CLOSED! (for a month)


As I hinted on several previous posts, Foreground Noises will stay closed for this whole month starting today, and will be opened again on the first half of May.
You can still easily access to the website and read anything you want, but there won’t be new posts, I won’t read any message / comment and the requests will be unavailable, meaning that, if you want to request something, you can’t do it during this time, I won’t add it to the list.
The reason? I’m staying in Japan in order to take part on a small intensive language course and travel a bit by myself, for at least a month.
You’ll probably read something about my status (in other words, you can check if I’m still alive or not) on my twitter (@FGRNDNoises), in which I’ll (may) publish some stuff (about me, not the blog).
Same goes with my second wordpress.
I don’t think there’s more to say… I’ll be back on May with new posts and, who knows, maybe something more!
Love you, thanks for everything.
See you soon!

(PS: Why don’t you scroll down in the meanwhile or check foregroundnoises’ archive? Maybe you’re missing lots of good things, who knows!)

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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