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Do you remember Truth? Or maybe Queen of Hearts? I’ve already translates song from this album, Nazokake Alice.
And the one Eiki requested me is also the song the album’s namesake.
I already stated it on the other posts: Alice in Wonderland-related stuff is nothing original and I can’t understand how so many people like it, but this song is really good in terms of music.
Maybe the lyrics are way too long and not very song-like, but the arrangement and everything else is really good.
I think this song would have been translated anyways, even if no one would have requested it.
Also, before I forgot, thanks to Violet for posting its lyrics on her wordpress, it spared me a lot of time!
This song is everything! From rock to dubstep, it’s a really complex and well-done arrange that confirms how ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY is one heck of a fine musical circle.
There’s no need to say that the lyrics for this song are based off Alice In Wonderland, right?
If I’m not wrong, this album featured several riddles on ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s website, so maybe some parts of the lyrics could refer to them.
After all, we can say this whole nazokake Alice album is a concept album.
I’m not even sure there’s need for notes for this post, so let’s just go straight to the lyrics!


Its time for you to “wonderland”

道化の紳士が 手招いている
渡された鍵が 合うのはひとつ

douke no shinshi ga temaneite iru
watasareta kagi ga au no wa hitotsu

The gentleman of antics is beckoning me
There’s only one key that fits through

覚悟があるのなら往きなさい。 全て自己責任。」

“sagashite goran, anata no tame.
shinjitsu wo shiritai nara. sore ga donoyou na riaru de atta toshite mo.
kakugo ga aru no nara yukinasai. subete jiko sekinin.”

“Try searching for it, for your sake.
If you want to know the truth. No matter what kind of reality lies beyond it.
Come forth, if you have the resolution. It’s all your responsibility.”

始まりは既に 扉を開いたその時に
「謎掛けに気付くかな? うさぎ穴にはご注意を……」

“saa oidenasai, misete okure!”
kikai na kamen ga usu warau
toumei na kabe no ushiro “dashite dashite…” to dareka no koe ga suru
hajimari wa sude ni tobira o hiraita sono toki ni
“nazokake ni kidzuku kana? usagi ana ni wa gochuui o……”

“Come on, come forth, show me what you got!”
The weird masks laugh faintly
Beyond the invisible wall, someone’s voice goes like “let me go, let me go…”
The beginning has already been enstablished when that door was opened
“Have you noticed that riddle? Be careful of that rabbit’s hole…”

There’re riddles riddles all around

懐古に郷愁 摩訶不思議かな
赤い鬼灯が 枯れては咲いた

kaiko ni kyoushuu makafushigi kana
akai hoozuki ga karete wa saita

Homesick of nostalgia, I wonder if that’s a mystery?
The red ground cherry that withered away has now blossomed


“shinjitsu made oisogi nara, oku no ma e oyukinasai.
anzen wa hoshou shikanemasu ga, yokereba…”

“If you’d haste towards the truth, come forth to what lies within.
I understand if you’re reclutant of finding this place to be safe, but if it’s okay with you…”

進む道 形を変え 最後に往くべき先を示すだろう
戻るか進むか 視えるものが全てではない
「正解の扉まで 喰われぬようご注意を。」

“saa minasan! omachi kane no hinto o sashiagemashou ka ne.”
susumu michi katachi o kae saigo ni yukubeki saki o shimesu darou
modoru ka susumu ka mieru mono ga subete de wa nai
“seikai no tobira made kuwarenu you gochuui o.”

“Come on, everybody! Should I give you the hint you were waiting for?”
Advance to that road, change your shape; I wonder if it will lead me to the last place I should go to?
Should I go back? Or go forth? What I can see is not anything
“Be careful not to be eaten until you reach the door to truth.”


kimyou na tokoro ne
tameiki o tsuita sono setsuna ni…

It’s a bizarre place, isn’t it?
By the time I let out a sigh…

Oh Alice when will you learn
Passing the point of no return
Curiosity wins
Why choose the path of meaningless sins

Truth may lead into pain
What else can you gain?

But you will keep on looking
Head for what you believe in
Open the door and see your “wonderland”

視界の端を過ぎった 白兎の影追った

shikai no hashi o yogitta usagi no kage otta

Passing by the boundaries of my vision, I chased the shadow of a white rabbit

奥の間へ踏み込めば 床は形を変えて黒い穴へ
暖く間にほら 真っ逆さまに落ちていくよ
鍵を手に叫んでも 誰も助けちゃくれないよ

saa hajimatta! koukishin ga, kichi to deru ka kyou to deru kana.
oku no ma e fumikomeba yuka wa katachi wo kaete kuroi ana e
atatakaku ma ni hora massakasama ni ochite iku yo
kagi o te ni sakende mo daremo tasukecha kurenai yo

Come on, it has started! I wonder from what curiosity comes from? From good or bad luck?
Stepping into the furthest depths, the ground’s shape changes into a black hole
In this warmth lapse of time, I’m falling head over heels
Even if I call out a key to be on my hand, no one is willing to help me


usagi ana→sono saki wa marui tsuki ka, deguchi ka, [toki wo kizamanai sekai] ka
toranpu asobi o shite kaeri wo omachi shitemasu
zonbun ni tanoshinde. douzo itterasshaimase…

The rabbit’s hole→before it lies something. Is that the round moon? Or an exit? Or a world where time doesn’t flow?
Playing card games waiting for the time I’ll return home
Enjoy it to your heart’s content! Please, take care of yourself…

Its time for you to “wonderland”


Title: 謎掛アリス (Nazokake Alice) (Alice’s riddle)
Album: 謎掛アリス (nazokake arisu) (Alice’s riddle)
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement: 塚越雄一朗(Yuichiro Tsukagoshi)
Release Event: C87
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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