[REQUEST] Register6 – And the Gods Disappeared

[picture by mankun , detail]

This song was requested by B016.
I felt like it was time to add a new post on Foreground Noises, but I was short on ideas.
And so I decided to translate this song that I’ve got requested just today.
This may be the fastest request I’ve took and finished!
I don’t know much about the actual condition of touhou circles, but have perchance register6’s vocalist changed?
I don’t remember this voice in previous albums.
It’s too visual-key-ish for my tastes, though I really like the instrumental section / arrange for this song. It’s pretty hard to tell the original theme from this, I thought it was an original for a moment.
Lyrics were simple enough to be a one-day translation. And I’m not even making a friggin’ comment on my worst enemy, “sadame”.
Is this song about someone trying to forget about faith? Or about a God trying not to be forgotten? Or both? It’s really interesting. And clear. I love songs with clear lyrics. I don’t want my brain to explode while translating. If that would happen, who’ll clean up my keyboard?

Register6 – And the Gods Disappeared

A faith disappeared. god will drown
I can’t do anything about it.

A faith disappeared, god will drown
kuzureta shinkou no kakera
I can’t do anything about it.
negareru jikan ga mushibandeku

A faith disappeared, god will drown
Fragments of a crumbled faith
I can’t do anything about it.
The flowing time is slowly eclipsing
So transient…

忘れ去れた過去 神の意味はありはしない

wasuresareta kako kami no imi wa ari wa shinai
kieru kotoba usure yuku shikisai wa tooku sugita keshiki

The meaning of God isn’t something that exists on the past I’ve left behind me, forgotten;
Words have vanished on the faraway landscape out of my reach, where colors are growing dimmer…

The night will come. That’s cold night.
Maybe it’s time. I was left behind.

The night will come. That’s cold night.
kieru ondo, kawaru keshiki
Maybe it’s time. I was left behind.
ishiki wa kurayami ni tokekomu

The night will come. That’s cold night.
A vanishing warmth, a changing scenery
Maybe it’s time. I was left behind.
My will blends into darkness
Never to come back

嘘を吐き捨ててた 消えていいと 運命だって
隠す想い 脳裏に浮かぶ影も 見えない振りをしてた

uso o haki suteteta kiete ii to sadame datte
kakusu omoi nouri ni ukabu kage mo mienai furi o shiteta

I was spitting out lies, “It’s okay to fade away, it’s my fate” – like that
I was pretending not to see the hidden wishes and the shadows floating in my mind

I knew, I knew, I lied to myself.
I knew, I knew, I can’t lie to my own feelings.



I knew that.

忘れ去られた過去 動き出した今

wasuresareta kako ugoki dashita ima

The past I’ve left behind me is now moving again

I can’t lie to my own feelings

過去の景色 別れをつげ 薄れてゆく 色彩に花束を
幻想 忘れられた世界へ 動き出した刻へ

kako no keshiki wakare o tsuge usurete yuku shikisai ni hanataba o
gensou wasurerareta sekai e ugoki dashita toki e

After the landscape of my past, comes a separation; I’ll offer a bouquet to those fading colors.
Towards an illusion, towards a forgotten world, towards the time which started moving on

I knew, I knew, I lied to myself.
I knew, I knew, I can’t lie to my own feelings.


Title: And the Gods Disappeared
Original Track: 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日 (Tomorrow Will Be Special; Yesterday Was Not) Mountain of Faith, Extra Stage Theme
Vocals: ヨコヤマ (感覚ピエロ)
Lyrics: Low
Circle: Register6
Album: 繋縛ノ境界 (keibaku no kyoukai) (Border of Restraint)
Release Event: C89

Listen to it on Youtube here: Register6 – And the Gods Disappeared
Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

More music!

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It’s a bit different from Foreground Noises, but it’s about a type of music which fits my tastes better.
Check it out if you want! It’s a good chance to find out about some hidden gems and enjoy some good not-so-popular music. Click the logo to reach the website!



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