[REQUEST] 君の美術館 – 秘封倶楽部の未踏世界


【Requested by Darren Chiu

I’ve probably said this in other posts, but what I like about requests is that I get to know to circles I didn’t even know about.
Like this one, Kimi no Museum (君の美術官 – kimi no bijutsukan).
This song has the most brilliant choruses that I have heard in a while.
The two different voices are singing two different parts at the same time, but they somehow always end up blending together, and that’s great.
Reading the lyrics, this was very confusing, but after I’ve listened to this song I realized how good it was.
There are continuous terms that seem to be about a parallel / dream world and a strange figure ruling it.
I think this song is mainly about Maribel‘s ability to enter Gensokyo while sleeping, and thus making that strange figure Yukari.
Of course, that’s just my theory.
But being this an arrange from Magical Astronomy I don’t think it could be otherwise.
I must say the lyrics weren’t the easiest thing to translate, some part had me thinking about their meaning and structure.
But I can’t say I’m unsatisfied by its result.

Kimi no Museum – 秘封倶楽部の未踏世界


kagiri nai to omoeta souzou no jiyuu mo
kono atama no naka sokubakusareteru
toppyoushi mo nai uso nante tsukenai
botan hitotsu oseba wakaru kara

Even the freedom that I pictured being endless
Has been confined inside my head;
I won’t make up such an astounding lie
Because I only need to press a single button to understand

<常識だけ 誇大に膨れ上がる>

yo no naka o zenbu shiro to kuro de wake
michibiiteku tamashii sae kagiri aru basho e
<joushiki dake kodai ni fukure agaru>

Dividing everything from this world into black and white
Towards that place my finite soul is leading me to
<Common knowledge is swelling up with exaggerations>


soredemo mienai sora no kanata e to
musekinin’na yume naraba ikura demo kieteiku

But still, towards the direction of a sky I can’t see,
When it comes to irresponsible dreams, no matter what, they’ll disappear


todokanu sekai e tsumugidasu fureezu wa
nakushita “kibou”
kono chijou de motometsudzuketa mono
<wazuka demo shinjiteita ate sae naku>
ate sae naku hakanasa o koban demo
mada owari no yokan ga kiesaru koto wa nai

The phrase I’m bounding to the world I can’t reach is
“My hope is lost”
The thing that I keep seeking for in this world
<Even if it means nothing, I believe in it, even if no one's there for it>
Even if no one's there for it, even if you'd refuse what's transient
There's still no trace that the end's premonition is going to fade away.

<妄想なら 過大に語り続けて>

akirame mo sezu ni yume ni sugaru no wa
rikutsu sae mo oyobi mo shinai sonzai no tame ni
<mousou nara kadai ni kataritsudzukete>

Without giving up, the reason why I’m hanging on this dream
Is for the sake of a living being no theory can explain
<If you feel down, just keep your unreasonable talk on>

数知れぬ犠牲 忘却の彼方

kazu shirenu gisei boukyaku no kanata
mujuuryoku no aji sae mo itsu no hi ka nareru no?
<narete yuku?>

On the edge where lies the oblivion of countless victims,
When will I adapt to the taste of this weightlessness?
<Will I adapt to it?>


miezaru shikai ni egaki dasu koraaju wa
wasureta “risou”
kono chijou ni kizuki wa shinai mono
<mieteita basho ni sae mo tadoritsukezu>
tadoritsukezu munashisa ni kujikete mo
soredemo <mata> onaji michi e kurikaeshi fumidasu

The collage drawn by the field of vision I can’t see,
A forgotten dream,
Something that can’t be build on this world;
<Without struggling towards the place I was looking at>
Without struggling towards it, even if I’m crushed by its emptiness
I still step on the same repeating road, yet <again>


kono hakobune ni notte
doko made ikeru ka sae wakaranai

Riding this ark
I don’t even know until where I can sail


mimamoru yume no majutsushi naraba
<seikakuna> susumeru hougaku ga wakaru no?

Will I know the <right> direction to follow
If it’s about the magician looking after my dreams?


tobidatsu mirai ni utsushidasu imeeji wa
yumemita “mugen”
kono chijou de kanjitorenai mono
<doko made mo tada hirogaru hate wa miezu>
hate wa miezu muryokusa ni kidzuitemo
ooi motomeru negai ni <omoi ni>
owari wa nai no darou
owaru koto wa nai darou

The image projected into the future I launched myself in,
The “infinity” I’ve dreamed about,
Is something that I can’t feel in this world;
<Wherever I go, I can’t see just the edge of the spreading landscape>
The edge I can’t see even if I’m forced to powerlessness
To the wish I’m running after, seeking for it <In my thoughts>
I wonder if there’s something like an end?
I wonder if there are things that could come to an end…


– The parts between are those sung by the background voice. The phrases inside the ending with the same word the next stanza begins with, are actually sung at the same time.
– 幻想 (gensou) meaning “illusion” in the second-to-last stanza, is read as “yume”, meaning “dream”.


Title: 秘封倶楽部の未踏世界 (hifuu kurabu no mitou sekai) (The Sealing Club’s Unexplored World)
Circle: 君の美術館 (kimi no museum)
Album: Liminality -幻想と現実の境界で- (liminality -gensou to genjitsu no kyoukai de- // liminality -on the border between reality and illusion-)
Vocals: fi-fy & 723
Lyrics: 黒岩サトシ
Arrangement: PHEVOTT
Release Date: 12/09/09
Source: G Free, 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy (Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy) – Magical Astronomy, Tracks #07 & #08

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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