguing that I’m copying a translation.
      Don’t read this as a critique against you or as words shouted by someone angered, I’m completely fine: I just wanted to make clear this point which, in my opinion, doesn’t exist in this case, and I hope you’ll understand what I’m saying!

      1. I wouldn’t have any problem with it if you weren’t saying before, that you won’t translate things that are already translated. And you just clearly broke the rule you yourself made. So, yeah, I do feel disrespected, especially because I think you actually saw I’ve translated it before. I’m a bit saddened your rules don’t apply to everyone, but that’s how world is. I understand that you’re trying to say that it’s just two lines, and also I’m not saying you’ve copied my translation (?), I have no idea where you even got an idea I might think so. I’m only addressing rules YOU have made, not anything other.

      2. Again, that’s because the translation was about 2 lines. It took me 5 seconds.
        If it was a full-translated song, I wouldn’t have done it before.
        Also, sometimes I don’t even realize some songs I’ve been requested were already translated.
        As for non-requests post, I’ve translated lots of song anew when they were already translated before by someone else (some I clearly remember: “Calm days are drawing a distant star”, “a sense of distance”, “dely”, “perfect day”, “yume-naki asu no lovesong”, “itoshiki yomichi”, “kimi to watashi to odayakana tabi”, “Storytellers”…).
        Also, the rule you’re mentioning is refered not to me, but to requesters.
        As you can read, there’s wrote “(I’m sorry, but I don’t really have time to get over every request…)” and that’s why I choose not to translate a requested song, if it has already been translated by someone else.
        If we’re talking about 2 lines, it won’t take me much to make a translation out of it. That’s the point.
        To summarize:
        1) we’re talking about 2 lines, not a full-japanese song.
        2) I didn’t even realize at first you made a translation of those two lines before.
        3) “Aborted” is a time-saving remedy for me, being this request service free and for the requesters (not for me)
        So, again, while I understand your point of view, I don’t feel like I’m disrespecting you at all and by any means.
        I hope it’s clear enough. I don’t mean no harm / disrespect to anyone.

      3. …so you’ve copied the lyrics or written them down?? Because (as far as my research went) I haven’t found the written version anywhere (unless the requester provided it). I mean, even if you did it’s fine, but if it’s the case, don’t say you hadn’t known I’ve translated this

      4. If you check the translation request page and go to the message where the user requested this song, you can see he / she linked me a video with subtitles of the song.
        I’ve transcribed and translated that part before realizing it was already been translated by you.
        I think you just want to feel disrespected. I can’t change that.
        We’re talking about an almost 100% english song and this whole comment arguement is just bullshit.

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