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This song HAS been translated before, I’m sure of it.
But I was the first translating it. Years and years ago, before there was at least one english translation available for it, I translated it in italian. And almost nailed it.
Now, I can’t leave it behind, it’s one of the songs that I’ve loved the most and one of the most important japanese doujin/indie songs to me. And I’m also ready to translate it in a better way.
If I’m not wrong, this is a cover of a Vocaloid song (?), but as some of you may know, I’m not really that fond of Vocaloid.
Long story short, I prefer human voices over robot voices. Though there are some vocaloid-only songs that aren’t bad at all, probably one of those will be posted soon (as this one, something I’ve already “translated” on my old old wordpress).
Anyway, this song’s value isn’t the same it had some times ago, I got it by listening to it again.
It just doesn’t give me the chills it used to, but I still love it.
Hanatan’s vocals are simply amazing as always, and Yuyoyuppe is one of the most ingenious doujin arranger I’ve ever listened to.
I didn’t look up the booklet for these lyrics, and on each site I’ve found them on, there were two things.
The first is that “真実” (shinjitsu) is wrote everywhere as 辛い真実 (karai shinjitsu, bitter truth), but I mistook it for an error and removed it. But I still kept the “bitter truth” translation.
Similar to this, there was 過ぎ去った (sugisatta) instead of 去った (satta) in the last stanza, but it’s read as “satta”, so I’ve left it this way. They both mean the same thing, after all.
…Also, some comments on youtube for this song say “Luka (vocaloid)’s version is better than this!”
I’m a gentle type of person, I think everyone has their own personal tastes and anyone could like what they want. BUT F*CK YOU PIECE OF SH*T HOW DARE YOU COMPARE GLORIOUS HANATAN TO F*CKING RETARDED-SOUNDING ROBOTS YOU’RE F*CKING INSANE DUDE.
…I mean. THIS ONE is better, it’s a fact. You may like that other version more, but it doesn’t mean that, objectively, this version is inferior. Because it isn’t, technically speaking.

[MISERICORDIA] 花たん (Hanatan) – Dely

つまらない日々 生かされ続く
時は全て消し去るのに 生きる

tsumaranai hibi ikasaretsudzuku
imi nante atta no ka wakaranai
toki wa subete keshisaru no ni ikiru
kawaranai kara

Those boring days are being lived on and on
Without knowing if there was a meaning or such to them;
Even though the time has erased everything, I won’t change
And that’s why I’m still alive

今 力を手に入れても

ima chikara o te ni irete mo
nanimo kawaranai kawaranai no ni

And even if right now I’d get that power in my hand
Nothing will change, even if nothing will change…

届いて 最後の声 幸せは去った後光だす
甘い嘘より 真実を選ぶから

todoite saigo no koe shiawase wa satta ato hikari dasu
amai uso yori shinjitsu o erabu kara

Reach for it, my last voice, as a light that starts glowing after happines has faded,
Because I’d rather choose a bitter truth over a sweet lie

真っ暗な 夜空ほど 美しく
生きている 明日も今も きっと

makkura na yozora hodo utsukushiku
hoshitachi wa kagayakeru kara
ikiteiru asu mo ima mo kitto
shinjitsu ni naru

It’s more stunning than a pitch-black night sky
Because the countless stars are shining;
I’m sure that the past and present I’m living
Will turn into truth

届いて 最後の声 幸せは去った後光だす
甘い嘘より 真実を選ぶから

todoite saigo no koe shiawase wa satta ato hikari dasu
amai uso yori shinjitsu o erabu kara

Reach for it, my last voice, as a light that starts glowing after happines has faded,
Because I’d rather choose a bitter truth over a sweet lie


Title: Dely
Original Track: —
Vocals: 花たん (Hanatan) / ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe) (growls)
Lyrics: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)
Arrangement:ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)
Release Event: M3-25

Listen to it on Youtube here: MISERICORDIA – Dely
Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

More music!

I have another wordpress, 感激宴会 ~ kangeki enkai in which I translate non-touhou / non-anime / non-doujin / non-videogame japanese music, mainly post-rock, shoegaze and indie songs.
It’s a bit different from Foreground Noises, but it’s about a type of music which fits my tastes better.
Check it out if you want! It’s a good chance to find out about some hidden gems and enjoy some good not-so-popular music. Click the logo to reach the website!



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2 Responses to [MISERICORDIA] 花たん – Dely

  1. Helly says:

    This song is epic as always, and vocaloid still sucks, so I guess everything’s normal here ^^

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