魂音泉 [TAMAONSEN] – 愛き夜道 (feat. ランコ(豚乙女), らっぷびと)

[picture by ogi (sham00)]

I’m back from Japan and I have so many things to say that I have no idea from where I should start.
So let’s just keep a silence full of words you can easily figure out by yourself!
And let’s just say that it was one of the best and most fulfilling experiences of my entire life!
Now, I thought about ForegroundNoises a lot during this period, and I’ve reached the conclusion that I love my wordpress more than I thought.
That’s why I’m willing to keep it until the very end and posting as much as possible with all the zeal I can let out!
Anyway, if I think about a song that could be a symbol for my japanese experience… there are a lot, actually. Really, so many songs!
But one of those is surely today’s post, 愛き夜道 by TAMAONSEN.
It has already been translated as I checked some months ago, but I don’t think the version with らっぷびと has been translated before.
I fell in love with this song the first time I’ve listened to it, but now it has even a deeper meaning to me, and that’s absolutely great.
Songs seem to exist so one can link them to certain memories, whether good or bad ones.
I’m glad I could achieve this dream, hoping to be back as soon as possible to that marvelous land that felt like my home all along.
It’s not an utopia, Japan has also some bad sides and not so bright ones. But that’s what makes it perfectly unperfect.
I felt like I learned a lot about it and about myself during this brief time lapse.
Japan seems to be made so you can listen to Touhou music while strolling through it. That’s really amazing and that helped me regaining my (lost?) love for touhou/doujin music.
I wanted to make this post as soon as I came back, so let’s not add anything else!
Do you know I love this song? I think I’ve already said that…

魂音泉 [TAMAONSEN] – 愛き夜道

向こうの世界はいつも賑やか だけどどこかつまらなそうだ
『一緒に笑える』それだけのこと とても大切なこと

mukou no sekai wa itsumo nigiyaka dake do doko ka tsumaranasou da
“issho ni waraeru” sore dake no koto totemo taisetsuna koto

The world from the other side is always so lively, but it also feels boring;
“To laugh together”, that thing alone is something really important

教えてくれた君への感謝は 尽きないけど『ありがとう』とは
照れくさくて言えそうにない 今夜も黙って乾杯

oshiete kureta kimi e no kansha wa tsukinai kedo “arigatou” to wa
terekusakute ie sou ni nai kon’ya mo damatte kanpai

My gratitude for what you gently thought me will never end, but
A “thanks” is so embarassing I can’t dare to say it, and so tonight, in silence, one more drink!

『憂世鬱世』云々嘆き節 肴に呷る酒の苦味よ
けれども沁み入り酔いぬのは 君と居るからこそ

“ukiyo utsu-se” unnun nageki bushi sakana ni aoru sake no nigami yo
keredomo shimi iri yoinu no wa kimi to iru kara koso

“A fleeting world, a melancholic world”, such complain is a side dish to the bitterness of my saké,
But after all the only reason why I’m so soaked in drunkness is because I’m here with you!

月夜に想い耽る 照らすほろ酔いの背
涙伝う頬は赤らみ 踊りだし酒の辛み乗せる
少し寒いのは肌着のせい? 君がいないから?…いや気のせい
数少ない嗜みかっ喰らい 撹乱するかつて無いほど
自分にただ苛立ち 眼差しは確かに哀しみの舞
笑い話 にも出来ずに想いは盥回し それでも回る世界
そう変わらず二人は存在してる 今でも垢抜けない

tsukiyo ni omoi fukeru terasu horo yoi no se
namida tsutau hoho wa akarami odori dashi sake no nigami noseru
sukoshi samui no wa hadagi no sei? kimi ga inai kara? …iya, ki no sei
kazu sukunai tashinami kakkurai kakuran suru katsute nai hodo
jibun ni tada iradachi manazashi wa tashi ka ni kanashimi no mai
waraibanashi ni mo dekizu ni omoi wa taraimawashi soredemo mawaru sekai
sou kawarazu futari wa sonzai shiteru ima demo akanukenai
sono mama de koukaishi neru ne

Absorbed in thoughts on a moonlit night which illuminates my back as I’m drunk,
My cheecks on where tears flow are red, becoming one with the saké’s bitterness;
I’m a bit cold, is it because I’m in lingerie? Or because you’re not here? …nope, it’s just my imagination,
Feasting upon something with a weak flavour to the point no one could interrumpt me
Will just be an irritation to me; a glance and, without a doubt, it’s just a dance of feelings of sadness
“A funny story”… I can’t make it that way, and so my thoughts are rolling around [But the world’s still spinning]
That’s right, we still exist unchanged [But we’re still so unrefined]
But if it goes that way, I’ll sleep with regrets..!

向こうの世界は平穏無事 だけどどこか息苦しそうだ
肩の力を抜き過ごせる 場所ではないのだろう

mukou no sekai wa heion buji dakedo dokoka ikigurushisou da
kata no chikara o nukisugoseru basho de wa nai no darou

The world from the other side is peaceful and yet it feels hard to breathe in it,
I wonder if is there a place where I can just release the power held in my shoulders?

『渡世は厭世』云々恨み節 肴に浸る酒の苦味よ
けれども染み入り酔いぬのは 君が居るからこそ

“tosei wa ensei” unnun urami bushi sakana ni hitaru sake no nigami yo
keredo mo shimiiri yoinu wa kimi ga iru kara koso

“To live is to slowly dying” such complain will be a side dish to the bitterness of my saké,
But after all the only reason why I’m so soaked in drunkness is because I’m here with you!

僕は名前も知られてない 君の周りには人集り
だから僕は少し離れた 場所で君を見ていた

boku wa namae mo shiraretenai kimi no mawari ni wa hitobakari
dakara boku wa sukoshi hanareta basho de kimi o miteita

I didn’t even know your name, and you were surrounded by people
So I was looking at you from a little distant place

薄ざわめき雲隠れの月 妙に肌寒い夜の小道
足下を照らす程度でいい 今夜は灯りが欲しい

susuki zawameki kumo kakure no tsuki myou ni hadasamui yoru no komichi
ashimoto o terasu teido de ii kon’ya wa akari ga hoshii

Tall grass is rustling, the moon is obscured by clouds, and there’s a strangely chilly night path;
Tonight I wish for a light, even one that could at least bright up my feet would be nice

飲んで吐いてく 酔わんとする 華奢な抵抗
これは知恵の輪 外していく過程 解かれば終い
寄せて返してく この感情 半ば迷走 だけどさ
消えてしまうより 賭けてしまいたい
まだ燃ゆる灯を いつか いつか
「今夜は月が綺麗ですね」 どうやら君は気付いていない
患い人はあてのないまま 横顔を眺め惚れる

nonde haiteku yowan to suru kyashana teikou
kore wa chie no wa hazushiteiku katei wakareba shimai
kodomo no boku ni wa rikai ri ya shinai
yosete kaeshiteku kono kajou nakaba meisou dake do sa
kiete shimau yori kakete shimaitai
mada moyuru hi o itsuka itsuka
“kon’ya wa tsuki ga kirei desu ne” dou yara kimi wa kidzuite inai
unadarete hotto suru no wa barete nozoki komu you ni omowazu
mesen o sorashite “nandemonai kara”
koyoi mo itsuka sake no sakana
wazurai hito wa ate no nai mama yokogao o nagame horeru

A delicate resistance of drinking and spitting all away so I won’t get drunk,
This is a process parting away from wisdom that will set the end once I’ll get it,
But how could I, just a child, understand all of that?
This feeling that I keep on changing and welcoming is half-lost, but
I’d rather bet on it than lose it,
Because one day, one day its light will burn again;
“The moon is lovely tonight, isn’t it?” No matter what, you haven’t realized
Hanging your head in relief without caring about being caught doing so
You turn away your eyes and “It’s not a big deal”;
Eventually, even in this night, the thing that will go along my saké
Is looking at your profile I’ve fell in love with, as I still feel fine

向こうの世界が幕を閉じて 彼らは大きく息をついた
僕らもいずれ別れるだろう それぞれの行く先

mukou no sekai ga maku o tojite karera wa ookiku iki o tsuita
bokura mo izure wakareru darou sorezore no yukusaki

The world from the other side shuts its curtain, and they all led out a sigh,
We’ll part away towards our own ways too one day, right?

君との別れはちょっと悲しいけど 涙の別れはもっとつらい
だから僕はきっとその時 笑いながらに言うよ

kimi to no wakare wa chotto kanashii kedo namida no wakare wa motto tsurai
dakara boku wa kitto sono toki warai nagara ni iu yo

My goodbye will be a bit sad, but the goodbyes with tears are even more painful,
So, when that day will come I’ll surely greet you with a smile

二人騒ぎ二人酔い耽る 今夜が最後でもないのに
僕の視界がぼやけていく 袖でこっそり拭う
薄雲越えて注ぐ月明かり 君と寄り添ってこの夜道
今夜は月が明るいけど もう少しこのまま

futari sawagi futari yoifukeru kon’ya ga saigo de mo nai no ni
boku no shikai ga boyakete yuku sode de kossori nuguu
usugumo koete sosogu tsuki akari kimi to yorisotte kono yomichi
kon’ya wa tsuki ga akarui kedo mou sukoshi kono mama

So we’ll make a fuss and get drunk, even if this night won’t be our last night,
As I wipe my face in my sleeves while my vision becomes dimmer;
The moonlight flowing throught the thin clouds illuminates the night road I’m walking with you:
Tonight’s moon is bright, but if that could last longer…

『憂世鬱世』云々嘆き節 肴に呷る酒の苦味よ
けれども染み入り酔いぬのは 君と居たからこそ
『渡世は厭世』云々恨み節 肴に浸る酒の苦味よ
けれども染み入り酔いぬのは 君が居たからこそ

“ukiyo utsu se” unnun nageki bushi sakana ni aoru sake no nigami yo
keredo mo shimiiri yoinu no wa kimi to ita kara koso
“tosei wa ensei” unnun urami bushi sakana ni hitaru sake no nigami yo
keredo mo shimiiri yoinu no wa kimi ga ita kara koso

“A fleeting world, a melancholic world”, such complain is a side dish to the bitterness of my saké,
But after all the only reason why I’m so soaked in drunkness is because I was with you.
“To live is to slowly dying” such complain will be a side dish to the bitterness of my saké,
But after all the only reason why I’m so soaked in drunkness is because I was with you.


Title: 愛き夜道 (uki yomichi) (Beloved Night Road)
Original Track: 砕月 (Broken Moon), Immaterial and Missing Power, Final Stage pre-battle Theme
Vocals: らっぷびと , たまちゃん, ランコ
Lyrics: 笥箪 & らっぷびと
Circle: 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN)
Album: Sky’s the Limit Special Edition
Release Event: C83

Listen to it on Youtube here: TAMAONSEN – 愛き夜道 feat. ランコ(豚乙女), らっぷびと
Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

More music!

I have another wordpress, 感激宴会 ~ kangeki enkai in which I translate non-touhou / non-anime / non-doujin / non-videogame japanese music, mainly post-rock, shoegaze and indie songs.
It’s a bit different from Foreground Noises, but it’s about a type of music which fits my tastes better.
Check it out if you want! It’s a good chance to find out about some hidden gems and enjoy some good not-so-popular music. Click the logo to reach the website!



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I love music more than everything; I'm also a (shamefully mediocre) bass player and wannabe composer / writer (only in my dreams). Also interested in astronomy, traveling, theatre, literature, poetry, art, movies, mostly everything from Japan and other stuff. I'm also okay with anime stuff as long as I don't have to deal with weeaboos. Touhou project? Love it! Gaki no Tsukai? Love it! Foreground Eclipse? Of course I love them! I'm an university student, I study japanese since years for unknown reasons and I managed to get a degree on japanese language & culture (currently 進学中). I'm italian, but I can (almost) perfectly understand english.
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