[REQUEST] Feuille-Morte – River


This song was requested by B016.
How am I supposed to coment on this song? I have no idea what it sounds like. lol
I just wrote down the lyrics and translated them, without knowing a thing about it.

Giving that I write this shit up while I’m transcribing/translating, just to show everyone that I’m not playing around there’s a change. I listened to this song.
It’s great! It’s scans are not, though. Cramped, small, weird font choice. Mh. I hope I got everything right (of course I did! HUEHUEHE).
Anyways. The song seems to be telling a story of an old love, and I like a lot how the lyrics are set up.
I tried to translate it as if it was a story, so I’ve talked about them from the narrator’s point of view where I could and from the girl’s point of view where I was forced to (aka where the song uses pronouns such as 私 “I”).
In terms of music, this song is really good, I like acousting music. But I can’t say it’s also a bit confusing. Expecially when the first stanza starts. It’s a bit off rhythm and sounds a bit confusing. But it’s still really nice.
Anyway, of course I love a song like this one, I love its lyrics!
– There are no special readings wrote on the booklet. I guessed them all by ear, so they COULD be wrong, but I’m somehow positive I got them right. Anyway, I’ll make notes about them.
– The first one is in the first stanza. 【紅】could be read in lots of way, “kou”, “akai”, “kurenai”, “beni” and such, but I kept hearing “sukare” or something like that. I’m guessing it’s “SCARLET”, being the word in katakana スカーレット (sukaaretto), but it’s pronounced in a non-katakana way. Aka in english. So, I’m positive it’s “scarlet”, but it’s not 100% confirmed by anyone.
– First stanza, 彼 “kare”, which could both mean “he”, “him” or “boyfriend” in certain contexts, is read as “hito”, which means “person”. Its meaning is basically reduced to something less
– Fifth stanza, “genchou” (幻聴) which means “auditory hallucination”, is simply read as “kiku” (聴く, with the same kanji), which means “to listen”. I tried to blend the meanings.
– The second note is repeated on the last stanza. 【赤色の花】(aka-iro no hana) is read, again, as “scarlet”, with english pronunciation.

Feuille-Morte – River

紅い日が落ちる 夕暮れ 全て紅く染まって その中に一人佇む 彼女の名も【紅】
物憂げに 頼りなさげに 揺れる水面の先に 遠くへと行ってしまった彼の姿を想う

akai hi ga ochiru yuugure subete akaku somatte sono naka ni hitori tatazumu kanojo no na mo [Scarlet]
monouge ni tayori nasage ni yureru minamo no saki ni tooku e to itteshimatta hito no sugata o omou

On a twilight where the Sun is setting everything is dyed in crimson; in the midst of it, a girl named “Scarlet” stands still
Before the swaying water surface, with melancholy, thinking about him, the figure of someone who went far away…

ーーー嗚呼。 「紅い日、紅い河」あのとき交わした言葉は。

—-aa. “akai hi, akai kawa” ano toki kawashita kotoba wa.
ima mo mada watashi o koko ni todometeiru no ni.

—Aah, “Oh red days, oh crimson river”, the words we exchanged that day.
And yet I’m still here in the same place where I used to be…

必ず帰って来るからと どうか待っていて欲しいと 再会の契りはここで その背中を送った
来る日も また 来る日も この橋 渡り来るものを 待ち続けて 今日も そうして日がまた落ちゆく

kanarazu kaettekuru kara to douka matteite hoshii to saikai no chigiri wa koko de sono senaka o okutta
kuru hi mo mata kuru hi mo kono hashi watarikuru mono o machitsudzukete kyou mo soushite hi ga mata ochiyuku

“I’ll surely be back” and “Please, I want you to wait for me”, with this promise I bid farewell to you, from your back
The day will come, again, the day will come, and I’m still waiting for that person to cross this bridge even today, and even when the Sun will set…

紅い紅い その河辺に 咲く一輪の花のように 帰りを待つその影は 夕闇に紛れ
紅い紅い その水面に 映る姿が揺れるたび けして戻らぬ時間の 流れるのを知る

akai akai sono kawabe ni saku ichirin no hana no you ni kaeri o matsu sono kage wa yuuyami ni magire
akai akai sono minamo ni utsuru sugata ga yureru tabi keshite modoranu jikan no nagareru no o shiru

On that red, red riverside, a shadow waiting for a return blends into the dusk like a single blooming flower;
The swaying shape reflected on that red, red water knows the flowing of the time that won’t ever come back…

何度 星を数えたろう 何度 声を幻聴いたろう 待つことの 苦しさよりも 時が この身を苛む

nando hoshi o kazoetarou nando koe o kiitarou matsu koto no kurushisa yori mo toki ga kono mi o sainamu

How many times have I counted the stars? How many times I thought I heard your voice? Rather than the pain of waiting for you, it’s time itself that’s torturing my body…

ーーー嗚呼。朽ち行くこの身が 約束を阻むのならば 永遠を欲した

—aa. kuchiyuku kono mi ga yakusoku o habamu no naraba eien o hoshiita
sou, negatta

—aa, If this rotting body of mine would deter that promise of seeking for the eternity…
That’s what I’ve wished for.

この身が朽ちる前に この心が移ろう前に
永遠を手にすること この場所でいつまでも…

kono mi ga kuchiru mae ni kono kokoro ga utsurou mae ni
towa o te ni suru koto kono basho de itsumademo…

Before this body will rot away, before this heart of mine will lose interest,
I have to get my hands on the eternity, forever in this place…

紅い紅い この河瀬が 人の心を聞くのなら 水底に沈むそれの 願いを聞くのか
こうして 紅い紅い この河辺に ひときわ紅い花が咲く 帰りを待つその姿 けして枯れぬ花

akai akai kono kawase ga hito no kokoro o kiku no nara minasoko ni shizumu sore no negai o kiku no ka
koushite akai akai kono kawabe ni hitokiwa akai hana ga saku kaeri o matsu sono sugata keshite karenu hana

If those red, red waterfalls could read one’s mind, would they listen to that wish that sunk down the water’s depths?
Thus, on the red, red riverside a vivid crimson flower has blossomed: it’s the never-perishing flower waiting for that figure to return.

いつしか 紅く紅く咲いたその花 彼を迎えるその日まで 美しき【赤色の花】は紅く紅く咲き誇る
紅く紅く咲いたその花 今も一輪揺れているのは いつか帰る彼のためと 今も 待ち続けている

itsushika akaku akaku saita sono hana kare o mukaeru sono hi made utsukushiki [SCARLET] wa akaku akaku sakihokoru
akaku akaku saita sono hana ima mo hitowa yureteiru no wa itsuka kaeru kare no tame to ima mo machitsudzuketeiru

That flower blossomed unnoticed in deep crimson, and until the day she could meet him again, Scarlet was in a splendidly full bloom
That flower blossomed in deep crimson is still swaying for his return of someday, it’s still waiting for him


Title: River
Source: Original
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: Feuille-Morte
Album: ミソロジア
Release Event: 秋M3 か-07a

Listen to it on Youtube here: Feuille-Morte – River


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