【Requested by Lonesome Shrine

That’s an ending for something I’m missing, right?
I mean, I have no idea from where this comes from, but I’ve read it’s used as an ending for some touhou-related stuff (edit: indeed, Osana Reimu).
I don’t think I’m the smartest when it comes to find out stuff about something.
Still, every youtube link to this song features a smiling face of Marisa, so I was hoping it would have been a cheerful song.
Turned out it isn’t.
Its rhythm is indeed well suited for an ending, and its lyrics too.
I can’t say this song is “sad”.
I’d rather say it’s one of those bittersweet songs, like those who talks about a beautiful journey that just ended.
Not so happy but not even that sad.
I hope I’m not the only one who thinks of it this way.
I like the bass for this song a lot, it’s so calming!
The vocals aren’t bad too, but I think a different type of voice would have been better.
This one’s a little bit too high pitched to go along with the song, in my opinion.

KRASTERII – 願い星、帰り道

いつからかこんなにも当たり前になってる 君と眺める景色

yawarana kaze ga fuku yuuyake no kaeri michi
kotoba o nakushite aruita
itsu kara ka konna ni mo atarimae ni natteru kimi to nagameru keshiki

I walked on a sunset road where the gentle wind blows
And I lost everything I had to say
I wonder since then has the scenery you’re looking at become so obvious?

悔しくて泣いた夜 二人笑った時間
誰よりも何よりも君だけだと 秘めた恋心

kuyashikute naita yoru futari waratta jikan
omoide no tsumoru ashiato
dare yori mo nani yori mo kimi dake da to himeta koigokoro

Those regrettable nights spent crying, and the time when we laughed together
Footprints of piled-up memories
Of a newborn love for you, above everyone, above everything.

幾度も探った気持ち あの箱に仕舞って
抑えきれない視線 面影を求めた

ikudo mo sagutta kimochi ano hako ni shimatte
osaekirenai shisen omokage o motometa

The feeling I’ve searched for so many times was put away in that box
I’ve been seking for that expression, that look I can’t simply get from you

隣合わせ 同じ速さでも いつか離れてしまうのかな
そんな明日壊したくて でも言えなくて

tonari awase onaji hayasa demo itsuka hanareteshimau no kana
sonna ashita kowashitakute demo ienakute

I wonder if we’d part away even if we’re running at the same speed side by side?
I want to destroy this kind of future, but I can’t say that

目が合た意識した いつも通り振舞った
どれくらい気付いてる?期待してる 変わらない笑顔

me ga atta ishiki shita itsumo toori furumatta
taai mo nai hanashitari
dore kurai kidzuiteru? kitaishiteru kawaranai egao

We were conscious as our eyes met behaving as usual
Talking with no trace of altruism
How much of it would you notice? My smile of expectation isn’t changing.

どうでもいい理由付けて 呼び出した星空
勢いで頬を寄せて 願いを唱えた

doudemo ii riyuu tsukete yobidashita hoshizora
ikioide hoho o yosete negai o tonaeta

“Whatever”, that’s the excuse I’m going with, shouting at the starry sky;
I’ve gathered courage and got closer to your cheeks, chanting a wish

ずっとずっと素直じゃないけど いつか伝わる日が来るよう
閉じた扉の奥には 君の全てが

zutto zutto sunao ja nai kedo itsuka tsutawaru hi ga kuru you
tojita tobira no oku ni wa kimi no subete ga

I’m not always honest, but I’m wishing the day we could get along will come
Everything you are and everything you have is far deep that closed door

重ね握った温もり いつか繋がる日が来るよう
同じ夕陽が照らした 君と帰る道

kasane nigitta nukumori itsuka tsunagaru hi ga kuru you
onaji yuuhi ga terashita kimi to kaeru michi

Wishing for the day I’ll be tied to that piled up warmth I once held firmly to come,
On the road where I’m going home with you, shined the same setting sun.


– The lack of pronouns on this song makes it difficult to understand who are some sentences refering to. So, whenever you read “I” or “You”, it’s uncertain if it’s one or the other.
– 明日 (ashita) on the fourth stanza means “tomorrow”, but I’ve translated “future” because it’s supposed to indicate “tomorrow” as “the time that will come”.
– 君の全て (kimi no subete) on the second to last stanza is “your everything”, but I’ve translated it as “everything you are and everything you have” because it sounded better.


Title: 願い星、帰り道 (negaiboshi, kaeri michi) (wishing star, road of return)
Album: Kraster Cluster
Vocals: 羽丘淳
Lyrics: Ne;on
Arrangement: 羽丘淳
Release Event: C86
Source: オリエンタルダークフライト (Oriental Dark Flight) Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Kirisame Marisa’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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