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ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY is a great circle, and you should already know by now how important their songs were (and still are) to me.
One of the first song that I’ve translated by this circle (which is also one of the first posts ever on foregroundnoises)is Initium Volume, a song that, at least to me, is a piece of life rather than just a CD track.
Today’s song, “Last Volume.“, is from the same album as the other one, and they’re twin songs, as I like to describe them.
Last Volume comes before than Initium Volume (mind that “initium” means “beginning”), and while the first is supposed to have a feel of “everything is ending” and the second one a feel of “everything is beginning”, they seem to be reversed.
Initium Volume is a romantic and pretty saddening song, while Last Volume is more happy-sounding and shouts “GO FORTH!” from each line.
Isn’t it strange? I found it both strange and incredibly appropriate at the same time.
It’s like if these two songs are questioning us: which is sadder, a beginning or an end?



sekai wa ima, ugatare
hibiware shuusoku suru
musuu no kanousei o hanachinagara

The world has now been pierced
Ending with a wide crack on it
Just while infinite possibilities were set off

それでも 歩き続けるしかない

tashikana mono nado nai
sukui wa otozurenai
soredemo aruki tsudzukeru shika nai

There’s no thing such as “something certain”,
Help won’t just come,
But still, there’s nothing we could do but keep on walking

遺伝子の奥 刻まれた

idenshi no oku kizamareta
honnou no naka ni kotae wa aru no ka?
eda wakare suru mirai e to
jishou no chiheisen o koeteyuke

Does an answer lie deeply engraved in our genes,
Inside our very instincts?
Go on, overcome phenomenon horizon
Towards a ramificated future!

枯れた花を抱き締め 何を想うの?

kareta hana o dakishime nani o omou no?
ichiji no kanjou sarashite wa
wakariaeta furi shite nigeteiru dake
chigau nara shoumei shite yo

What would you think while embracing a withered flower?
That momentary feeling you exposed
Was just an act of fake understanding, it was just an escape:
But if I’m wrong, prove it to me

落ちて 揺れて 足掻け もがけ

ochite, yurete, agake, mogake
soshite, asu e

Falling down, shaking, floundering, struggling
And then, towards our tomorrow…


chitsujo wa ima, kudakare
shizuka ni hirakareteku
mugen no housokusei chiratsukasete

The order has now been broken
Silently opening wider and wider
Letting infinite laws and rules scatter around

そんなの 何処にもあるわけがない

iranai mono o sutete
tadashii mono o misete
sonna no doko ni mo aru wake ga nai

Throw away what you don’t need
And show me what is right;
But there’s no way such things could exist anywhere.

群衆の中 戯れて
それなりに生きて 視ないフリをした

gunshuu no naka tawamurete
sore nari ni ikite minai furi o shita
kara no karada ga motometeru
shodou ni tsukiugokasarete yuke

I was being played around in the midst of crowds
Living this way I pretended not to see it;
Longing for that empty vessel of a body
I’m being forcedly moved by my own impulses

かけがえのないモノが 此処に在るんだ
恐れてるのは 失う瞬間

kakegae no nai mono ga koko ni arunda
osoreteru no wa ushinau shunkan
demo akirame kireru no? wasurerareru no?
chigau nara mamorinuite yo

Here’s where what’s irreplaceable lies,
And what I’m afraid of it’s the moment I’ll lost it;
But am I going to just give up? Will I forget about it?
If I’m wrong, protect me to the end

進め 越えて 泣いて 笑え

susume koete naite warae
soshite, saki e

Proceed, overcome it, cry, laugh
And then, go forth

未来、閉ざさないで Ah…

jibun jishin o owarasenai de
mirai, tozasanai de ah…

Don’t put an end to yourself…
Don’t lock the future away… ah…

いつか今を変えて 未来へ

yukisaki o nakushiteiru kasshoku no sekai o
zero no hajimari e to kaete
ryuuten no mama ni susume kono ryouashi de
soshite egaita kiseki wa
kesshite kienai hokori to nari
itsuka ima o kaete asu e

I’ll change this brown world which is losing its whereabouts
Into something new starting from zero;
As the cosmos are flowing I’ll proceed with my own feet
And then, the path that I’ll draw out
Will become my quenchless pride:
One day I’ll turn this “today” into a “tomorrow”


– Fifth stanza: The first two verbs are repeated twice, but are wrote once in the booklet (ochite / yurete). Also, on the same stanza, “mirai” (未来, “future”), is read as “asu” (明日, “tomorrow”).
– Similar to the fifth stanza, the third-to-last stanza repeats the first two verbs twice in the song.
– And again, on the very last stanza, “mirai” becomes “asu” again.


Title: Last Volume.
Album: Last Volume
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: Mitsuki Nakae
Arrangement: 如月秋祐
Release Event: M3-32
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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