Foreground Eclipse – A Retrospective: Part 5/5 [final]


I was late, but I kept my promise: it’s time for the very last part of Foreground Eclipse’s retrospective (whose title should be something like “The walking dead meets Gordon Ramsay and some japanese music and sh*t”).
We already talked about every album they made, with few exceptions.
This last part will feature the songs I didn’t cover in the previous 4 posts.
Long story short, here’s the list:
– Seated with Liquor (CD), only the songs by FgE
Demo CDs, only the songs which are different in a way or another compared to the others I’ve already talked about
– Extra, meaning tracks by Foreground Eclipse featured in non-fge albums
– Bonus Tracks that I haven’t talked about in the previous posts.
It’s basically the same drill as always, except that this time under each song there will be wrote from which album they come from.
Think of this post as a bonus rather than a final post.
Because I want the 4th one to have the “final post” vibe.

Missing Tracks

The songs on this part will be ordered following the time they came out.
So of course we’ll start with the older ones.
The rating system is the same!

.Alone With You (Dying To See Your Face)
From the album: Foreground Eclipse Demo CD Vol.01
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
I think this song needs to be featured in this post even though I’ve talked about it on post #2.
And that’s because I think that the demo CD version of it is at least 100 times better than the one featured in their first CD.
It’s still not something over the standards of FgE, but is surely something that fits better the lyrics / original theme.
The vocals are way better too.
A calming theme such as Green Eyed Jealousy is hard to arrange into something fast-paced and “violent” such as this song’s CD version.
I think this one is more appropriate, while it still isn’t an outstanding arrange.

.Perchance To Dream: Ay, There’s The Rub
Personal rating: ★★★★★
From the album: Foreground Eclipse Demo CD Vol.04
As I stated on the part 2 post, this song’s CD version isn’t a full 5 stars song, because I think they overdid a little bit with the backing track / guitar, ruining a bit this song’s atmosphere.
This version is way more fluid and is a 5 stars song, to me.

.Someday in the Rain
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
From the album: 東方夏空翔
This song never featured in a all-FgE album, and I wasn’t aware of it for a long timespan before getting to listen to it.
It’s another arrange from Kogasa’s theme together with UFO’s stage 2 theme, but as much I can’t say I like this song as much as I like other songs by them, I can clearly state that this one is way better than Nooneness from Each and Every word (…).
First of all, the vocals are way cleaner and fits better with the rhythm.
The main bridge of Nooneness isn’t half bad to be honest, but the rest of the song is so dischording it’s hard to listen to, in my opinion.
While this song doesn’t shine, it’s overall very soft and catchy, so it’s easy to listen to, in a certain way.
Also, this is the only Foreground Eclipse song that has been never translated before.
That until tomorrow. That was a spoiler.

.Sleeping Forest
Personal rating: ★★★★★
From the album: Panoram A Note
Another song never featured in a fge-only album, and another song I first listened to way later than it came out.
I think this is the most peaceful song they ever composed.
Its rhythm is very soothing even though it’s a rock song, and, together with Forget Me Not, I think this is the song in which Suzuori‘s talent with bass / guitar is displayed the most.
While I listen to this song, I feel like lying on the grass in the middle of a forest where the sunlight is faint, filtered by the tree branches, and a fresh wind is blowing gently.
It’s amazing.
This song also remembers me of a similar memory I shared with a dear person some years ago.
So of course I love this song because of its feeling and memories I’ve linked to, but I really think it couldn’t have happened if the music itself wasn’t good.
I love the bass lines during the main riffs and the drumsticks are amazing.
It’s really strange, because while the guitar and the drums makes this song really fast-paced and catchy, the result is very calming and atmospheric.
It’s really a shame this never featured in a FgE album, because I really think of it as one of the most beautiful song by the FgE of Suzuori period.

.I Bet You’ll Forget That Even If You Noticed That
Personal rating: ★★★★
Nothing much to add from what I’ve said before on part 3, but I think that the version of this song featured on this CD is slightly worse than its first version, fatured on the seventh demo CD.
I think that the synthetizers were a little bit unnecessary.
On another note, this CD version’s guitar are a little bit better and have cooler effects. So it’s kind of a draw to me. 4stars-4stars.

Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
From the album: Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone
Thinking about it, this track was never translated too. I think that’s mainly because no one could f*cking understand its lyrics.
Anyway, this song is the secret track from Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone and at first I really liked it.
I mean, it’s really short and really differend from the rest of the album, so even if it wasn’t a bonus track it would have felt like one.
This song is also hella fun to play on the bass.
Unrelated to this, I remember 3 years ago when I was playing American Idiot by Green Day with a band live I decided to change that song’s bass line with the one from どらぶ, and turned out it came out pretty good.
Anyway, this song is of course made for fun, but it still is really good in terms of music.
First of all, that’s the first secret track to actually be a song. The other secret tracks from the previous 2 CDs are just talking and won’t be on this part merely because they’re not songs.
Second, because it’s a 100% foreground eclipse song. Songs like this one (or truth ironies or others) which are actually made for fun bring the fge spirit the most, in my opinion.
If you ever find lyrics for it, let me know! I’m dying to read them!

.To The Terminus
Personal rating: ★★★★
From the album: Foreground Eclipse Demo CD Vol.08
This song. Ohh, this song. For some reason it’s a song that I can’t say I love, but on the other side I forgot about it really easily.
It’s really strange. I tend to forget songs that I don’t like.
And I like this song a lot. I clearly remember I couldn’t stop listening to it when it first came out, but I always end up forgetting about it.
No matter how much I listen to this song, I always get the feeling I’ve already listened to a song like that before.
It sounds so FgE-ish that it feels like something already heard from them.
That’s probably why this song is always overshadowed by something else in my mind.
I like it a lot, but I don’t think I can say this song is something new and original.
I could recognize this song only by its beginning / end.
Also, the Seated with Liquor version of it just adds some screams and instruments now and then, so there’s no need to write about it twice.
This is probably the song by FgE that I can’t clearly think about.

.You May Not Want To Hear This But
Personal rating: ★★★★
From the album: Seated with Liquor
Here we are with Seated with Liquor, a half-fge half-dte album which I loved!
This is the first FgE track featuring in the album, and I like it a lot.
This song follows the style of “I Bet You Forget(…)” both in title and structure, and just like it is really hard to tell which is the original theme from where it comes from.
I don’t know if I like more this or the other, but I can say for sure that I love this song’s vocals and lyrics more than lots of others FgE songs.
It’s probably one of the best FgE songs in terms of vocals in a screamo/metal song.
Expecially the last part, I love it!
There are actually two versions of this song, one of which has been released online and was the off-scream one.
…Never understood why. This song has almost no screams whatsoever, what’s the point of releasing a non-scream version of it?

.When Innocence Is Just A Mask
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
From the album: Seated with Liquor
It’s a shame a song with a title that awesome isn’t that great. Of course, in my opinion.
The reason being that just like To The Terminus, it’s a pretty normal song that doesn’t add anything to what I expected.
It’s of course fge-ish everywhere, but nothing that can be considered different from other songs we already listened to.
I can’t say I dislike this song, but for some reason I don’t think of it as a particularly remarkable fge song.

.We Cannot Get Out of Here Forever
Personal rating: ★★★★★
From the album: Seated with Liquor
As you probably read on my top 15, you knew this is one of my favourite touhou arrange ever.
And I’m talking about both DtE version of this and the FgE’s cover.
There are some parts that I like more on a version rather than the other and vice versa, but overall I like the version by FgE more because… well, it’s FgE.
I loved this song when it first came out as a DtE song, and I couldn’t believe Foreground Eclipse decided to cover it when I read the tracklist of Seated with Liquor.
What were the odds this would have happened? That’s crazy!
Of course I can’t really describe why I like this song so much in a post called “FgE Retrospective”, being this song not an original FgE song.
But still, I’m really happy they decided to make a cover of it!

.恋のTwinkle☆Dance (SECRET TRACK)
Personal rating: ★★★★★
From the album: Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights
On the previous post I wrote that it couldn’t have been a better way to end their final CD than their last track “Storytellers“.
But it’s not like that, actually.
Go back to the time you first listened to this CD.
We had the crossfade and tracklist some time ago before we could actually get to listen to the CD’s contents.
We knew the tracks’ names and how many they were.
So, we listened to the whole CD, from R.U. to Storytellers, knowing that this was going to be their very last track.
And Storytellers is a really touching song both in vocals, rhythm and lyrics, and I don’t think it’s necessary to understand japanese to get that.
And now, with wet eyes, a new song we didn’t know about starts playing. This album’s “SECRET TRACK“.
The song starts off as a silly one, with a bizarre set of lyrics and childish rhythm.
And then we have:
– Amazing guitar tracks
– Out-of-context screamings that somehow fits perfectly
– Merami shouting random things on acid
– Teto chocking on his own screams
– “JA NA!” (See ya!) at the end!
Guys, this is the best track to end Stories that Last Through the Sleepless Nights, in my opinion.
Like I said for どらぶ, silly songs like this one are really fge-ish, and this time we have a better, faster, longer and way more amazing secret track than we ever had before!
Ok, this isn’t an original song too, being an arrange of 恋のTwinkle☆Dance from old Merami’s circle nanafuretto (ななふれっと).
But this again isn’t something bad.
It’s the same circle from where FgE re-arranger The Distant Journey To You, that, as I said on part 1, is probably one of the most important song they ever composed.
And with it, the circle is closed.
Until the day we’ll hear more, if it’ll come.

About this post

It was really fun to write all this 5 posts and to read your opinions.
I really hope you enjoyed reading a little bit my babbling, and that everyone who never listened to Foreground Eclipse before could start doing so.
Bands are like that. Forming and disbanding as the time goes on.
But music never fades away, really.
And neither does the will to do it.
Merami still sing in lots and lots of circles, as you already know.
I really wish Teto will start producing music again, one day. Wether FgE or not, he was a really talented musician, and it’s kind of sad that he’s not publishing anything anymore.
So, never lose hope on music, and keep listening to it.
It’s up to us to keep alive what doesn’t seem to be alive anymore!
Thank you for reading!
And see you tomorrow for a Foreground Eclipse translation post… Ok, you already know what it’s going to be.

Rating system:
☆☆☆☆ – Poor
★★☆☆☆ – Nice
★★★☆☆ – Good
★★★★☆ – Very Good
★★★★★ – Excellent

Retrospective parts:

Part 1: Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises
Part 2: Missing, Loving… and Suffering + Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight
Part 3: Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone
Part 4: Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights
Part 5: Extra, Bonus tracks, Seated with Liquor


Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

5 thoughts on “Foreground Eclipse – A Retrospective: Part 5/5 [final]”

  1. I’ll go through song release order, then cut to my thoughts on Seated With Liquor, then talk about the Bonus Tracks for this one.
    Alone With You (Acoustic) [3/5]: Better than the original. Wish they did some more acoustic-ish work besides this and Dancing With Happiness And Sadness.
    Perchance to Dream…(Demo Ver.)/Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming(BANG Ver.) [3~4/5]: The latter sounds more different than the former, which is why I also mention it here. Personally prefer the album versions, though parts of the BANG version sound less overbearing than the album version… which is somewhat refreshing.
    Someday in the Rain [2/5]: Personally, I prefer Nooneness over this. Honestly, I don’t like the rhythm in this one. Might be because despite being arranges of the same song, they do different things (the chorus of this one being based on the intro to the song, while the chorus is Nooneness is based on the part around 36 seconds in).
    Sleeping Forest [4/5]: I’d say my feelings towards this song are similar to those towards Forget Me Not, but not as intense. Maybe that’s because it never was part of a full release by them, but while this is a good song, I don’t go out of my way to listen to it.
    I Bet… (I Was Still There) [4/5]: Like you said, this has way too much synths in it. Doesn’t ruin the song in any way, mind you, but one feels that there’s no balance with the other instruments.
    And now let’s talk about Seated With Liquor. This might be HEAVILY biased since I am a massive fan of neko, yuppe, Luschka, and Ryo (so my thoughts are skewed towards 3/4 of the DtE side of the album), but here we go. I dislike “To The Terminus”; I honestly can’t say why, and it’s not as bad as other songs they’ve made. I can say it’s follows their known style more than, say, Iris, but I would listen to that over this any day. Might be the synths, might be the structure, I honestly don’t know. You May Not Want To Hear This But is the best FgE track in the album to me; it’s fast-paced, has good lyrics and instruments, and it’s just really nice to listen to. As for why there’s a screamless version of this… I personally see it as a jab at those that complain over the screams in their songs (“oh you don’t want the screams? Have a screamless for the song with barely any to begin with. Don’t like it, don’t listen”), but that’s just me. When Innocence Is Just A Mask is a good song… but kind of forgettable when compared to everything else by them. Then there’s their cover of We Cannot Get Out of Here Forever… I’m sorry, but for the most part I don’t like this song. There are parts that are really good (from after the breakdown to the end), but the rest of it is just bleh to me (placing the breakdown immediately after the first chorus helps, but the breakdown itself is AWFUL to me); honestly felt that the transition from DtE to FgE wasn’t as smooth as the one from FgE to DtE (Yuppe’s version of Escapes, to me, is equal to Foreground’s, if not EXTREMELY close to it).
    Finally, those two bonus tracks. Honestly, as their own songs they are pretty good and lovely. While I feel more attachment to Dorabu over Twinkle☆Dance, both are really good (and Teto chokes on his screams lol).
    So… yeah. The end. Nowadays I listen to shinigiwa and Register6 a lot, but I wouldn’t be doing this if not for this band getting the ball rolling. Looking back at their work was a nice experience. Thanks for taking us readers through it along with you.

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