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There will always be space and time for this circle, I treasure it more than lots of others.
Probably one of the most well known ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY‘s songs.
I had another post ready, but I’m delaying it to next week or so, mainly because I didn’t want to have two similar posts one after another.
ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY are perfect to fill this gap. I’ll also get my hands on some requests in the meanwhile.
I couldn’t find an english translation to this song. It may be already translated, but I couldn’t find someone else translate it before.
On a side, I’m glad I was the first to translate some ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s songs and probably I’ll keep being the first translating others, but on the other side it’s pretty sad to see that no one else seems to translate them.
After all, they’re a really good circle and they’re also apreciated by western fans.
I’m taking this cause to heart.
About this song, I like its happy sounding rhythm as well as its overall oriental vibe.
It’s pretty different from other songs by them, and that’s what caught my attention the most.
If it wasn’t for the japanese lyrics, one could have even wondered if it was something wrote by a japanese.
This circle is really something, they can make lots of styles without failing at none of them.
And even Mitsuki‘s voice is amazing, being really fit for lots of genres, from gothic metal to traditional music.


消え行く物語 宝石を砂に変え
軋む針を響かせ 時は巡り行く

kieyuku monogatari houseki o suna ni kae
kishimu hari o hibikase toki wa meguriyuku
itsuka wa kieru sono utagoe de
tsumugiaeba ashita ga hajimaru

A vanishing story of jewels turning into sand
As the time turns onwards, letting its clockhands creak
If with this singing voice that one day will fade away
We’ll be able to spin together, then tomorrow will start

ずっとずっと君を待つ 閉ざした箱の中で
いつかいつか朽ち果てて 言葉を忘れても

zutto zutto kimi o matsu tozashita hako no naka de
itsuka itsuka kuchihatete kotoba o wasurete mo

I’ll wait you forever, forever, inside this locked up box
One day, one day, even if I’ll rust away and forget how to speak…

どこまで歩いても 終わりの見えない日々
霞む過去の記憶は 霧に包まれて

doko made aruitemo owari no mienai hibi
kasumu kako no kioku kiri ni tsutsumarete
itsuka wa kieru ano yakusoku ni
shibarareteru watashi wa ningyou?

No matter how far I walk, in those days where the end can’t be seen
The memories from a hazy past are enfolding me in a mist

廻る廻る旋律は 輪廻の旅路の中
一つ一つ許された 明日への道標

mawaru mawaru senritsu wa rinne no tabiji no naka
hitotsu hitotsu yurusareta asu e no michishirube

The rhythm spinning round and round in the midst of the Samsara journey
Is a signpost for each over each tomorrow I’ve forgiven

君の為に奏でよう 機械仕掛の詩を
強く強く咲き誇れ いつか枯れる日まで
ずっとずっと君を待つ 閉ざした夢の中で
いつかいつか捨てられて あなたが忘れても

kimi no tame ni kanadeyou kikai shikake no uta o
tsuyoku tsuyoku sakihokore itsuka kareru hi made
zutto zutto kimi o matsu tozashita yume no naka de
itsuka itsuka suterarete anata ga wasurete mo

I’ll dance for your sake to a mechanical device’s song
And bloom fully with all my strenght until the day I’ll wither;
I’ll wait you forever, forever, inside this locked up dream
One day, one day, even if I’ll be thrown away and you’ll forget about me…


– 輪廻 (rinne) = Samsara, aka the buddhist circle of life and death and rencarnation. Thus “round and round” (廻る廻る).
– There’s a stanza which is not featured in the booklet, right after the song ends. It says “ずっとずっと君を待つ” (zutto zutto kimi o matsu), meaning “I’ll wait you forever, forever”, just like the second stanza.


Title: 機械仕掛の詩(kikai shikake no uta)(A Mechanical Device’s Poem/Song)
Album: リチェルカ (Ricerca)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: あいざわ (Aizawa)
Arrangement: あいざわ (Aizawa)
Release Event: C80
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

3 thoughts on “ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 機械仕掛の詩”

  1. Thank you for translating these beautiful songs. Would it be possible to translate this one too? 季ノ唄 – 黄昏トンボ I love Absolute Castaway and this is my favorite but I’m european, I have no clue what it’s saying, google translate is pretty much useless. I would be very grateful. Best regards.

    1. Yes, of course! I’ll add it on the request list! I already have the booklet for this song, so it won’t take me a lot to transcribe it and starting translating it. Keep an eye on this wordpress or my twitter, I’ll translate it as soon as I get through some more posts before!

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