[REQUEST] Register6 – 久遠の夢路

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【Requested by Alv

Register6 is a great circle, I expecially love the way their lyrics are wrote.
It’s also true that in terms of music they’ve changed a lot, but tracks like this one made me feel as if there wasn’t any great change at all. After all this song is related to previous songs they made, and this made me really happy (also because I love the CD they’re talking about in this song). Everything’s explained in the notes, by the way.

Register6 – 久遠の夢路

The beginning is the end.

saihate ni egaita ketsumatsu wa
kimi no yume no naka de
The beginning is the end.

The conclusion depicted at the farthest ends
Is inside your dream
The beginning is the end.


mou dore dake toki ga tatta darou
deguchi no nai hakuchuumu no naka de
zutto samayou

I wonder how much time has passed by now?
I’ve always been wandering
Inside a daydream with no way out


mishiranu basho de hitori kiri
seijaku ni nomikomareteku
boku ga boku ja naku naru you de
kimi no namae o yonda

I’m being swallowed by quietness
Completely alone in a place I don’t know;
And I called out for your name
As if I wasn’t myself anymore


tasukete to sakenda sekai wa
yume to genjitsu no kyoukaisen
utsukushiku zankokuna sekai wa
hiki kaesu koto wa dekinai

The world who screamed for its salvation
Lies between the boundary of dreams and reality;
I just can’t bring back
This beautiful yet ruthless world…

I was beyond the point of no return.
How did that happen? Too late to turn back now.

ねぇ夢をみる 君と過ごした
あの日々はもう 戻らないんだ
おかしいよね ただの夢だったのに

nee yume o miru kimi to sugoshita
ano hibi wa mou modoranainda
okashii yo ne tada no yume datta no ni
torawareta no da

Look, the time I spent with your dreaming self:
Those days won’t return anymore.
Isn’t it strange? Even if it was just a dream
I was captured by it.


utsukushiku zankokuna sekai no
kuon no yumeji ni kiro wa naku
usure yuku kioku no naka ni wa
dare ka no omokage ga

There’s no way back on the neverending dream path
Of this beautiful yet ruthless world;
But inside my memories growing dimmer
I can feel someone’s trace…

届くこともなく 水面は絶え
ここはそう 通い路の終着

kienai de to negau kotoba wa
todoku koto mo naku minamo wa tae
koko wa sou kayoi ji no shuuchaku
mou kaeru koto wa nai
mou au koto wa nai

As my praying words stay undelivered
The water surface calms down to stillness;
Here, I’m sure, is the end of this route
And I can’t go back anymore
And I can’t meet you again anymore.


– The song’s title is the same as a previous album by Register 6, with the only difference being that in this song “kuon no yumeji” has a “no” in hiragana (の) on its title while the previous album had a “no” in katakana (ノ) on instead.
– This song is also linked to another song from the album I stated on the previous notes, and I’m talking about 夢の通い路 which I’ve already translated (click on it). The first 3 lines from the sixth stanza of this post’s song is similar to some stanzas on the other song (yume no kayoi-ji), just check them:
> kuon no yumeji, sixth stanza: “nee yume o miru kimi to sugoshita / ano hibi wa mou modoranainda / okashii yo ne tada no yume datta no ni”
> yume no kayoiji, sixth stanza: “nee yume o miru kimi to sugoshita / ano hibi wa mou modoranainda”, and again, on the second stanza “okashii yo ne tada no yume na no ni”.
Again, this song uses “見知らぬ場所で” (mishiranu basho de) which also appears in the other one.
Of course the two songs are linked between each other even because of their original themes. “kuon no yumeji” is an arrange of Yukari‘s theme, Necrofantasia, while “yume no kayoi-ji” is an arrange of Merry The Magician, which is kind of Maribel‘s theme.
Needless to explain how Yukari and Merry are related.
– Second stanza 時間 (jikan) is read as 時 (toki). They both mean “time”.
– Third stanza “sumikomarete(i)ku” is wrote with a “i”, which is not pronounced.


Title: 久遠の夢路 (The Neverending Dream Path)
Circle: Register6
Album: 繋縛ノ境界
Vocals: ヨコヤマ (Yokoyama)
Lyrics: ロー (roo)
Arrangement: ロー (roo)
Release Event: Reitaisai 11
Source: ネクロファンタジア (Necrofantasia), Perfect Cherry Blossom, Yukari Yakumo’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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