[REQUEST] 回路-kairo- – remember


This song was requested by Eiki.
I have so much things to say which are not related to this post that I’m dying.
But I won’t until the end of this month, so I have to keep quiet.
It’s been quite busy the past few weeks, so I intend to finish up my requests, hoping they won’t pile up again.
I like this song a lot and I’m glad I could get to know it.
Its lyrics are beautiful.
I’m the type of person that treasures each and every moment and never forgets them.
But I easily forget other things.
Like how was I feeling during them, or what were my thoughts, or I can’t simply recall being there, even though I clearly remember it.
I don’t want to forget anything good or bad that happened in my life, and I don’t want to forget about anyone.
That’s what I can read in this song. And I love it.
Each time I listen to a song by this circle, I always end up asking myself how is it possible for such a great circle to be that unknown.
I don’t have an answer yet.
– 過ぎていく (sugite iku) even if the lyrics clearly say “iku”, it’s actually read as “yuku”. This happens really often.
– There are some stanzas that aren’t complete, because they end with particles such as を. This happens a lot in japanese, so I’ve added the right “missing” verb where they should be.

回路-Kairo- – remember


yoru o terashiteiru hoshi mo
ki ga tsukeba miushinatteru

Even the stars which make this night brighter
Fade from my sight before I could even realize it


yume no naka de warattetemo
jikan dake ga sugite yuku dake
chottoshita koto de kizutsuitemo
nakama hazure wa iya da kara
ima mo

And even if I laugh inside a dream
The time is only going by further
Even if meaningless things hurt
I don’t want to be left out, so
Even now…


fukai mizu no soko de
iki ga shitakutemo ga itenda
kimi wa kono te tsukande kureta
dakedo mou shizundeku dake sa

On the depths of this deep water,
That’s right,
That’s where I was, wanting to breath
You once gently lend me your hand
But now I can’t do anything but sinking down…


itsu no mani ka hitori bocchi
doko de machigatteshimatta no
warugi nante hitotsu mo nakute
sukoshi bukiyouna dake nanda

And before I knew, I was completely alone
Just what ended up going wrong?
I never felt malice or such towards anyone
I guess I was just lacking of something


samishikute kogoesou dakedo
mukou ni wa toudai ga tomotteru
wagamama na no wa wakatteru kedo
warai atteta ano hi o
mou ichido

I’m lonely to the point I feel like freezing, but
On the other side, a lighthouse is lit;
I know that I’m selfish, but
I just want to see again
Those days in which we laughed together


itsuka tooku ni wasuretekita
mune no netsu o torimodose
kaze ga fuite tsugi no basho
aruku chikara wa aru kai?

Give me back that warmth in my heart
That I forgot about back then, far away!
Do I have the strenght to walk
Towards the next place where the wind is blowing?


owari ja naitte koto

Don’t forget me
Because that’s not the end


koko ni atta monogatari o

The story we had here…
Remember it


Title: remember
Original Track: 妖怪裏参道 (Youkai Back Shrine Road) – Ten Desires, Extra Stage Theme
Vocals: 556t
Lyrics: megane
Circle: 回路-kairo-
Release Event: C88

Listen to it on Youtube here: 回路-kairo- – remember


About foregroundnoises

I love music more than everything; I'm also a (shamefully mediocre) bass player and wannabe composer / writer (only in my dreams). Also interested in astronomy, traveling, theatre, literature, poetry, art, movies, mostly everything from Japan and other stuff. I'm also okay with anime stuff as long as I don't have to deal with weeaboos. Touhou project? Love it! Gaki no Tsukai? Love it! Foreground Eclipse? Of course I love them! I'm an university student, I study japanese since years for unknown reasons and I managed to get a degree on japanese language & culture (currently 進学中). I'm italian, but I can (almost) perfectly understand english.
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