The very last 2015 post – foregroundnoises’s past, present and future

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It’s been a lot since I start translating, and it’s been more than one year that I started writing for foregroundnoises.
Few more hours and 2016 will begin. Well, at least in Italy. If you’re, like, japanese or something and you’re already in 2016 then happy new fucking year, you time-traveling faget.
I can’t say I’m one of those guys who believe in things like “new year, new life”.
I’m more like those people who look back at the year that has just passed and think about what happened and what didn’t.
This year was an amazing year for this wordpress, and I have to thank each and everyone of you who supported me.
Those who sent me the lyrics I was searching for, those who requested me songs to translate, those who apreciated my haiku posts and retrospectives, those who posts lyrics videos on youtube using my translations (and crediting me for them), simply everyone who helped me enjoy this all.
It was almost 1 year ago that I decided to turn this wordpress into what’s today, and at first it was something I did for myself.
I wanted to translate stuff because I wanted more chances to practice with my japanese learning, but thanks to everyone who showed me their support, I’ve started to treasure this website and pouring a little bit of myself in it.
It’s like a community now. People exchanging opinions, reading lyrics and talking about music, artists, circles, tastes, reading and writing poetry and sharing their own little opinions and stories.
I love this and I wish it’ll keep being like this (or even better!) for the next year.
Frankly speaking, I know things are going to change.
I just graduated from university and I’m probably going to spend some months in Japan for a study-enhancing-full-immersion as soon as I can, so I won’t be able to post as much, maybe.
And I have big plans for my life that I don’t know if I can fullfil or not, but I still want to try.
Anyway, I hope that when things will get busy I’ll find some time for this wordpress, because I don’t want to let it out of my life!
But I think there’s no other choice but to change something a little bit.
Let me explain what’s going to change, what’s going to stay the same, what you should expect sooner or later and what will, or better, could happen.

Posting time. I won’t be able to keep the posts number high like I did in those last months, and that’s mainly because I graduated from university and I intend to keep studying, going to Japan for some months and from September starting my studies on a different university (a more difficult one) which will take me lots of time not before finding some job to do in order to save some money. In other words, there won’t be lots of changes during the first months of 2016, being that everything is going to start from the last weeks of March, but I’m planning to work really hard on tons of things that could interfere with my blog. Of course, my wordpress is also a good practice for me, so what will change (when everything is settled) will be just the number of posts and their non-lyrics related content. Everything else will be the same. And of course if I’m away from a long timespan for a reason or another I’ll let the readers know it.

Requests. As you read on the post fixed on my twitter account, requesting a song will have more strict approach. I won’t accept more than one request, I’ll give priority to those who never requested before and I can refuse a request if you haste my work or you simply act as a prick. Also, the time for a requested song to be translated will probably be longer. But requests will still be active on this wordpress, so feel free to request something if you want to. But not before READING and UNDERSTANDING everything that’s written HERE.

Haiku project. I knew from the beginning that the monthly haiku project wasn’t something eternal on this wordpress. From the beginning I intended to make 13 posts, the first being on July 2015 and the last being on July 2016, but the haiku posts are actually the most difficult ones to build up, and with this I mean their html structure is the most complicated and is really tiring. So, giving that I won’t have much time, I’m forced to halve the duration of the haiku project. Meaning that the haiku post of January will (probably) be the last one for now. And that doesn’t mean that I won’t keep on writing poetry, I’ll just stop posting them here monthly.
Who knows, a haiku post can pop out randomly again in the future…
Actual schedule is: January (100% post), February (50%), July (100%, the very last post).

Gaki no Tsukai. Yeah, that too. I removed all my Gaki no Tsukai videos from youtube after two copyright strikes, and I don’t plan to continue. I decided to do so beacuse if I’d get a third one, my channel will be shut down and done for good. My channel will still be active and I’ll keep translating touhou-japanese stuff (without copyright), but not Gaki no Tsukai. But maybe who knows, I can take part of some GnT fansub team again like I already did sometimes some time ago.
Or maybe I’ll just keep translating / uploading on different websites. Truth is, it takes a lot of time. And if my efforts are repayed with youtube removing my videos… uhh.. nono.
I’m planning on opening another wordpress / website in which I’ll post gaki no tsukai subtitle files in italian, being that no one has ever translated those in my language and I wish more non-english speaker italians could enjoy this hilarious tv show as well! Though, again, being this project in italian, it won’t feature on this all-english/japanese wordpress.

Random Posts. In other words, opinions post, top 10 posts, gyaku posts. Mh. Well, I can’t find time for gyaku posts, so I think they’ll get really rare to the point they’ll eventually disappear. Opinions / top tens could pop out sometimes, but expect them rarely. I’d like to focus on translations for the next year.

Back on track, for the upcoming 2016… of course I have some plans.
First of all, expect (probably) fresh Comiket stuff during the first weeks of January.
I also have another thing that I want to start in this wordpress that will also feature translations. But I won’t say anything for now.

Another “big” change is a psychological one.
Maybe I’m going to make this wordpress more a translation website rather than a place where I can express myself.
Because I personally don’t find easy to pour myself into this blog, as japanese music is only a tiny, tiny piece of the puzzle of things I like that helped me becoming who I am today.
So… yeah. Can’t say anything for sure now, but probably some things might disappear. Or even some contacts of mine. But I’ll make sure everyone could still reach me somehow, so don’t worry.


Oh, yeah. A thing I wanted to do (maybe a lil’ bit better…).
Here’s a list of some of the translations post I’ve liked / I’ve treasured the most from this year (requests too).
You can say this is a small review for the almost late 2015. Go read em if you haven’t before! I only added those which I treasure the most for a reason or another, though! Order? Random. Totally random.

Register6 – ずっと
Ayaka – たしかなこと
俺++ (Includeore) – Voice
Hirasawa Susumu – MOON TIME
回路-Kairo- – Dying
(A-HEAD) Arato – コモリウタ
Further Ahead of Warp – Calm Days Are Drawing A Distant Star
TUMENECO – らせんのゆめ
Clockworks Tracer – Everlasting [S]tory
Clockworks Tracer – Drowning Emotion Has A Short-lived Dream -Rebloom-
Alice Music – Raison d’être
TatshMusicCircle – また会える日まで・・・
Unlucky Morpheus – No Grudge Anymore
電気式華憐音楽集団 (Denkare) – W.M.S.
DAOKO – Girl (Side A – さみしいかみさま)
supercell – Perfect Day


Why are those “the most important” songs of 2015?

– Register6 – ずっと
“The most important song I’ve translated on my own on this wordpress. There are some songs that I could say are somewhat close in importance to this one, but those were songs that have already been translated before. The fact I was the first translating a song that means so much to me is still something I could feel satisfied about. Still one of my favourite touhou “arrange” song (even if it’s an original, actually) and still gives me chills each time I listen to it. I wonder if the memories bound to this song are still real? Maybe it was all a dream. I seem to forget important things happened in my past as the time ticks its way to the future, but each time I listen to these kind of songs, I feel like the memories are still alive. Shapeless, blurry, but alive.”

– Ayaka – たしかなこと
“I think among the various request I got during 2015, this has to be the one that I’ve come to like the most. Interestingly enough, that’s the only non-touhou / non-kancolle / non-absolute-castaway original request that had such a huge impact on me. It came along with a Kancolle MV, but it actually has nothing to share with it. Its typical “japanese classical song” vibe is really soothing, and the lyrics are really touching. This has to be one of the greatest discoveries I’ve made through requests, and it makes me feel satisfied about starting this whole request thing. Well, there are other requests that I’ve treasured a lot, but none of them can overcome this one in importance. At least for me and… at least for now!”

– 俺++ (Includeore) – Voice
“Dating back on the days where I couldn’t even read hiragana, this song was always stuck on my mind. While I don’t claim (and probably never will) to be someone who could fully understand japanese, I can at least say that, right now, I’m a little bit able to understand the meaning of the lyrics I analyze. And this song, that was locked deep down my subconscious, was still there, without a translation for all those years. I felt like I needed to translate it, because while I don’t listen that much to this song in recent times, I used to listen to it no stop back then. It reminds me of cherry trees and Hanami. We have that in Italy too, thanks to Japan’s donation of 1000 japanese sakura trees to Rome, which dates back to WWII. Maybe I was listening to this song nonstop while watching sakura trees on full bloom. It was nice and peaceful. This song makes me feel at ease as it did back then.”

– Hirasawa Susumu – MOON TIME
“This song is an important step to this wordpress, a step which stayed untouched but I wish it will eventually become a walk, a march, a running. We’re talking about an absolute genious in terms of music and approach to the music world. I think an artist like that and a song like that are really different compared to the rest of this wordpress’s material. That’s why I translated this song when I started the Haiku thing. Because I felt like it would have splendid to have the whole “sophisticated” (what a presumptous word…) mood all over this place. Well, I still think that Susumu Hirasawa is one of the greatest japanese composer of all time. Right behind ZUN, and I’m not even joking around. Maybe I’m sticking to Touhou because deep down I know that I feel like I’m in debt for ZUN’s amazing works. Weren’t we talking about Hirasawa-sensei? Well, well. Let’s keep it a step, for now.”

– 回路-Kairo- – Dying
“Another request I got from someone. An overall simple song, that has something really fascinating on it. Its main topic, as the title suggest, is the concept of death. The title itself “dying” is enough to send me chills down my spine. I like its simple lyrics and rhythm more than I thought it would. The main bridge of this song is still imprinted in my mind even though I didn’t listen to it that much. Promises, hopes, dreams, people to meet and things to do, coming to an end before our very eyes. Isn’t this terrible but romantic at the same time? Yeah, it could sound paradoxal, but this is the kind of stuff that makes my stupid heart race. “It’s just like waking up from a dream…” isn’t it? Dying. It’s really philosophical. After all, “Dying” is a process. It means that we’re all dying, after all, slowly. We’re both living and dying at the same time. This song makes me have weird thoughts. And I love it.”

– (A-HEAD) Arato – コモリウタ
“This song deserves credit for two reasons. The first is more simple and straight-forward. Because its intro is something AMAZING beyond words! I swear 0:38 is one of the most epic things I’ve heard in a while, and it gets even better when the main guitar gets in. Man! This song is really great. The second reason, is because I like it. Eh? It doesn’t make any sense? No, it does. Let me explain. The whole song revolves around Alice in Wonderland, which is absolutely NOTHING original in the doujin-song field. And yet, this song has nice lyrics, an amazing drum / guitar / chorus / bass / everything track and a really soothing vocal that makes it my favourite Alice-in-Wonderland based song ever. Even beyond ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s ones. They’re not bad too, by the way.”

“Ok, there are some ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY songs right now. The first is “sekai ga kirai na kimi e”, which is like Voice by Includeore in terms of “why I think of it as an important 2015 song”. And yeah, there’s not really much to add, I used to be stuck up on this song before entering university. And now I have my shitty degree already. Woah. But as I said before, the short version is… enough. I don’t find the full version of this song appealing, because the lyrics worsen and it doesn’t add much to the lyrics / harmony. But still, is a song that used to be a nail stuck on my head back then. It felt so good translating it!”

“This is another request I got, and I never listened to it before getting that request. I like this song a lot, and it reminds me of other ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s masterpieces that I have already translated. The best AC (let’s write them like that from now on) song I’ve ever listened to is 待宵姫, which I’ve translated like A LONG TIME AGO on this wordpress (and of course, not being part of 2015 I couldn’t add to this list), followed by Initium Volume, which I’ve translated too, but same story of the other. Mellow reminds me of both these songs, so of course I feel in love with it. It’s an important song to me because it made me realize that even if I think I know everything about something, there’s always still something I have yet to come in touch with. I think a life worth living is a life where our curiosities are never satisfied enough. Which is not sad at all, if you think about it.

“There could be pretty much every AC song on this list, but let’s stick to those three for now. This one is really something. Listening to this song makes me feel like I’m sourrounded by a forest where an unknown Shrine stays silent in its center. And I feel part of that nature. Is really strange. I don’t have memories to link to this song, or people, or anything. But as soon as I listen to it, images of something I’ve never actually saw with my very eyes pop out clearly as if they’re the most common thing I’m used to look at. That’s the power of a song. And I found this song really important because it’s one of those songs, probably one of the most evocative between them. Well, AC are really good at doing this by any means.”

– Further Ahead of Warp – Calm Days Are Drawing A Distant Star
“I could say something really similar to what I said about ずっと by register6 for this song, with the only difference that I was not the first translating it. I think this song and ずっと are really similar between each other, as if they were sisters. That’s a very important song to me, that’s why I couldn’t help but translating anew anyways. Because, after all, this is SHION’s translations archive. So I do whatever I want to do. #yolo #swag #hashtags #whatamidoing”

– TUMENECO – らせんのゆめ
“Maybe this song is similar to the other two I’ve been talking about before. Mhh… maybe. But still, this song’s really important to me and while it holds the same feeling as ずっと on a side, on the other it has a totally different feeling that makes me wonder about the future. ずっと is a song for the past, something that happened, could have happened, I thought it happened. This song too, but everything is projected in the future. So, it’s also a song of hope, of possibilities, of dreams. That’s why I like it that much. And another thing, this song isn’t that sad. That means I don’t refrain from listening it. Calm Days / Zutto are more sad, in my opinion, so I don’t listen to them that often. This one is always good. It’s a gem amongst touhou doujin music that everyone should listen at least one time, paying attention to its lyrics, its message, its… everything. I think that’s one of the song I hold dearest. And it’s pretty easy to guess it.”

– Clockworks Tracer – Everlasting [S]tory
“Clockworks Tracer were the greatest discovery of 2014/2015. Shangri-La in bloom is an album I treasure a lot, and it’s the closest thing to FgE’s style in terms of composition / feeling behind them. This song has one of FgE’s feature on it. The fact that it’s really soothing even though its rhythm is crazy fast. I can relax while listening to this song. Plus, it’s an arrange of what I think (not personally, but in general) the greatest theme ZUN ever composed, and it doesn’t ruin it at all.”

– Clockworks Tracer – Drowning Emotion Has A Short-lived Dream -Rebloom-
“This has to be my favourite CwT song ever. If I take some pieces of some songs by them, I can probably find some songs that are better than this one, but in their integrity, no one reaches the level of this one. For example, The final part of “Always and Forever” by CwT is probably one of the most touching and beautiful song conclusion that I have ever listened to, and that alone completely overshadows CwT’s other songs’ endings. But the song itself isn’t as good as this one, if we considered it as a whole, and not divided in segments. This other song is amazing from the beginning to the end, in each segment, with each and every change it does. And yet, is probably the song by them that no one seems to remember the most. Why?!”

– Alice Music – Raison d’être
“Why this song is important is similar to sekai ga kirai na kimi e and voice. It’s because it was a song I was stuck up with. But in a different way. I never liked this song too much in terms of music, it just made me feel happy when listening to it. And it was the first song which I tried to analyze before starting learning japanese. “tsumetai namida no sekai”, I got that even without knowing japanese. I know what it was and what it meant. That’s probably the song that lead me to start translating and made my interest in japanese language grow.”

– TatshMusicCircle – また会える日まで・・・
“Maybe it’s the bass? Nah, it’s not. Lyrics. I love them. It’s pretty easy to buy me when it comes to lyrics, because there are those topics that get me every time without failing. The reason I love this song is probably because it came into my life right in a moment where it fit perfectly. It’s an important piece of music for an important piece of my life. That’s why I had to put it on this list.”

– Unlucky Morpheus – No Grudge Anymore
“There’s a place near where I live. Well, that’s not actually really near. Anyway, it’s a small village atop a mountain. There aren’t many people living there, and it’s all like a quiet stronghold. I remember I was listening to this song when I first saw this village while riding my car. And for some reason, I always end up listening to Reincarnation or No Grudge Anymore when I go there. It doesn’t make much sense, right? I mean, it’s a small, quiet and gracious village. Has it something to do with evil spirits? I doubts so. Still, I’m that type of person which ends up linking music to places. And people. And memories. And even things that never actually happened. Always.”

“This one’s more simple. It was one of the first 2015 post, and the song that made my new translation activity start anew. It was also thanks to youtube and expecially Nitori Kappashiro (at the beginning) who used my translation for his upload video, and I kinda started getting views. And then requests, and then lots of other uploader started bounding with me and using my translation crediting my works. That was and still is amazing. It’s a little thing, but it makes me kinda satisfied. All the world is connected! And I’m translating this all from an unknown small city in the middle of nowhere!”

– 電気式華憐音楽集団 (Denkare) – W.M.S.
“Probably the reason I ended up studying and loving japanese is the amount of japanese music I came across during the most crucial years of my life (around the time between when I was 16 and 19 years old). And lots of the music I used to listen non-stop was something that Jaefine made me first listen to. I owe her a lot. It was thanks to her that I’ve decided to give this shape to my life. This song, along with tons of others, is one of Jaefine’s and thus holds a huge value to me.”

– DAOKO – Girl (Side A – さみしいかみさま)
“Ok, that’s a weird one. Oddly enough, that’s the post that made my views boom. It’s still the most viewed and shared post on my wordpress, and I can easily guess why. First of all, it’s not a doujin song, so it’s more known amongst western fans. Second, it’s from a successful anime. Well, Me!Me!Me! was a great success as a music video, and this one follows up its prequel in terms of music / content. So of course everyone would have watched it! I knew that, and I decided to translate it as soon as it came out. Well, it’s not like I dislike getting views. Plus, I liked Me!Me!Me! a lot both in terms of music and animation. This one is great too. Side A is also a really good song, so I can’t say I translated it only to get views. But seeing japanese people commenting my “Side B post” with “your translation is probably the best between the others I’ve read” sure made me feel proud of myself. Fuck yeah!”

– supercell – Perfect Day
“That’s simply one of the most important songs of my life, that I can link to almost everything and everyone, but again, I can’t link to anything or anyone. It’s pretty much impossible to say. I wanted it to be on my wordpress. And I’ve also posted it on a very important day…
…Well, it WAS important. Life goes on, I guess.”


For now there’s nothing else to add.
Thanks again to everyone who supported me during this year, and I hope this 2016 will be amazing as 2015 was!
So, happy new year to everyone reading this post!
See you back on the second week of January with more posts / requests and stuff!


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