[REQUEST] オレオレウサギ – Rabbit, her name was “GRIEF”

picture by kashiwaba hisano

【Requested by warpy

I like IZNA, and I can’t stop thinking about how her vocal is so unique in this song.
Seems like japanese people like Alice in Wonderland quite a lot, being this not the first post about that book appearing on my wordpress.
Double vocal with english screams and japanese cleans? That’s nostalgic, isn’t it? I always find this way of composing japanese screamo music to be fitting.
And I’m not only saying this because of Foreground Eclipse, but also because there’s no need to have the right pronunciation if it’s screamo, and that’s a huge bonus for engRish performers.
Well, there are still mistakes on the english section, but as you know I won’t fix them, as they’re part of the original lyrics.

オレオレウサギ – Rabbit, her name was “GRIEF”

Hey, those who believe in their gods, How I envy you so much!
Because you can blame your misfortune on them.
Everyone have no doubt in the world “I am not to blame !!”
…So Wars will not run out from the world.

Where should I runaway ?
She crimed in Rabbit Hole…

Where should I runaway?
azayakana ni kirameku
She crimed in Rabbit Hole…
karafuru shudan ga

Where should I runaway?
Colorful measures
She crimed in Rabbit Hole…
Sparkling vividly

でも本当の実態なら 誰も気付きやしないから
嗚呼 流れてく目の前

demo hontou no jittai nara dare mo kidzuki ya shinai kara
aa nagareteku me no mae

But there’s no one who could notice the concrete reality;
Aah, I just couldn’t hold myself back
Before what’s flowing right before my eyes…

[Don’t chase, her name is “GRIEF” ]
ねぇ見つめてる その瞳をずっと逸らさないで
続いてく I`ll be there「Wonderland」

sonzai shite! shoumei nara
arare mo nai kono “saigen”
nakushikaketa kioku?
[Don’t chase, her name is “GRIEF” ]
nee mitsumeteru sono hitomi o zutto sorasanaide
tsudzuiteku I’ll be there “Wonderland”

Exist! And if you want to prove it
Here’s this so unladylike “limit”:
Is it a memory you lost midway?
[Don’t chase, her name is “GRIEF” ]
Hey, don’t ever get your eyes looking at me away
Keep on watching me, I’ll be there “Wonderland”

[Where should I go ? ]
[She wandered in Rabbit Hole…]
[Where did you headed ? ]
[Oh, passed The Wonderland… ]

[Where should I go ? ]
tegoro na iiwake ni
[She wandered in Rabbit Hole…]
marume komareteiku
[Where did you headed ? ]
shinjitsu ga okubyou de
[Oh, passed The Wonderland… ]
erabenai no nara…

[Where should I go ? ]
Such handy excuses
[She wandered in Rabbit Hole…]
Will curl up into trouble;
[Where did you headed ? ]
To choose truth is frightful
[Oh, passed The Wonderland… ]
But if I don’t do it…

狂った風 追い越していく
[Don’t chase, her name is “GRIEF” ]
ねぇ震えてる この手をずっと離さないで
気が狂れる 目が覚める前に

kurutta kaze oikoshiteiku
ato dore kurai o tadotte
watashi dake no kioku?
[Don’t chase, her name is “GRIEF” ]
nee furueteru kono te o zutto hanasanai de
ki ga fureru me ga sameru mae ni
dakedo tsunagatteku “ando” ga
mada hoshii nara, kurete yaru!!

I’ll outdistance this insane wind
But for how much longer
Do I have to pursue my own memories?
[Don’t chase, her name is “GRIEF” ]
Hey, don’t ever let go of this trembling hand of mine
Just before I can open my eyes, just before I lose my mind;
But if you want to get this “relief” I’m still bound with…
I’ll just pass it onto you!!

「GoodBYE!! My Wonderland」


– The lyrics I’ve got from the requested featured a japanese translation of english stanzas, which I’m not adding to this post.
– English lyrics = scream / japanese = clean. There are few exceptions, though. “I`ll be there「Wonderland」” is clean vocal, for example.
– Also, the english-japanese stanzas shouldn’t be read as follows, but separetely. In other words, the order isn’t [1-english][2-japanese][3-english][4-japanese], but [A-english][1-japanese][B-english][2-japanese]. If it’s not read this way, the translation doesn’t make much sense. That’s mainly because the vocals are overlapped.


Title: Rabbit, her name was “GRIEF”
Circle: オレオレウサギ (oreoreusagi)
Album: Wander In Wonderland
Vocals: IZNA, パナップォ (panappo)
Lyrics: ぎゃぷいち (gyapuichi)
Arrangement: warinside
Release Event: M3-2010
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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