Primary – 影


I don’t really make great plans for translations on this wordpress.
Sometimes I just plan to translate songs that I’ve freshly discovered, sometimes I want to focus on request.
And sometimes, like today’s post, I’m just shuffling my iPod around and end up stumbling upon old songs that I used to listen a lot time ago.
That’s how I got to listen to 影 by Primary again. After all those years when Jaefine sent this song’s mp3 to me for the first time!
“I used to listen to this nonstop!” that’s what I thought, “That’s kinda nostalgic!”.
But then I thought “Has this been translated before? Let me check.”
I couldn’t find its translation. So… it means no one did? Good, because I really wanted to!
As I said just before, I loved this song. Well, it’s not like I don’t like it anymore, I simply stopped listen to it as I used to.
But it’s still a great song and I still can understand why I was so captured by it.
It’s catchy to the point its lyrics were still stuck on my mind after all this years. Plus, I love its bass / guitar line. It sounds way to fun to play!

Primary – 影

闇の中佇む ただ 声を押し殺して【見つけて】
捕らわれた感情さえ 叫んでも届かない

yami no naka tatazumu tada koe o oshikoroshite “mitsukete”
torawareta kanjou sae sakendemo todokanai

I’m solely standing inside the darkness crushing to death that “find me” voice
If I’d scream, I couldn’t even reach the emotions that I’ve been took away

あの日消えた 二つの炎が
この心 締め付け離さない

ano hi kieta futatsu no honoo ga
kono kokoro shimetsuke hanasanai

The two flames that vanished on that day
Are pressing hard on this heart, and won’t leave it

取り残された世界で Ah 崩れてく
言葉も音も消えた 誰もいない
自分に科せられた Ah 傷アトは
何もかも 覚えてる 為の 刻印

torinokosareta sekai de Ah kuzureteku
kotoba mo oto mo kieta dare mo inai
jibun ni kaserareta Ah kizuato wa
nanimokamo oboeteru tame no shirushi

On this world that has been left behind, Ah, I’m crumbling
Words and sounds perished, there’s no one left;
And those wounds that, Ah, I inflicted myself
Are the mark of the fact that I remember everything

紅く広がる影だけ 足元に絡みつく この風
二度と記憶の中まで 逃げる事 出来ない

akaku hirogaru kage dake ashimoto ni karamitsuku kono kaze
nido to kioku no naka made nigeru koto dekinai

This wind twines itself only around the crimson extended shade under my feet
And I know I can’t escape again towards the depths of my memories

頬に残る 最後のぬくもり
ここから 抜け出す為に 今

hoho ni nokoru saigo no nukumori
koko kara nukedasu tame ni ima

The last trace of warmth left in my cheeks…
Right now… in order to sneak away from here…

鎖された世界を Ah どこまでも
走り続けてても 果てはなく
答える声なく 揺れる 生きた 証明

tozasareta sekai o Ah dokomademo
hashiritsudzuketetemo hate wa naku
nando mo kurikaesu michi “doko e yuku…?”
kotaeru koe naku yureru ikita akashi

This world enclosed in chains… Ah, anywhere
No matter how much I keep running, there’s no end;
A road I’ve repeated endless times, “Where am I going…?”
Trembling with no voice to answer me, the proof I was alive

手に落ちるわずかな光 求めてたあの夜を捨て
何か指し示す指先 閉ざされた扉が開く

te ni ochiru wazukana hikari motometeta ano yoru o sute
nanika sashishimesu yubisaki tozasareta tobira ga hiraku

The small light falling on my hands throws away the night I was longing for;
My fingertips are pointing towards something; the sealed door is now opened

囚われた世界を Ah 飛び出して
かすかに歪む足跡 気にとめず
いつか見た景色を Ah 取り戻せ
何度でも叫ぶから 生きる 欲望

torawareta sekai o Ah tobidashite
kasuka ni yugamu ashiato ki ni tomezu
itsuka mita keshiki o Ah torimodose
nando demo sakebu kara ikiru yokubou

The world that has been captured… Ah, jump towards it!
Don’t pay your attention to the dim crooked footsteps
Bring it back! Ah, the scenery you once saw
Screaming times over times, that’s my lust for living

鎖された世界を Ah 解き放って
すべてが動き出す 影背負って

tozasareta sekai o Ah tokihanatte
subete ga ugokidasu kage seotte

Ah, set free this world shrouded in chains!
And carry on your back the shadow of everything that’ll start moving with it


– 刻印 (kokuin) is read as “shirushi”, which is the reading for only the second kanji. Shirushi is fittingm kokuin not so much. I can’t understand why they made this kanji choice right there.
– I may be wrong, but as far as I know 鎖された isn’t read as “tozasareta” (which later appers as 閉ざされた, with the right kanji). the kanji for 鎖 (kusari) means “chains”, so I tried something out…
– 証明 (shoumei) similar to note #1, is read only as the first kanji “akashi”. “Akashi” and “shoumei” both mean the same thing, so no big deal.


Title: 影 (kage) (shadow)
Circle: Primary
Album: Cube
Vocals: yuiko (ゆいこ)
Lyrics: yuiko (ゆいこ)
Arrangement: Primary
Release Date: 12/29/2008
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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