凋叶棕/Diao ye zong – 夜聞

picture by yae (mono110)

“And so, the night’s border is something that fully blooms in loneliness.”
…Ok, it’s a bit weird that this post comes right after another one where I stated that Merami is probably not that much of a singular element.
It’s not true. I love her and you should know it.
And I love her even more when she’s able to sing THIS way.
First of all, thanks to Eiki for sending me this lyrics’ scans booklet, I was really searching for them.
My God, 夜聞 by 凋叶棕/Diao ye zong (which is from the same album as the last post) is one of the best Merami songs I’ve listened in a while.
I don’t even know how I got to listen to this, being that I’ve totally ignored the latest toranoana‘s releases.
I just happened to listen to this song, and I fell in love with it.
This song comes with an incipit on the booklet, where it can be read “Fairy Tale”. Then, it follows this short text (that I’ve translated):
I cannot be touched by you. Why you ask? Because the you who touches me is not the you that I love. Somewhere, in this night, the atmosphere you’re perceiving, the darkness you’re looking at… I want to overcome this all and feel you. Because during each night I can hear you“.
Isn’t it fascinating?
Think about the beauty of something pure. Will its beauty still be that pure after someone dares to ruin it with their own hands?
I think that’s the main point of the whole song.
Its rhythm is really simple and minimal, that until the main bridge where everything gets more intense.
Merami’s vocals are absolutely outstanding during the whole song, but on that bridge they’re beyond words.
Beautiful, silent, astonishing, yet so eerie and oppressing. I love it.
Well, I’m particularly fond of the Theme of Eastern Story (which appears in each title screen theme of Touhou), so of course I would like a song like that.
It’s composed of really short stanzas (which really fits the mood), so the song seems really long, but it actually isn’t. I wanted to keep a similar structure so I could try to convey that silent feeling the song has, so I hope the translation won’t feel weird because of this choice of mine.

凋叶棕/Diao ye zong – 夜聞


sotto mimi sumasu
seijaku ni mi o kasanete

I silently concentrate
Blending my body into quietness


keshite kikoenu mono
ima nara kikoete koyou

I can now clearly listen
To what I couldn’t possibly do before

遥か 遠く

haruka tooku

Distant, far away…


sotto sora tsukamu
suberi ochite yuku yami

I gently seize the sky
In a darkness which slips away


itsuka tooku ni mita
uruwashiki sono sugata

I saw it one day, from a distance
That graceful appearance

思い 描く

omoi egaku

Drawing my memories…

得体の知れない モノどもと

nagaki yoru o shite
etai no shirenai monodomo to
anata wa–

–I’ll turn this evening
Into an everlasting night
Along with each strange occurrence
And you–


anata no ikidzukai ga

I want to listen
To you, breathing


anata no hana hiraku no ga

I want to listen
To your flower while blossoming


anata no sora o fumu no ga

I want to listen
To you, stepping in your sky


anata no matou gensou ga

I want to listen
To the illusion you’re wearing

そうして、夜のほとりをひとり 舞い踊るものよ。

soushite, yoru no hotori o hitori maiodoru mono yo.

And so, the night’s border was something to dance alone to.


yoru ga
abakarekitteshimatta no nara
kitto terasareteshimau kara

If the night
Will end up blazing up in rage
It’ll surely be brighten up


yoru no
anata no sugata ga mienai
kuu o kaishite

In the night
There’s your unseen appearance;
The empty sky will mediate us


anata to
onaji kuuki ni furete wa

Me and you
Touched by the same atmosphere


anata to
onaji yami ni mi o kasane

Me and you,
Our bodies blending in the same darkness


anata to
onaji sora o tsukami toru

Me and you,
Grasping the same sky


anata no
koe o kono yoru ni kikou to shite

And I’m trying
To listen to your voice in this night





anata no ikidzukai ga

I can hear you,
I can hear you breathing


anata no hana hiraku no ga

I can hear you,
I can hear your flower blooming


anata no sora o fumu no ga

I can hear you,
I can hear I’m stepping in your sky


anata no matou gensou ga

I can hear you,
I can hear the illusion you’re wearing

今 こんなにも

ima konna ni mo

Now, this much…

そうして、夜のほとりにひとり 咲き誇るものよ。

soushite, yoru no hotori ni hitori sakihokoru mono yo.

And so, the night’s border is something that fully blooms in loneliness.


– I always say that my first problem is english. First stanza, I perfectly know what “mimi o sumasu” means, but I can’t translate it in english without making it sound dumb. “To clear up one’s ears so he/she will be able to listen better” it’s the meaning. I can’t find a pretty way to say that. “Concentrate” it’s pretty fitting though imprecise. Keeping in mind that its meaning is what I just wrote, I’m keeping “concentrate”.
– The main verses which features “kikitai” could be ambiguos, being “kiku” a verb which could both mean “to listen” and “to ask”. Probably it’s more a request than a wish. “Kikoeru” is only “to listen”, so no problem here.
– In the 14th stanza, 空 (sora, sky) is read with its on-yomi “kuu”. I think that’s not only a choice which was decided due lenght, but also because when “sora” is read as “kuu” on compound words, it loses its meaning of “sky” to gain its other meaning, “void”, “emptiness”. I tried to blend those meanings.


Title: 夜聞 (Yogiki)
Circle: 凋叶棕/Diao ye zong
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arrangement: RD-Sounds
Release Event: C89
Source: 永夜抄 ~ Eastern Night (Eternal Night Vignette ~ Eastern Night), Imperishable Night, Title Screen Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

5 thoughts on “凋叶棕/Diao ye zong – 夜聞”

  1. This is so beautiful aah..
    I was wondering, is there an image in the lyrics booklet that give any indication as to who the song is about? I’m presuming it’s Kaguya and Eirin…

    1. Sadly not, there’s no picture for it.
      Probably it’s neither of them… or both of them.
      I’m guessing this song is more on Kaguya’s side (Kaguya as the spearker), giving that she says “I’ll turn this evening into an everlasting night” (which is similar to what Kaguya says in the game when using her last word)

      1. Ah ok!
        Yeah, that would make sense – there might be a clue somewhere on RD’s twitter, but I can’t be bothered to look..

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