aquarifa – 溶けない嘘

picture by nanahime (aoi)

Little do I know about aquarifa; I’m not even sure we’re talking about doujin music or not.
What I do know is that I like their sound, and today’s post is the song I’ve liked the most from their E.P. マーニの秘密 – EP.
Pretty hard to find online and pretty much unkown to western fellas, this band doesn’t really shine for being one of those revolutionary sounding bands.
To be honest, I think that their strong point is the fact their music is so simple it’s what we’ve all been missing lately.

aquarifa – 溶けない嘘

今 君を大事にしよう
すぐさま サヨナラしよう

ashita o nakushite shimaou
ima kimi o daiji ni shiyou
kotoba de kizutsukeru hibi ni
sugusama sayonara shiyou

I’ll just get rid of tomorrow
And value you as you’re now;
So let’s just promptly bid farewell
To those days in which we hurt each other with words

まだ いない君を求めているよ

sameteru koucha no naka de wa
tokekiranai uso ga nijimu
tabekake no satoukashi wa
mada inai kimi o motometeiru yo

Inside this cooled down black tea
A lie that can’t melt is oozing
As my half-eaten lump of sugar
Is still longing for the absent you

十秒数えても届いた 君の距離は
間違ってるよ 言い聞かすばかり

juubyou kazoete mo todoita kimi no kyori wa
machigatteru yo iikikasu bakari
yubikiri mo yakusoku mo jitsu wa suki ja nakute
kanaerareru hoshou mo nai no ni

Even if I’d count 10 seconds, your distance
Is just wrong, it’s just a warning;
Pinky promises or pacts… I really don’t like those,
After all there’s not even guarantee they’re going to come true…

嘘をついて また傷を付けて
溜息 飲み込んで進んで

uso o tsuite mata kizu o tsukete
kimi no asu o negatteiru yo
tameiki nomikonde susunde
shiawase ga nigedasanai you ni

By telling lies we’ll get scarred again,
But I’m wishing for your tomorrow
While going forward, gulping down my sighs
So happiness won’t run away from here

十秒数えたら 瞳開けてごらん
ねぇ 君は 今 笑ってる?

juubyou kazoetara hitomi akete goran
sono uchi ni yukue kuramasu yo
yubikiri mo yakusoku mo shinakya yokatta yo
nee kimi wa ima waratteru?

When you’re done counting to 10, please open your eyes
By that time your directions will be deceived;
I’m glad we got to make those kind of promises back then
Say, are you smiling right now?


kuchi-yakusoku wa wasurechatte ii kai
kioku memorii ookunai kara
tsunaideta yubikiri no koyubi mo hiki chigitte ageru kara

Is it really okay to forget about verbal promises,
Being our memories, our own memories not that much?
But I’ll tear off our joined pinkies too, for you.

十秒間で突き刺すんだ 数え歌
繋いでいたこの手が 君の感覚問いかける
思い出せないの? もう二度と
他人な僕ら 赤く染まって 他人な僕ら

furasshubakku de toikakeru
kimi no koe ga toikakeru
juubyoukan de tsukisasunda kazoeuta
tsunaideita kono te ga kimi no kankaku toikakeru
omoidasenai no? mou ni do to
tanin na bokura akaku somatte tanin na bokura

I’m being questioned by a flashback
Your voice is asking me something
A counting song piercing through 10 seconds
This hand I’m holding is asking me about your sense of self
Can’t you remember? We’re no more
The strangers we were, the blushing red strangers we were…


usotsuki no shita wa kitte ii yo
hitotsu dake negaigoto ga kanau nara zenbu kimi ni ageru
negaeba ii yo
kimi ni ageru

It is okay to cut down a liar’s tongue
If I could make one wish of mine come true, than I’ll give them all to you
It’s okay to wish
Because I’d wish for you
For you


– Sixth stanza: “kioku” is followed by “memorii” (memory). They are the same thing, so that’s why it’s repeated in the translation.
– Sixth stanza: My translation could seem weird. What I mean by that last segment, is that the speaker is implying “I’ll cut off our joined pinkies (pinky promise) so the promise will be sealed and our memories won’t disappear”. Not “I’ll chop down your friggin’ finger”.
– Seventh stanza: “akaku somatte” is literally “painted in red”, but it’s highly implied is refering to “blushing”, or “(cheeks) painted in red”.


Title: 溶けない嘘 (tokenai uso) (unmelting lie)
Circle: aquarifa
Album: マーニの秘密 – EP (Marnie’s Secret – EP)
Vocals: aquarifa
Lyrics: 岩田真知
Arrangement: 岩田真知
Release Event: —
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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