[R-18] [REQUEST] Silent Difference – Left Behind

picture by Yuuki Eishi

Disclaimer: The lyrics for this songs contains imagery that can disturb the readers.

【Requested by B016

Well, it’s the second time we got to see that disclaimer on a post, the first being in Diabolic Filth, from the same circle.
I think that its engrish is even worse than the words this song uses.
Anyway, at least to me, this song is still funnier than “shocking”, but still, its lyrics are not something I want to make appear on my homepage, so if you want to read the lyrics, notes and everything else you should just click “continue reading”.

Ok, so, as I said before, the main problem of this song is that’s more than 50% in broken english: random verbs, broken grammar, poorly wrote words… I mean, the concept of each stanza is pretty clear anyways, but its structure isn’t really the greatest.
I wonder why is there no one to check the english content of japanese songs before they get to be released?
I mean, try to imagine the opposite way. Why should we have an almost full-english song with segments of broken japanese in it? It’s important to keep everything clean.
Well, being this song about butt-licking and stuff like that… I guess it’s fine if its english stays “dirty” as it is.
I couldn’t help but laughing while transcribing this song. And, again, not because of its words but because the english doesn’t make much sense.
On the other side, the japanese section isn’t the easiest, for it uses lots of difficult words / uncommon expressions.
Just so you know, this song’s not my genre at all. But I still had fun while translating it, so it’s not like I’m not glad to add it on my wordpress…
…I think?

Silent Difference – Left Behind

Discarded at any rate.

The side of pain, I heard it faintly.
Sound of knocked with a blunt weapon.

The side of despair, I saw it slightly.
Unreasonable exploitation.

Light does not shine here.
Tell me why you oppress?

I’m disposable clown.
Yesterday’s smil is not here any longer.

俺はLeft behind…救われない

tomedonaku hirogaru sangeki wa
sekirei no hane o mushiri akaku somaru
ore wa Left behind… sukuwarenai
ai no nai asu o ikiru me wa kusatta

This ceaseless widening tragedy
Has ripped off the wagtail’s wings now painted in crimson
I’m left behind, I can’t be saved
The sprout living in a tomorrow without love has rotten away

your insult break my life.

If I lick your shoes, do you love me?
Will you forgive me if I wipe your asshole?
Don’t get in the swing in spite of feces.


oshikoroshita kibou wa
nukumori sae yuruyakana shijoku no kawa

The hope that has been crushed to death
Is the river in which float shameful deaths, even this warmness’s

今もLeft behind…無様な手は

reitetsu ni sobieru naiheki wa
dare mo inaku nare to negau mono ja nai
ima mo Left behind… buzamana te wa
jibun sae mo mamorezu ni owaru no ka

The inner wall rising over coldness
Isn’t something that’s here because I wish for no one to come;
I’m still left behind… without being able to protect myself
With my clumsy hand, will I just meet my end?

俺はLeft behind…全て失った

tomedonaku hirogaru sangeki wa
sekirei no hane o mushiri akaku somaru
ore wa Left behind… subete ushinatta
ai no nai asu o sute ima o nemuritai

This ceaseless widening tragedy
Has ripped off the wagtail’s wings now painted in crimson
I’m left behind… I’ve lost everything
I just want to sleep over the fact I’ve trown away a loveless tomorrow


fureru kotoba
kako ni muketa zouka
museru hodo ni itoshiku kieta

The words which touched me
Are artificial flowers bounded to my past
So beloved yet vanished, to the point I felt like choking


aoi hazu no sora
hagare kuchita shoutai
naite nemuru koto ni tsukareta

The sky which should be blue..
Its sick appearance, faded and dried out…
I’m tired of falling asleep crying.

I grieve still it dawns…


Title: Left Behind
Vocals: しるへい (shiruhei)
Lyrics: しるへい (shiruhei)
Arrangement: しるへい (shiruhei)
Release Event: C82
Source: 紅より儚い永遠 (An Eternity that is More Transient than Scarlet), Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Credits Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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