TUMENECO – 終わりなき旅を夢見よう

[picture by abe kanari ]

TUMENECO again, folks.
There are some periods in which I have nothing to post on foregroundnoises, and some other in which I have tons of songs I’m dying to post.
Right now I’m on the second one, I have lots of posts incoming including requests and sh*t.
But first things first. And we all know TUMENECO means both nice music and easy-peasy lyrics.
To be frank, this translation took me 5 minutes. It was reeeeeeeally easy!
But I like this song, it’s not like easy to understand lyrics mean the song isn’t good enough.
On the contrary, I love songs which have nice, clear and clean lyrics that won’t trouble me while translating them.
And by the way, this song is an arrange of two themes from Neo-Traditionalism of Japan, one of them being Wind of Agartha which is one of my favourite original touhou track from the hifuu CDs.
Surely it is the one I like the most from that album.
Anyway, I’ll try posting as much as possible during this day when I’ll have some spare time.
Until next post..!

TUMENECO – 終わりなき旅を夢見よう

優しい風が吹き ふわり春が香る
また季節は巡り はじまりの夜がやってくる

yasashii kaze ga fuki fuwari haru ga kaoru
mata kisetsu wa meguri hajimari no yoru ga yattekuru

The wind blows gently, spreading the light Spring’s scent:
The night in which the seasons will start revolving again has come

あの日見上げてた 空はずっと遠くて

ano hi miageteta sora wa zutto tookute
boku wa senobishite te o nobashi
“nanika” o tsukamou to shita

The sky I was looking at on that day is so far away;
Standing on tiptoe, reaching out my hand
I almost seized that “something”

ふたりはめくるめく 夢の世界へ旅に出る

hitori kodoku na kurai yoru no sukima kara
futari wa mekuru meku yume no sekai e tabi ni deru

From the gap of a lonesome dark night
We set off for a voyage in the dazzling world of dreams

信じてよ 僕だけは 

sagashiteta bouken no chizu wa ne
koko ni wa mou nai nda
kimi to tadori tsuku toko made
shinjite yo boku dake wa
itsu demo kimi no soba ni iru kara
furueru kono kokoro no koe o kiite

The map of our adventure we’ve been looking for
Is not here anymore;
Just believe in it,
Until the moment I’ll finally reach you
Because I’m the only one who’ll always be by your side:
Listen up to the voice of my trembling heart

気付けば夏が過ぎ くるり葉っぱが躍る
いつか聞いてみたい 「はじまりの夜覚えてる?」
あの日見上げてた 星空は綺麗で

kidzukeba natsu ga sugi kururi happa ga odoru
itsuka kiite mitai “hajimari no yoru oboeteru?”
ano hi miageteta hoshizora wa kirei de
isso nomikomarete mitai tte kimi wa naiteita yo ne

Summer has past before I could notice, and the leaves are suddenly dancing
One day I’d like to ask you “do you remember the night in which everything began?”
The starry sky we were looking up that day was so pretty
And you were crying, as if you were being swallowed by it, do you remember?

ふたりでいれば日向のように あったかで
いつしかめくるめく 夢の世界を旅してた

futari de ireba hinata no you ni attaka de
itsu shika mekuru meku yume no sekai o tabi shiteta

Together we would feel as warm as if we were standing under the Sun;
Before I knew it, my voyage in the dazzling dream world has begun

描いてた冒険の地図はね もっと大きくなるんだ
ありがとう これから先もずっと・・・

egaiteta bouken no chizu wa ne motto ookiku naru nda
kimi to tadori tsuku toko made
shinjiteru kimi dake wa
itsu demo boku no soba ni ita kara
arigatou kore kara saki mo zutto…

The map for our adventure we’ve drawn has become even bigger
You just have to believe it
Until the moment I’ll reach you;
You’re the only who was always by my side
So thank you, for then, for now, forever…

さぁ 手を繫いで帰ろう

saa te o tsunaide kaerou
ashita mo tsudzuku owari naki tabi o yumemiyou

Come on, let’s hold our hand and go back home:
Let’s dream of our endless voyage that will continue even tomorrow!

ほらね 冒険の地図はね 

hora ne bouken no chizu wa ne
motto zutto egakeru
kimi to tadori tsuku toko made

See, the map of our adventure…
I could draw it more and more, forever
Until the moment I’ll reach you…

信じてよ 僕だけは 

shinjite yo boku dake wa
itsu demo kimi no soba ni iru kara
furueru kono kokoro no koe o kiite

…Believe in me, because
I’m the only one that will always be by your side you
So, listen up to the voice of my trembling heart,
Reach out for it…


Title: 終わりなき旅を夢見よう (owari naki tabi o yumemiyou) (Let’s dream of an endless voyage)
Original Tracks:
– アガルタの風 (Wind of Agartha), Neo-Traditionalism of Japan, track #5
– 日本中の不思議を集めて (Gathering the Mysterious from All Around Japan), Neo-Traditionalism of Japan, track #9
Vocals: Yukina
Lyrics: Yukina
Release Event: C88

Listen to it on Youtube here: TUMENECO – 終わりなき旅を夢見よう

Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!


About foregroundnoises

I love music more than everything; I'm also a (shamefully mediocre) bass player and wannabe composer / writer (only in my dreams). Also interested in astronomy, traveling, theatre, literature, poetry, art, movies, mostly everything from Japan and other stuff. I'm also okay with anime stuff as long as I don't have to deal with weeaboos. Touhou project? Love it! Gaki no Tsukai? Love it! Foreground Eclipse? Of course I love them! I'm an university student, I study japanese since years for unknown reasons and I managed to get a degree on japanese language & culture (currently 進学中). I'm italian, but I can (almost) perfectly understand english.
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