[REQUEST] Poplica* (Syrufit) – P-rhythm Players

[picture by re mortal / tetsua rei]

This song was requested by XOSkz-.
I couldn’t find the lyrics for this one, but Eiki found them for me, so thank you (even though I had them right before my eyes)!
I really like Syrufit, so I’m really glad I got to translate this.
This song is, in term of lyrics, the typical touhou arrange, where the arranged theme, Phantom Ensemble, also becomes the main topic of the song itself.
Despite eing pretty long in terms of lyrics, I didn’t find it hard to translate at all, and I’m really thankful for that.
I really like cheerful songs like this one, it kind of fits the current season, doesn’t it?
Also, that picture is amazing for this song, though it may be stupid. This song sounds like the Prismrivers‘ anthem, so I find that picture to be really fitting.
After all, it’s a cheerful song. I know it seems kind of out of place in this realm of depressing stuff, but isn’t this nice? I think so. Plus, the Prismrivers in that picture seem to be about to launch the hottest mixtape Gensokyo ever experienced. That’s hardcore.
– Second stanza, it says “kage no ato”, where “ato” is wrote with the kanji for print / mark (跡), but could maybe imply “after the shadows”, “beyond the shadows” with the “ato” (後) meaning “over”, “beyond”.
– “one two three” is litterally in engrish even in the japanese lyrics. “wan tsuu tsurii”, to be precise.

Poplica* (Syrufit) – P-rhythm Players


me o akete mawari o mite
ihen ni kidzukeba kuria
mimi o sumashi oto no aizu
kehai kanjireba kuria
kitai takamaru yokubou ni
makete shimawanai you ni
henka motome agaku mogaku
tobira o akereba modorenai

I open my eyes and I look around
If you’ve noticed the disaster, than it’s clear;
A signal sound rings as I clear my ears,
If you felt a presence, than it’s clear!
This desire swelling in expectations
Which won’t seem to end up losing,
Impatient, unstoppable, seeking for a change…
If you open that door, you won’t be able to come back


saa kochira e to
agaru agaru kage no ato
ashi ga tomaru
tadori tsuita ensoukai

Come on, this way,
Higher and higher, beyond the shadows’ traces
Your feet will stop
Before the concert you’ve finally reached!


ma mo naku kaien hajimarimasu
saa keitaidenwa o kiri kudasai
ensou jama suru warui ko wa
taekirenai hodo no amai batsu
shikisha fuzai de maku wa agaru
kakete yuku neiro ni tsuite koreru kana
kankyaku wa tabun kimi hitori
kiki owaru koro ni wa watashitachi no toriko

The show will begin in a short time
So come on, turn off your mobile phone, please!
The bad kids that will interfere with our performance
Will have to completely endure a sweet punishment!
The curtain of a stage with no musical conductor rises:
Will you be able to follow our dashing rhythm along?
Probably you’ll be our only audience member,
And, until you’ll be finished listening to us, you’ll be our prisoner!


mayonaka no denshion wa
genjitsu o wasuresaseru
iyana koto mo oshikondara
ki ga tsukeba taimu oobaa
kikai shikake no etsuraku wa
chikai you de toosugite
dare ni mo nani mo kidzukarezu
risetto botan ni te o nobasu

The electronic sound at midnight
Will make you forget about reality,
And if you’ll push along unpleasant things
It will be a time-over by the time you realize it;
This mechanical pleasure
It’s so close yet way too far away;
I’ll outstretch my own hand towards the reset button
Without having no one or nothing notice me


yugamu shikai
ochiru ochiru chi no soko e
haneru kodou
mayoi konda ensoukai

Your distorted field of view
Will fall down, down, to the bottom of the Earth;
This jumping throbbing
Is this mesmerizing concert’s!

ココは何次元 知りません

kaunto kazoete wan tsuu surii
wakiagaru kanjou wa dare no mono da
oi uchi kaketeku oto no tsubu
juuteion ni oshitsubusareru
koko wa nanjigen shirimasen
kuusou ka riaru ka hatamata mousou
kankyaku wa tabun boku hitori
tomadou ma mo naku ensou wa tsudzuiteku

Let’s start the count, one, two, three!
To whom does this feeling of uproar belong?
The seeds of sound, pursuing and attacking you
Will squash you in heavy and short melodies!
We don’t know what dimension this may be,
Maybe fantasy? Maybe reality? Or perhaps a delusion?
Probably I’ll be the only audience member,
The bewildering performance will continue in a moment!


tachidomaru suki o ataemasen
memaguru shiku odore ya subete sutete
jikan mo ki ni sezu nori makure
nori okuresou nara suberi kome
oshite mo dame nara oshi taoese
demo ensousha-tachi wa osawari kinshi
hora dandan ki ni naru deshou
kiki owaru koro ni wa watashi-tachi no toriko kamo

We won’t grant you any lapse to rest at ease
Our bewildering spreading dance will throw away everything;
Ride our rhythm without caring about time itself!
And slide inside it if you’d miss it!
If you push it and nothing would happen, than push it down,
But you’re not allowed to touch the performers!
Come on, you’re gradually becoming interested in it, don’t you?
Will you be our prisoner until you’ll be finished listening to us?


Title: P:rhythm Players
Original Track: 幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble (Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble) Perfect Cherry Blossom, Prismrivers Sisters’ Theme
Vocals: 綾倉盟、市松椿 (Mei Ayakura / Tsubaki Ichimatsu)
Lyrics: 綾倉盟 (Mei Ayakura)
Circle: Studio “Syrup Comfiture”(Syrufit)
Album: love
Release Event: C80

Listen to it on Youtube here: Syrufit – P:rhythm Players
Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

More music!

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It’s a bit different from Foreground Noises, but it’s about a type of music which fits my tastes better.
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