Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – たんたんたん

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I first translated a song by this band on 感激宴会 (kangeki enkai), but space, time, Atlantis whereabouts, ancient aliens and the Fermi’s paradox made me think about lots of things and stuff.
Like, “why should I have two blogs?” and “why should I have two blogs which are about the same thing?” and “why should I have two blogs which are about the same thing and the latter doesn’t get not even the 0,001% of my other more famous blog?”
So, yeah… I don’t intend to close kangeki enkai (mainly because it has been recognized by My Dead Girlfriend!), but I think I’ll make more kangeki-enkai-ish posts here rather than posting them on the other darker and more forgotten website.
After all, that’s music. And that’s music that I’m willing to share and translate.
Mass of the Fermenting Dregs— I’m in love with this band, so expect shitloads of post by them here and there.
We’re talking about Shoegaze, here. And as a bassist (or rather, as a guy who bought one 5 years ago and pretended to play it once in a while) I couldn’t avoid falling in love with their music style. That’s the type of music I’ve always wanted to play, and I wish someday I could do it (meaning, find the right people with the right music tastes to play, something that NEVER happened in the “bands” I’ve played in).
There are lots of songs I love from this band, and I’ll translate them occasionally (so checking this website won’t become obnoxious), but before getting to this song, I want to recommend one song by them that I won’t post again (because it has no lyrics).
The song name is エンドロール (Endroll) and it’s one of the most beautiful music pieces I’ve listened to in a while. Give it a shot and don’t be afraid of its almost 10 minutes lenght. It’s one of the instrumental songs that I love the most, and I want to share my love for it with whoever is reading this.
Today’s song is titled たんたんたん, and it’s one of their latest release. It’s way calmer than their other songs, but it has an amazing distorted guitar solo that is just… beyond words.
Music is meant to be listened and understood. Just by yourself.

Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – たんたんたん


kono mama sekai ga owareba ii to

“I wouldn’t mind if the world would come to an end just now”
That’s what I thought, unwillingly
That’s what I wished for, unwillingly

ひとりじゃ歌さえ うたえないくせに

hitori ja uta sae utaenai kuse ni
kodoku de aru koto o negatteshimatta

Even though I’m one of those who can’t sing alone
I wished to be alone, unwillingly


anata wa ima
watashi o ima
aishiteimasu ka?
koishiku omoimasu ka?

Is the you of this moment
Loving the me
Of this moment?
Are you missing me?


kyou no sora ga
kinou ni mata
sayonara suru no o miteitai

Today’s sky
Is still willing to look back
At yesterday’s farewell


daijina mono wa ikutsu mo nai sa, itsumo
kimi to boku no te, tatta hitotsu no kotoba

There’s not a great number of important things, you know;
But in me and you, in our hands there lies a single word…


Title: たんたんたん (tantantan)
Circle: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
Album: [posted on their official website]
Vocals: Natsuko Miyamoto
Lyrics: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
Arrangement: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
Release Date: 9/01/2012
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

4 thoughts on “Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – たんたんたん”

  1. Thank you so much. This song has held a special place in me, being a very somber and moody music piece that has become one of my favorites in the short time I had with it. I don’t speak Japanese, and I can’t thank you enough for translating it. Well wishes to you.

  2. Man thanks for taking the time to translate this song, I love the lyrics but would still love the song whithout knowing the meaning.. it just speaks to me you know, anyways I hope you’re doing good.

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